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MVC-001X.JPG 1999 9 4 1:09:26 PM ***
After spending two days in Lloydminister (no sushi), I continue East along the Yellowhead Hwy, which follows the North Saskatchewan River. This was taken about 100 miles East of LLoydminister. It explains how the Yellowhead Hwy. got its name.
I also stopped at a roadside casino, and won another $18.00 playing blackjack. I have been playing these Canadian casinos pretty well, winning at an amazing 4 out of 5 of them, having only lost $20.00 in Dawson City.
I start with $20.00, and play 'till its gone, but as soon as I have $35.00 or more, I stop playing and cash it in, go out to the car, and then come back in only with another $20.00. Repeat until the $20.00 is lost, then leave and don't come back. So far I'm up about $70.00 if you don't count the $300.00 I lost in Michigan when I left.

MVC-002X.JPG 1999 9 4 4:00:12 PM ***

MVC-003X.JPG 1999 9 4 4:00:40 PM **
These were taken about 50 miles West of Saskatoon along the North Saskatchewan River.
While in Saskatoon I visit a nice sushi bar, then I go over the deep end, and decide to try to make it up to Churchill, on Hudson Bay in Manitoba to see some Polar Bears. This is the only place you can drive to in North America to see them, and I undestand that they may be there now (earlier than advertised).
This ought to take a week or so out of my "schedule" (I don't have one). So, I begin the long drive to some place where I can catch the train to Churchill. I spent a few hours in the Northern Lights Casino in Prince Albert, and won my t-bone steak dinner plus $8.00. Make that $78.00. Ca-Ching!

MVC-004X.JPG 1999 9 5 12:12:46 PM ***
I pulled over for the night in a campground, but I was the only one there. This photo shot the next day in the middle of nowhere between Prince Albert and La Range. It reminded me of Mr. Sol Lipenholtz. Notice the bark gone from one of the trees. Bears do this.

MVC-005X.JPG 1999 9 5 4:03:36 PM ***
About 70 Miles South of Flin Flon, I decide to take a 20 mile detour, and try some real fishing by renting a boat on Deschambault Lake. I had a small Pike on, but it got away. The nearby town is built around the waterways. This is a photo taken from my boat of the town's cemetary, which you can only get to by boat.

MVC-006X.JPG 1999 9 5 5:25:18 PM ***
This is Debbie and Greg, owners. I asked Debbie for breakfast when I arrived, and she said "Well, I run kind of a strange restrant. Whatever I cook, you eat. Would you like some lunch? Its soup and sandwiches." Sure, I'll take the special. I think it was deviled ham, but I'm not sure.

MVC-007X.JPG 1999 9 5 7:01:16 PM ***
Down the road toward Creighton and Flin Flon (both big mining towns), I stop at a good spot to fish from shore, where one lake feeds into another through a small channel. The rocks on the island are rock statues, found all over Canada. I spent about 4 hours fishing today, but got nothing "in the boat".
I pull over for the night in the Grass River Privincial Park and again, I'm the only one in the whole campground. Strange, for Canada's labour day weekend. This must really be the sticks.