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MVC-002AX.JPG 1999 8 17 9:30:22 AM ***
Sleeping the night way down a hicking trail road and fearing bears the whole night, this guy's photo was taken the early the next morning at Athabasca Falls. Note the nut in his hand (I didn't feed him - it is illegal to feed any animal in a national park). He is so fast that he started to bolt at the sound of the camera shutter, as you can see in the photo.

MVC-003AX.JPG 1999 8 17 9:31:44 AM ***
Athabasca Falls.

MVC-004AX.JPG 1999 8 17 9:32:24 AM ***
Looking straight down through a "dead channel" that has been undermined by the river. You don't want to fall down there.

MVC-005AX.JPG 1999 8 17 9:34:04 AM ***
This photo is a dramatic example of how rivers carve canyons through solid rock. The circular swirling of the sand filled water in this pothole acts as a drill, cutting through the rock. You can see these marks along the canyon from the falls right up to a huge mountain face, just as you can see them along most canyon walls.
It only cuts about an inch per year, but after a few million years, you get a canyon that is miles long. While this is happening, the Earth's crust is elevated, so you get these huge canyons, way up in the mountains.

MVC-007AX.JPG 1999 8 17 9:37:34 AM ****
Thin trail built into a dead channel, with redwood stairs.

MVC-001BX.JPG 1999 8 17 10:40:34 AM **

MVC-003BX.JPG 1999 8 17 10:47:40 AM ****

MVC-004BX.JPG 1999 8 17 10:52:54 AM ***
Columbia Ice Field glaciers in front of the Athabasca River.

MVC-005BX.JPG 1999 8 17 10:54:08 AM ***
Looking down at a small falls just past Athabasca Falls.

MVC-007BX.JPG 1999 8 17 10:57:12 AM ****
Another smaller falls down the road.

MVC-008BX.JPG 1999 8 17 11:27:00 AM ***
This is the top of the trail at the base of the Athabasca Glacier. The whole valley just dead ends into it. If you walk about 30 feet more, which everyone does, you can walk on it, but nobody goes more than a few feet without a guide.

MVC-003CX.JPG 1999 8 17 11:29:38 AM ****
Another photo taken while standing right on top of it.

MVC-004CV.MPG 1999 8 17 11:37:08 AM ***
Then, I venture along the front, toward the very start of the Athabasca River that just comes out of the left side of it. It gets real muddy, and both of my shoes get caked. The video clip shows my attempt at rinsing off the mud in one of the small streams that flows directly from the glacier, about 25 feet in front of me. BRRRRRR! Its cold!

MVC-006CX.JPG 1999 8 17 11:42:56 AM ***
Look back down on the trail from the parking lot. The trail is marked with the places the glacier once was in recent past, going back to about 1940 at the other side of the parking lot.

MVC-007CV.MPG 1999 8 17 12:29:08 PM ***
Down the road, Bridal Vail Falls and the valley beyond.

MVC-001DX.JPG 1999 8 17 12:45:14 PM ****
Just more stuff. The photos do NOT capture or do justice to what this really looks like. You have to see it for yourself. Just fly to Calgary, rent a car, and your here in about 2 hours! Drive to Jaspers and back, and you will never forget it.

MVC-006DX.JPG 1999 8 17 2:14:38 PM ****
Birds acting like they're just hanging around. This was taken in front of a beautiful lake, looking at a glacier, and these two older fellows were sittin' there, sipping wine and eating cheese and crackers...

MVC-007DX.JPG 1999 8 17 2:34:54 PM ***
Crow's Foot Glacier.

MVC-008DX.JPG 1999 8 17 7:45:54 PM ****
I could waste a few gig on these mountains, but at last, here is one of the mountains around Bamff. That green fuzz on the side is made of trees!