Good Enough


By Marty Wollner





I always thought that if, at least, I always place myself in a better position than the average Joe, that would mean that I should be happy.


Not that I wanted to take advantage of anyone else, or dominate or steal from others. If I can do it fairly, that should make me happy. The more I have to cheat, the less worthwhile would it make.


It just seemed to me that this should be a gauge of how much effort I should put into life, you know, like how hard I should try.


But having lived for 56 years now, I am starting to think that Iíve been very selfish this whole time.


I have always gauged it as ME vs. THE REST. Perhaps from my upbringing, I used to treat everyone as a challengeÖ to always arrive at a final score of whoís better than the other, and in my case, not based upon wealth or power or decency, but by my out-achieving the fore in, if necessary, my own chosen obscure specialties within my own channels of control. That was fair enough, thus good enough for me.


But itís easy to slip into a comfort zone and sit there and watch those less fortunate to suffer. Out of sight is out of mind, right?


My recent visit to India, and now the televised apocalypse in Haiti are hard to ignore, hard to act as though they arenít in my vision as I walk past them, as if they arenít in my line of sight.


I am not good enough if I donít think about helping others less fortunate. Iím not good enough if I use them as stepping stones to my own pedestal.


Alvin Lee once said ďTax the rich, feed the poor, till there are no rich no more.Ē


Heís full of shit. We need to help one another. Anything less is just not good enough.