1999 7 24 2:35:38 PM MVC-FD91

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MVC-001X.JPG 1999 7 22 5:44:00 PM ***
Leaving Watson Lake, I pick up Paul Newman and Lucy, hitchikers from the Czech Republic. We stop to fish, but didn't catch anything but mosqueto bites.

MVC-002X.JPG 1999 7 22 7:47:34 PM ***
We stop to get this photo, and lucky things start to happen. First of all, we happened to stop at the Dawson Peaks resort, which has the best ruebarb pie in the world. I also saw that they have "fishing".

MVC-004X.JPG 1999 7 22 8:35:50 PM **
I drop off Paul and Lucy just past Teslin. Then I ran into the Kukluk Annie's Salmon Bake. Can you smell the salmon grilling over the hot coals? Best grilled salmon I ever had.

MVC-005X.JPG 1999 7 23 7:37:46 PM ****
The sign for Kulluk Annies also reads "Pike and Trout fishing. Inquire within". So I ask about it, and they send me back to Teslin, but nobody is home, so I go back to Dawson Peaks resort. "Dave" says they only have one boat but its used.
I sleep along the roadside and wait until the next day, but its too windy, so I decide to go back to the salmon bake for lunch and wait. I came back to Dawson Peaks and got this shot, which you can see from thier dinning room window. Check out the wildflowers!

MVC-006X.JPG 1999 7 23 9:08:30 PM ***
I wind up going out with a local guide named Guy, and a guy from Colorado named Ray.
Ray's first catch is shown here. It's "Mister P"!

MVC-007X.JPG 1999 7 23 10:24:06 PM ****
Ray is doing pretty good. The big one is about 33 inches.
I wound up catching three but they are all small. Ray wants to keep his, so when we get back to the dock, I show them how to fillet a Pike the right way. Guy, the guide, had never seen this done, but said he had heard of it, and was amazed at Pike meat without bones. Ray's wife was happy she didn't have to do it.

MVC-030V.MPG 1999 7 24 2:35:38 PM *
(The next day, after sleeping by the roadside, and worrying all night that a bear would smell the fish on my hands...)
Hey! Their playing my song on the radio!!!