1999 8 25 8:11:48 PM MVC-FD91

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MVC-001X.JPG 1999 8 24 4:00:00 PM ***
Relaxing in Nenimo, Vancouver Island, spending Canadian funds eating sushi ($25.00), playing blackjack (and winning $73.00), and mingling with the local natives. This is Lucille, one of the local technicians ($40.00).
Also seen in the photo are some gagets, including a real mouse ($7.00), a real keyboard ($13.00), and a special cable that splits the mouse port on the old IBM thinkpad into a mouse and serial ports ($42.00).
Other gadgets include a 12V remote wireing adapter ($14.00), a STATPOWER 12v DC to 110v AC inverter ($64.00), a set of 12v worklamps ($24.00), and a nifty fan for the van's rear that keeps it cool through the screens with the windows shut ($38.00).
With this setup, I can work on the laptop in the van, and don't have to worry about the 1 hour battery limit. I can also sleep without getting too hot without bugs, and I can use the inverter to also power the battery charger for the camera. Marvelous.

MVC-002X.JPG 1999 8 25 5:58:34 PM ***

MVC-004X.JPG 1999 8 25 6:48:00 PM **
After 3 days of self-indulgence (although I did prepare the Van Dyke Transmission Plant for a Y2K certified version of the Alarm Notification System via modem), I finally motivate, and head North to Port Alberti. These photos were taken along the way.

MVC-005X.JPG 1999 8 25 8:02:32 PM ****+

MVC-006X.JPG 1999 8 25 8:11:48 PM ***
These were taken at an oceanside marina in Tofino at the end of the Road. I threw some disc at the famous Long Beach on the ocean, but it was too foggy for photos.