Closed Loop Programming… Have I Lost my Soul?


By Marty Wollner





The beginning


In the first moment of the big bang, if all matter in the universe was compressed into a single infinitely small place (a point), then what sprang fourth came from nothing; certainly nothing physical.



If “pieces” of matter came into existence from nothing, how could that have been  measured? If it started with, say a cubic inch of matter, then we could say it doubles every so often, or the like, as it expands. But if it starts from nothing we would still have nothing.


If anything exists at all someone needs to ask where it got introduced. Maybe after a few zillion eons of trying to add 0 to 0, someone got wise and said, “hey lets start at a number greater than zero, so things can actually start to exist”.


Could this have resulted by pure math, by the pure possibility of numbers expanding out away from the number 0?


Digital or Continuous?


Digital existence and definition is simple and easily explains how all matter can be compressed into a single point size location; it’s done by numeric representations of location pointers.


If existence is not digital, well then ok, it exists, but only from the perspective of a theoretical capability of measurement which is realistically unachievable in a finite amount of time, anyway.


So what’s the difference, if we never bother to measure things forever?



If we started a continuous universe in the exact same state, wouldn’t the results at any point in time be the same as the predictable digital sequence changes, anyway?




The thing is, at the edge of this point (somewhere between zero and the smallest number possible) IT’S THE SAME AS A DIGITAL UNIVERSE… IT EITHER EXISTS OR IT DOES NOT.




Closed loop programming


It has been said:


“A program without I/O[1] is useless.”


That’s what my instructors in theoretic computing taught me back at MSU. Of course, that seemed logical; unless you’re testing hardware memory locations by a program designed as such, yea, it made sense. Who gives a hoot what happens in computer memory, and especially in the ghost state[2]?


Begin Program


Counter = 0




Counter = Counter + 1


If ( Counter < 100) Then GoTo LoopTop


End Program



But what I never considered up in East Lansing was the possibility that the state changes going on in the memory of a running program could have created a virtual world within a digital universe (read my books)[3]. Whether planned, or just by coincidence of chance[4], it could happen, and synthetic life could flourish in a virtual world.



OMG What’s this???


If you were the programmer that inadvertently created a virtual world, you might stumble upon it, perhaps by ogling at core memory dumps and realizing an intrinsic pattern develop. And if you looked closer into it, and found some synthetic clumping of digital matter taking place amidst your data structures[5], what would you look for next? Life evolving? Of course you would!


It might be tough to find, but a quick scan of the surfaces of the spheres that implicitly develop[6] might easily detect aberrations caused by life forms. Heck that’s what astronomers do all the freaking time! Maybe that’s what the corals and other huge life forms like that giant mushroom up in the U.P. are good for… identification… like leaving a big signal flag saying:


Life Be Here!


Beam me up, Scotty!


And for those occasional spheres upon which even higher forms of life might evolve, you might look for signs of intelligent life.


And guess what… that’s what the lamp on top of the Luxor in Vegas is for, and what many believe is the reason for the Pyramids, Easter Island, Stonehenge, Macho Picchu, the structures in the U.S. 4 Corners region, and hundreds of other structures uncovered invariably from nearly every civilization that has ever thrived here on earth.


Obviously, each of these is a signal left behind by a civilizations trying to thank God for giving them the gift of life; beacons placed where God can see them, and know for sure that his work would be done.



And in our Outer Universe, where we work and play, if we noticed such bizarre things going on, wouldn’t that be exactly like God seeing us work and play? I think it is. Is that why churches are designed as such? Another convergence of coincidence? Maybe.



I always wonder about Stonehenge; the fact that it MUST have taken a really advanced society to build it, and yet, all of the peoples are all gone!!! Perhaps it was built to serve as a warning to try to prevent a civilization from becoming too advanced; Built at a time when the civilization realized it was to perish because of their advancements, and as one last great act of altruism,  spent all of their last resources building it.


But if that were the case, then they must have forgotten one important thing… we weren’t able to recognize Stonehenge’s exact mathematical precision until we were advanced enough to do so, and too late to stop the impending avalanche of scientific knowledge that has certainly ensued since.


I don’t think they were that stupid, so it must just be a happy flag signal for G., and a handy calendar for equinox parties.




Would you just pull the plug?


So anyway, your sitting there and you see definite evidence of advanced civilizations would you just pull the …


Funniest thing, while I was writing this paragraph, some weird animal suddenly dropped from the skies right onto my front steps. I was totally freaked out!! I never saw anything like it. Turns out it’s a baby squirrel who was kicked out of the nest in the tree over the porch. The poor little critter had ZERO fur on its body apparently from a vicious case of mange, I didn’t recognize it as being a squirrel at all! Looked like an alien life form to me.


This animal only had, at most, a few days left, and certainly would not have survived on its own. It had an awfully sad look on its face, like it knew the score. Pitiful, to say the least. If I would have crushed it with my foot that would have been a humane thing.


Should I have done that? Would you just pull the plug on a running program knowing darn well you would be exterminating billions of virtual souls?


If a programmer ever encounters such a situation he will have to search his soul and make a decision then, but if he saved the program[7], he could make the same U. run again any time he wants, so it wouldn’t really matter would it? Any “lives lived” in that virtual U. can be relived, and essentially “live forever” as long as the code can be executed.[8]







The squirrel was lucky… I gave it to a specialist, Z. Z. Warren of  Z Critter Sitters, who passed it on to the Jeffery Animal Clinic, who adapted it for free, and last I heard, the plan was to get it rehabbed and released to the nature center in Howell, Michigan in order to be introduced to other squirrels of its age group.





And so, getting back to the point, “useless without I/O?” maybe NOT.


While writing this it occurred to me I’ve created a lot programs with a lot of the looping constructs in my code and would guess that trillions upon trillions of statements have been executed over the years[9]. Could I really have already created my own universes and thus my own iteration of 1 trillion lifetimes as an unexpected side effect?


Ok, now I could start talking about the purpose of life and reincarnation and the like, but this is more of a scientific discussion, so I would just say read the book to learn my opinions about souls and the purpose of the Universe.



That leaves me with one last subject, and its kind of scary.


I actually believe it is possible to create digital Universes and not only that, I think it’s possible for synthetic life to spring forth from them. An important part of realizing the possibility, however, rests in the understanding of something I call “Time Frames”. Read the books, they beat a horse and a pony to death describing it.


In my research on the topic, I’m finding that there can be a great proliferation of possible sequence changes because the same set of “particle movements” can be interpreted in a number of ways, by varying the algorithms used and by visualizing it from several aspects. There are also nearly an infinite number[10] of parameter combinations, durations, etc.


Not only that, remember my question..


If we started a continuous universe in the exact same state, wouldn’t the results at any point in time be the same as the predictable digital sequence changes, anyway?


If you read Big Bang Formation of Matter, I describe different universes developing from the same exact formula, but being implemented using various word size (various levels of granularity). So the answer to the question is no, and that makes even more Universes possible.


Because of the implications of time frames, and because of the proliferations I’m describing, it occurs to me that the creation of digital universes is something that is not only possible, it HAS to be happening all the time!!!


An over-abundance of life is constantly created, constantly evolving, becoming civilized, going though years of religious oppression, years of scientific discovery, fascism and rebellion, war and peace, blood and roses, happiness and sadness. Yup, life. Tons of it, and there is absolutely nothing to stop it[11].



Life is abundantly flowing from a never ending supply of possible sequential changes.



The really really scary part


These state changes don’t need to be executed all at once in a timely sequence, like you might imagine is required for a running program to do.


There can be long gaps between state transitions, even years apart, centuries, it doesn’t really matter. Within the virtual universes created, time flows on, seemingly uninterrupted.





But it gets even freakier than that!!!



Lets say we try a simple formula, and it starts yielding a certain sequence of numbers when visualizing it from only one fixed aspect of all possible aspects. Lets say we let our computer run for 14 years uninterrupted. Over that course of time, the virtual U. created might have had a chance to mature enough to evolve a civilization or 2.


Ok, now if this same program gets run again with absolute perfect reproducibility [12] at least up to the point it previously executed at, what does that mean to all of the beings within the virtual world?


Do they live again, in exactly the same way they did before, just unaware of it? Apparently so, if you think about it.


Which in an of itself is freaky, and the reason my book is named


Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus


Now the scariest, most horrifying part of it all




Does it matter how many times a certain sequence gets executed? If not, then I wonder if it really needs to get executed at all!!


If I wrote down a math formula, lets say  y = 1 / x, I could graphically show it as an asymptote traversing its merry way to infinity, one inch at a time.




Do I really need to draw the whole number line out to know it will just keep going?


If not, then how much do I need to draw to demonstrate that the equation works? 23 million inches? 23 inches? 2?


Ok, how about at least 1 inch to sort of “instantiate” it?


What for?


Why can’t the existence of the equation itself prove that all that it defines is possible?[13]







The key to life?


Is this getting stupid at this point? Well NO it ain’t, because this might be the entire key to life and existence in and of itself[14]!!!


I personally believe that our universe actually is digital, read the books for proof. I believe that the functions of the Universe can be reduced down to a very simple set of instructions which can also be converted into the form of a single equation.


This is not magic this is math. This is a realistic discussion, which BTW reflects exactly how our universe works, whether it is really digital or not!!


If our U, can be reduced down to an equation, then from what I’m now saying here,




We need no outer universe at all… no computer to run the program. It’s as if the precious sequence I keep hounding about is written in stone somewhere in a catalog of math equations. Within one of these equations, a distinct universe plays out just like reading a book. You can read it again and again and you can start at any page.


And that old adage about reality just starting one second ago really starts making a lot more sense.


And in this case, our lives truly are a never ending story.


But, in this case, where is God? And why… what’s the reason for all of this to occur in the first place? And what happens when we die?





Why is Pi Pi? Why would all of the circles that can possibly exist suddenly spring forth simply because Pi exists? Why would these universes spring fourth just because an equation CAN described them?


Why does a dog lick his balls? Because he can!!!


Which is why this is scary and horrifying… no God, no hope of life after death, all because a dog can lick his balls. How quaint. Have I lost my soul?



And so


And so, after looking into it very deeply, it might appear like I still have some questions unanswered.


However, these questions don’t effect our reality. If we look out into the cosmos, we don’t see any evidence of “divine intervention”. If there is a God, he’s letting the equation run its course. Maybe he doesn’t know its even occurring and he’ll just let it continue to run. I hope he paid his electric bill!




In closing


The books elaborate upon these scary and horrifying ideas in deep detail and do provide some explanations, albeit delusional to say the least. But for now, lets just close with some quick and handy suggestions:


  1. Scientific fact may not agree with religious dogma. You can rely on science because it can be proven and is repeatable 100% of the time.


  1. If you don’t believe in the bible, or if you lean more towards science, you can see how it is possible that you will live your life over and over again because of the mathematics I just described in this paper.


  1. When examining the cosmos we see that it is 14.7 billion years old, during which there is absolutely no evidence of divine intervention. So why would God start intervening right now? Because the bible says so? Fine.


  1. Well alrighty then! In any case, why don’t we just start treating each other with respect and dignity?



Follow the Golden Rule…






This must be a digital Universe, and it must be constantly repeating over and over again with perfect reproducibility. Everything you do in your life must be repeated ump-teen zillion times, and you and everyone else have to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of our lives, again and again and again.


This goes for everyone in the future as well, so the consequences of your actions can’t be ignored because you have no children or you just don’t give a hoot about the future of our planet.


Everything you do MATTERS!


Don’t you think you should do the right thing?


You have now read this and so you no longer have any excuses. You only get one chance; DO NOT blow it.


Don’t hurt anyone needlessly, do I have to spell it all out for you?


Think about what it must really feel like to be a horse that gets beat. Think about how that other guy feels when he’s down. THINK!


Think about it and start your life anew right now. Start living by the golden rule.  Start explaining this possibility to other people, so they can be considerate as well.



Even if I’m wrong, still, IT WOULDN’T HURT!!!!






[1] I/O is Input and Output. Programs Output, for example, a list of numbers to a printer. But if a program has no Output, there’s no way of really knowing what happens within the memory it manipulates. Who cares?


[2] The Ghost state is when a program runs in an unpredictable manner, outside the scope of its intended functions. This usually results in an abnormal termination, but before that happens, who knows what bizarre states a program’s memory might encounter? Sometimes it just continues along, running in the ghost state for an indefinite number of state changes.


[3] Read “Perpetual Life: The Eye of The Octopus” or “Big Bang Formation of Matter” available for free from, herein referred to as “the books”.


[4] Not really coincidence because of convergence of implicit tendencies. This is similar to convergent evolution, but applicable to the formation of planets suitable for evolution to occur. See the books.

[5] Digital galaxies created by “Marty_Pockets”, explained in the books.

[6] Implicit tendencies to round up, start spinning and revolving around each other.

[7] Which, trust me, he would have.

[8] And, truthfully, I don’t think it would really hurt if the program suddenly ceased running. See the dead horses discussions about time frames in the books.

[9] Believe it or not I am currently (06-Oct-2010) the world record holder of this! I wrote a real-time engine plant production data processing system and installed it at the Ford Motor Company Dearborn Engine Plant (DEP). The system actually runs remotely in a secure computer room at the Rouge Office Building in the same complex, at one time the world’s largest industrial complex, with its own power plant. This system has been running CONTINUOSLY on a VAX computer for the last 14 years and counting!!! No BS.

[10] “Nearly Infinite” is a stupid term. The book discusses the finite number of Universes that can result from within a given Universe.

[11] Giving a whole new meaning to the concept of “mercy from God”.

[12] This must occur because it’s a formula not a set of random chaotic occurrences. That’s the point!


[13] There’s that creepy feeling again. This one haunts me now.

[14] You might want to run to your God at this point, or you might take a stand and try to figure out how reality can realistically work.