Nails 1992 2011




My poor cat Nail has passed.


She passed the test of life with flying colors.


A 100 percent success.


Throughout all these years putting up with me and my selfish ways,


She never lost her dignity.


Not even once.




I must say that her euthanasia procedure could not have possibly gone any smoother.


Kudos to Dr D. (Jeffery animal hospital) for her rock steady hands.


Nails didn't whimper, in fact she looked very comfortable and happy, all the way out.


She left this world with a big smile on her face.


At last, she's with her sister Angus somewhere off in Cat paradise...




Nobody can harm them any more.



A special thanks to ZZ Warren from Z-Critter-Sitters!!! ZZ gave Nails subcutaneous fluids and excellent care and support for many months, extending her longevity and comforting her finals days.


Goodbye Nail,



God save the rest of us.