Itís Only Me


By Marty Wollner





Only one point of view

Itís only me


One way to see

the things that be


One way of figuring

it all out


If itís great or bad

heaven or hell

right or wrong

thin or stout


I donít know

But things are looking bleak

Thereís plenty of holocausts

And a sea of red ink


And it all leans

toward the dark side of things


I always thought

My thoughts were mine


Could I have been wrong

This entire time


Of course I Ďm influenced

By the outside world


Of course there are people here

That seem just like me


But IĎve always wondered

Are they really there


Or is my life a big entertaining dream


Where nothing else exists




No things


Nothing but me


My thoughts




I tried to explain it

In my stupid poetry


But Iím the only one

Who understands it

The only one

To read it



Iím the only one

One point of view


Everything comes

In through my eyes

The port through which

My world is viewed


And so, its like playing a game

Like playing on-line poker

You could be fooled

And think youíre playing with real people

That they are playing just like you


But they donít have to be there

At all


And probably ainít