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BRAND NEW: Apr-14-2013: TheTruth machine Functional Specification  NOW WITH AUDIO-NARRATION LINKS (red)!!!! Everyone, science – oriented or otherwise, must pay attention Please.

I have gathered SOLID SCIENTIFIC EVIDENCE that TheTruth machine CAN BE built in our lifetimes. It will soon sit upon the desk of a judge and it will display the actual real truth for all to see and pass judgment upon.

This is a REAL INVENTION, this is not a joke, I am serious. TheTruth machine Functional Specification  is the program design manual for the Theory-Of-Everything, including many JAVA demo programs and detailing the actual plans to build and run this civilization-changing device. (About 200 pages).

PLEASE! From now on, YOU MUST ASSUME that you are being watched and that you WILL BE held accountable for your wrongdoings.

Never harm children or animals. Don’t turn a blind eye to those you can help. Don’t kill anyone; do I have to spell it all out for you?

Please, if you read these words, START FOLLOWING THE GOLDEN RULE RIGHT NOW!


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01-Dec-2012:  (In-progress) The Theory-Of-Everything: God’s program, Written in C … the program is presented as an example in a training class in the C-programming language under Windows utilizing Pelles C IDE; 735 pages thus far, this is a complete stand-alone up-to-date summary of my work in Virtual Reality and a great way to learn C from scratch for absolute beginners! Right now, I’m finishing up a set of JAVA demo programs and these are all available right HERE.

26-Jul-2011: At last, a CREDIBLE explanation of how the Universe could have been created! This is a re-hash of my ideas on Digital Universes, but written specifically FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE to understand.  From The Side of God is free right here! The first 1/3 of this 220-page paper provides a factual review of the current state of science, then it goes on to explain how a digital approach to understanding the universe gives God the POWER to create and run it all WITHOUT MAGIC! This paper is also suitable for non-religious people of faith and for atheists.


SpikerSystems: Get the download

e_Gamers software V2.00A… 3-Dice Craps!!!  (30-Dec-2010)
Try our new RouleDice, TruePlace_EasyGames, RocknRollDice, and RouLevel game prototypes!
Always download the latest .ZIP and replace the old.  Latest version: V2.00A, Features include:

·        We now have TheBetMaker strategy creation tool. Simply by clicking the icons on our wagering layouts, players can create extremely complex game strategies that can be stored on disc, recalled and edited. Based upon our new icon-driven gaming programming language called NailsULA, all of our games can run far-flung strategies instantly and automatically as the dice roll. The world-famous WizardOfOdds, professor Michael Shackelford gave TheBetMaker 2 thumbs up in a live demo at the Red Rock Casino in Las Vegas.

Please contact SpikerSystems to reserve exclusive playtime or to have a custom strategy testing program built JUST FOR YOU.

Get our safe download and try it right now on the World-Wide-Roll.

·       TheBetDepot is a library of Gaming Strategies that can be loaded and executed on TheBetMaker are also available, and growth plans are underway.

·        RouLevel and BadLands are 2 new games combining Roulette with simplified Craps-like wagers that do NOT have varying odds for different point numbers. We now have 26 unique games running on e-Gamers architecture, all free to try and enjoy, right now, World-Wide! Get the download… I KNOW IT’S SAFE, because I wrote every line of code in all of the programs over the past 22 years.

·       HOT!!! Brand New!!! …  “3-D D to 1:38”, an algorithm that generates 38-Wheel-Spin ranges from 3-dice rolls using distinguishable dice!!! An extremely extensive test program proves how “ 3-D D to 1:38” provides incredibly accurate AND fair distribution WITHOUT USING RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS! Zero and Double-Zeros are derived within 0.000013 PERCENT ACCURACY after 100,000,000 test rolls.   TRY THE DEMO TODAY! Run the SAFE PROGRAM named Ricochet_V2, and click the “Start Random Test”, “Faster Speed”, and “More” buttons.

·        CallLucy is a new software frontier, easily conquered by SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture. This is an Internet-based VISUAL AID FOR HEARING IMPAIRED PEOPLE.  Read all about it and try it out!

·       Our Eight PatentTruePlace bets will soon be an official USTP UTILITY patent for TruePlace betting.

·       InstantBooking is an algorithm for implementing a new betting method invented by SpikerSystems. InstantBooking synergizes our TruePlace betting and our Fixed Randomization Mapping technologies, yielding TRUELY SIMPLE GAMES THAT PAY TRUE ODDS! Try InstantBooking RIGHT NOW in the new RocknRollDice prototype in version: V1.05C. InstantBooking will be incorporated into the new TruePlace Bet Utility patent.

·       The World-Wide-Roll is now live. Additionally, we are now beta-testing broadcasting it 24 x 7 as a live video feed. Check it out!

·       A new web site describing our Crapless-Don’t games has been created, and provides a good introduction to what SpikerSystems has to offer.

SpikerSystems DiscFlicker… DFFluidTorque discs!!!  (30-Sep-2009)
Our new Utility patent has been accepted by the US patent office! is another new project aimed at reducing disposable waste by using permanent dishes at fast-food restaurants! (01-Sep-2010)

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