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MVC-001X.JPG 1999 9 10 1:38:04 PM **
Leaving Winnepeg, I stop at Falcon Lake Provincial park near the Ontario boarder. These are a couple of the locals.
Next stop, Bluffy Lake.

MVC-002X.JPG 1999 9 11 3:27:36 PM **
I'm back at Bluffy. This is Bill the bear hunter. It's still raining, ever since I left for Churchill. This first night I got skunked. I had a really nice Walleye on, but it got to the surface, rolled, and spit out the hook. I ate a can of beans and "Cup of Soup" for dinner.
The next day its still raining and cold, but I had better luck. I caught a small Walleye and about a dozen or so pike. I also saw an alligator (a huge Pike) come after my lure. It sure would be nice to end the trip by catching it...

MVC-005X.JPG 1999 9 13 7:37:20 PM **
The next day was also cold and rainey. I stayed in the cabin most of the day chopping wood and playing with the fire. I finally went out at about 6:00 P.M. On the way out, I told some of the guys that I was going to get that Alligator.
I made it to the place I'd had good luck with the day before and started jigging. Using a floating jig head with a Berkley PowerBait twister and 6 pound test line, it didn't take long to catch a small Walleye for supper. Next, I had something big bite of my rig off and had to replace it. This is what happens when you use ultra-light rig to catch Walleye when there are Pike around. Next, I lost the rig in a rock snag. I re-rigged, dropped it in, and BOOM!
I thought at first it was a log because it didn't want to come up. Then it took off. I'm not telling you a fish story - it took a full 30 minutes to bring this guy in. It made at least 25 runs, stripping 50 - 70 yards out each time. I had to worry about the line tension and the Pike's teeth which would easily sheer the line. I don't even know how I did it, bit I finally landed it in a net which was almost too small for it.

MVC-007X.JPG 1999 9 13 7:39:30 PM * (this file is huge)

MVC-008X.JPG 1999 9 13 7:43:28 PM **
This fish is 38 inches long and about 20 pounds, easily the biggest Northern Pike I have ever caught. This was caught on 6 pound test line with no leeder, and the jig was down in his throat. I have no idea how he didn't cut the line with his teeth during the long struggle. The fish is now being mounted as a trophy.

MVC-010X.JPG 1999 9 14 3:03:02 PM ***
What a great way to end a great fishing trip. Now, I believe its time for me to fly.