1999 8 1 9:50:16 PM MVC-FD91

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MVC-001X.JPG 1999 7 31 1:18:14 PM ***
Good morning photo taken where I slept, between Portage and Seward. At last, a partly sunny day!

MVC-005V.MPG 1999 7 31 5:30:36 PM ***

MVC-003X.JPG 1999 7 31 5:29:50 PM ***
Check out the photo and video, taken at 1:30 P.M. in the afternoon! These things can kill you 24 hours a day.

MVC-006X.JPG 1999 7 31 7:54:00 PM ***
Photo of the inlet about 30 miles from Homer. This picture is taken from a bluff so high, its above the cloud level.

MVC-020V.MPG 1999 7 31 8:03:56 PM ***

MVC-010X.JPG 1999 7 31 8:03:30 PM ****+
Awesome 14x photo of the inlet at Homer, showing one of the many glaciers in the surrounding mountains. Just to put things into perspective, the Homer "Spit", which is the sand bar below, is 4.2 miles long!
The video clip shows how this looks zooming out. Too bad you can't smell is the sweet honeysuckle and other wildflowers that grow everywhere.

MVC-030X.JPG 1999 7 31 9:17:18 PM ***
The end of the earth, this is a photo of the road at the end of the Homer Spit.

MVC-040X.JPG 1999 7 31 10:08:48 PM **
Mountain photo shot at snuggle bay. They call it that because the salmon snuggle together there at the end of their long journey.

MVC-070X.JPG 1999 7 31 10:59:44 PM ***
Frustrated after many hours of fishing in many off-road spots, I decide its time to buy some smoked fish at the seafood store. Here, the owner is showing me a recently caugh halibut.

MVC-090X.JPG 1999 7 31 11:02:26 PM ***
Let's not flounder around. After this, I bolt back to Anchorage to get more shushi, and bake more smoked salmon to into fish jerkey.

MVC-100X.JPG 1999 8 1 9:50:00 PM ***
Last minute entry of fish jerky manufacturing and desktop publishing in my sleazy, yet cozy $100.00/night room.

MVC-200X.JPG 1999 8 1 9:50:16 PM ***
Some of the best jerky I ever had, including my couzin Buzz's. There is a total of about $85.00 worth of fish here, out of which I get about 1 1/2 lbs of jerky. This should keep me going for a while, and won't require much refrigeration.