1999 7 28 4:07:15 AM MVC-FD91

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MVC-00AX.JPG 1999 7 27 1:35:52 PM *
Having survived the rouge bears for the night, this is my wakeup photo of Kluane national park.

MVC-00BX.JPG 1999 7 27 2:08:58 PM ***
This photo taken only about 20 miles from where I slept along the road the night before. A full size grizzly bear munching down on the wildflowers, along the roadside.

MVC-001X.JPG 1999 7 27 6:18:06 PM *
Just another river, again, I only catch some "no-see-ums".

MVC-002X.JPG 1999 7 27 10:58:20 PM **
At last, old glory! I had finally completed the dream of my father, who tried to make it here, but had a car breakdown in Detroit, met my mother, and never got out.

MVC-003X.JPG 1999 7 27 10:59:32 PM **
U.S. Customs, which is 70 miles past Canadian Customs.
The next 8 photos are not shown beacuse of low light. They were of a full grown mother moose and one baby calf. They usually start with two, then the wolfs hunt down and kill the smaller baby. They were just hanging around the road for about five minutes after I pulled up within 30 feet. I didn't try to get out and use the flash because the mother would have charged me.