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Information page 1: Click HERE for a description of  Crapless-Don’t games and a good introduction to what we have to offer.

Information page 2: Click HERE for technical information about the mathematics of dice and how Spiker Systems two FULLY APPROVED US PATENTS work.


Patent #1: TheRollStation  Approved in 2012.

Patent #2  TruePlace bets  Approved in 2012.


Get the download and play!

Always download the latest .ZIP and replace the old, as we are in HOT production. We now have 26 unique games running on e-Gamers architecture, all free to try and enjoy, right now, played on our World-Wide game server!

I KNOW IT’S SAFE, because I wrote every line of code in all of the programs over the past 22 years. Latest version: V2.00E: Features include:

·     RouLevel and BadLands are 2 new games combining Roulette with simplified Craps-like wagers that do NOT have varying odds for different point numbers.

·    Try our new RouleDice, TruePlace_EasyGames, RocknRollDice, RouLevel, and BadLands game prototypes!

·     Hot! New! We now have TheBetMaker strategy creation tool. Simply by clicking the icons on our wagering layouts, players can create extremely complex game strategies that can be stored on disc, recalled and edited. Based upon our new icon-driven gaming programming language called NailsULA, all of our games can run far-flung strategies instantly and automatically as the dice roll. The world-famous WizardOfOdds, professor Michael Shackelford gave TheBetMaker 2 thumbs up in a recent live demo at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Please contact SpikerSystems to reserve exclusive playtime or to have a custom strategy-testing program built JUST FOR YOU.

Get our safe download and try it right now on the World-Wide-Roll.

·    TheBetDepot is a library of Gaming Strategies that can be loaded and executed on TheBetMaker are also available, and growth plans are underway.

·    HOT!!  “3-D D to 1:38”, an algorithm that generates 38-Wheel-Spin ranges from 3-dice rolls using distinguishable dice!!! An extremely extensive test program proves how “ 3-D D to 1:38” provides incredibly accurate AND fair distribution WITHOUT USING RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS! Zero and Double-Zeros are derived within 0.000013 PERCENT ACCURACY after 100,000,000 test rolls.   TRY THE DEMO TODAY! Run the SAFE PROGRAM named Ricochet_V2, and click the “Start Random Test”, “Faster Speed”, and “More” buttons.

·    Instant Booking is an algorithm for implementing a new betting method invented by SpikerSystems. InstantBooking synergizes our TruePlace betting and our Fixed Randomization Mapping technologies, yielding TRULY SIMPLE GAMES THAT PAY TRUE ODDS!

Try InstantBooking RIGHT NOW in the new RocknRollDice prototype in
version: V1.05C and greater. InstantBooking is incorporated in the TruePlace Bet Utility patent.

·    Why_chip-less_games_can_rock_the_imagination.htm (Feb., 2009) Describes shortcomings of chip-based table games, and explains the unrealized advantages that are intrinsic with chip-less gaming.

·    Competitive Gaming (July, 2009) Explains how SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture can be used to implement a Gaming Mall with competing vendors.

·    The World-Wide-Roll is now live. Additionally, we are now beta-testing broadcasting it 24 x 7 as a live video feed. Check it out! This server is eventually to be used for charitable gaming purposes. THIS SITE MIGHT BE OFF-LINE, BUT THE GAME-SERVER SHOULD BE UP.


(Other SpikerSystems projects…)

·     CallLucy is a new software frontier, easily conquered by SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture. This is an Internet-based VISUAL AID FOR HEARING IMPAIRED PEOPLE.  Read all about it and try it out!

·    SpikerSystems DiscFlicker… DFFluidTorque discs!!!  (30-Sep-2009)
Our new Utility patent has been accepted by the US patent office!


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