1999 8 8 11:34:56 PM MVC-FD91

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MVC-007AX.JPG 1999 8 8 3:35:32 AM ***
Now, the TROUBLE starts. First, I have this somewhat new tire get chewed up by the road. The road makes so much rumbling noises, that I couldn't tell the sound of the tire from the wind blowing by around the Arctic Circle.
I change the flat without too much trouble (remember, I brought a full size spare). The thing is, I leave the hazzard lamps flashing for about an hour, and it drains the battery. I didn't worry, though, because I have a BATTERY BUDDY (BB). The BB watches the battery, and if you drain it below a certain point, it cuts out, leaving you with enough power to start the car. The BB has saved me at least 50 times (I have a habbit of leaving the electric heater on), but this time, ???.
All I knew was that my car starting to make clicking noises when I tried to start it. The BB kept cutting out, but there was power when I reset it. It seemed like the BB was working, so, I thought the worse...
... A bad battery?
... A blown starter motor or solenoid?
... A completly blow electrical system?
... Maybee the BB is failing?
... If they have to tow this thing 600 miles to the dealership in Whitehorse, this will cost me about $3,000.00 just for towing...
... It may take weeks to fix. If it is the electrical system, the dealership may not take responsibility because the van is customized...
I sleep there until the next day, which is cold, rainy, and smokey. Things are looking mighty grim. Not one car drove by the whole night. I'm really bear meat.
The next morning, I find a glimmer of hope. Its the old BB user mannual that I found, and it says that if you use the hazzard lights, it will NOT cut out the battery feed. This means that it is possible that all I need is a jump.

MVC-008AX.JPG 1999 8 8 1:14:10 PM **
This is where you can see a huge difference between the people that live in the big city vrs those that live in the country. Early the next morning, nearly every car that drove by stopped to help. 4 out of 5!
Len Riedel (far right) from B.C. saved my ass. First, he tried to give me a jump, but he couldn't find his battery cables. Next, he tried to hook up some romex cable into a jumper, but this made my electrical system go haywire, and then I really thought the worse.
Then, he offered to remove my battery, remove his battery, and move it into my car. This was too much, and I refused his kind offer, and just asked for a ride up to Eagle Ledge, where I could maybe get a tow truck. Of course, its Sunday.
Just then, another vehicle goes by, offers help, we get real jumpers from him, and give it one last try. YES!!! IT WORKS!!! YIPEEE!!!!!!
I'm on the road again. THANKS EVERYONE!!!
I don't suppose that I would get this kind of help, say, on the Southfield freeway. As it turns out, the BB did everything in it's "power" to save me, and I still highly recommend this device.

MVC-009AX.JPG 1999 8 8 1:52:26 PM **
Fireweed growing where a fire has been (foreground). That's how it got its name. I've been seeing these ever since Edmonton. The pink growth among the burned forrest also grows in these spots. Its some kind of hay.

MVC-010AV.MPG 1999 8 8 2:32:00 PM *
I still have a long way to drive on this rocky road, and the smoke is now so thick in certain places that I can't see a thing.

MVC-002BX.JPG 1999 8 8 9:04:14 PM *

MVC-007BX.JPG 1999 8 8 9:19:56 PM **
These smokey photos show what a ridge and a mountain look like without having the top scrapped off by a glacier.

MVC-011BX.JPG 1999 8 8 10:32:32 PM ****+

MVC-001CX.JPG 1999 8 8 10:33:24 PM ****
The trail mix and dried fruit provides lunch, then I pull over to chow down on some of that smoked salmon. MMMM Good! Just then, somebody else smells it. This Artic Red Fox joins me for dinner. I know your not suppose to feed them, but this guy obviously had learned that begging can get you far. He came right up to my van.

MVC-002CX.JPG 1999 8 8 10:35:24 PM ****
I toss over a dog biscuit...

MVC-006CX.JPG 1999 8 8 10:39:16 PM ***
And he fetches it. Of course, he preferred the smoked salmon.

MVC-004DX.JPG 1999 8 8 11:30:44 PM *

MVC-005DX.JPG 1999 8 8 11:34:56 PM *
Later, down the road, I get a break from the smoke, and get these photos of Tombstone Mountain.
I make it into Dawson City that night, with my tail between my legs. That was a rough trip!