Alaska Bound !!!

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Leg 1 - Alaska and Canada

Starting out in Detroit, Michigan, and on to Ontario, Canada, 10 and 11 Jul, 1999

Made it to Bluffy Lake in Ear Falls, Ontario, 13-Jul, 1999

Pike (e.lucious) at Bluffy Lake 14-Jul, 1999

Pike and Walleye at Bluffy Lake, and on to Kenora and Winnepeg, Manitoba, 16-Jul, 1999

Through Manitoba and Saskatchewan, then on to Edmonton, Alberta 18-Jul, 1999

Edmonton to Dawson Creek, B.C. 20-Jul-1999

Dawson Creek, B.C. to Watson Lake, B.C., 21-Jul-1999

Watson Lake, B.C. to Teslin, Yukon, 23-Jul-1999

Teslin, Yucon, to Whithorse, Yucon and the Carcross loop, then on to Kluane national park, Yukon, 26-Jul-1999

Kluane national park, Yucon, to Fairbanks, Alaska, USA, 27-Jul-1999

All Denali, 29-Jul-1999

Anchorage to Seward, 30-Jul-1999

Seward, Kenai, Homer, and back to Anchorage, 31-Jul-1999

Leaving Anchorage, along Alaska 1, 02-Aug-1999

Mountains along Alaska 1, and arriving in Dawson City, Yukon, 04-Aug-1999

Relaxing in Whithorse, Yukon, 05-Aug-1999

Heading up to Inuvik, NWT, 06-Aug-1999

Made it to Ft. McPherson, NWT, and turning back, 07-Aug-1999

Trouble on the way back, 08-Aug-1999

Carmacks, Faro, Ross River, and back to Teslin and Watson Lake, 11-Aug-1999

Watson Lake, Yukon to Prince George, B.C., 15-Aug-1999

Prince George, B.C. to Jasper, B.C., 16-Aug-1999

Jasper, B.C. to Calgary, Alberta, 17-Aug-1999

Calgary, Alberta, back to the Rockies and B.C. - THE NIGHT OF THE PORCUPINES, 20-Aug-1999

B.C. 3, along the US border, 21-Aug-1999

B.C. 3, along the US border, to Nenimo, Vancouver Island, B.C., 22-Aug-1999

Nenimo, Vancouver Island, B.C. to Port Alberti, Vancouver Island, B.C., 25-Aug-1999

Victoria, Vancouver Island, B.C. to Vancouver, B.C., 26-Aug-1999

Vancouver, B.C. to Kamloops, B.C., 27-Aug-1999

Kamloops, B.C., to Lloydminister, Alberta, 03-Sep-1999

Lloydminister, Alberta, to Flin Flon, Manitoba, 05-Sep-1999

Flin Flon, Manitoba to Churchill and Grand Rapids, then back to Winnepeg, Manitoba, 07-Sep-1999

Winnepeg, Manitoba to Bluffy Lake, and back to Thunder Bay, 14-Sep-1999

Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada to Livonia, Michigan, USA, 19-Sep-1999 ... Am I done yet?

Leg 2 - Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Livonia, Michigan to Eskanaba, 20-Sep-1999

Eskanaba, Michigan to Milwaukee and Madison, Wisconsin, and back to Livonia, 21 and 22-Sep-1999