Confidential Resume

programmer/analyst Resume #6498338

OBJECTIVE Looking for some 3/4 time work providing my skills as needed. Small projects on legacy systems are a specialty. I have the skills to upgrade and port code from vms to nt.

TARGET JOB Desired Job Type: Contract, Temporary
Desired Status: Full-Time, Part-Time
Salary: $90.00 USD Per Hour
Site Location: Off-Site
Description of my perfect job:
Working with vms, unix, and nt, involving manufacturing systems and/or message delivery systems such as paging and e-mail. I have 20 years of programming experience.
Career Level: Mid Career (2+ years of experience)

TARGET COMPANY Company Size: Large (1000+)
Category: Manufacturing and Production
Description of my ideal company:
A big 3 auto maker

US-MI-Northern US-MI-Ann Arbor US-MI-Detroit
US-MI-Lansing US-MI-Flint/Saginaw

WORK STATUS US I am authorized to work in this country for any employer.

EXPERIENCE 3/1994 - Present CONFIDENTIAL Dearborn, Michigan
Consultant - Manufacturing systems, Ford
Started at Manufacturing Development Center on a Statistical Process Control(SPC) system. Did analysis and coding for integration of SPC native RMS data base into Oracle. Re-worked VAX PL/1 programs to have callable server interfaces, created several PC Easel touch screen programs.

Designer and lead programmer of the Alarm Notification System (A.N.S.), which dispatches messages to plant floor users in response to networked requests from other Ford systems. The ANS also provides a manual tool for sending messages from a variety of user interfaces including CLI, VB, FTP, TCP, and the web. End user devices include pagers (via TAP protocol), E-mail (via SMTP), log files and serial devices, cell phones, etc. The host system was initially written under VMS, and since been ported to NT 95% by myself. A client API library is available under VMS, WindowsNT, and UNIX. The ANS uses DECMessageQ and TCP-sockets for request input and inter-process communications. The configuration data base is accessed via SQL-NET, and configuration is done via Oracle forms. The ANS is currently deployed in > 60 plants, and is being planned for > 120 plants worldwide over the next 2 years.

Designer and lead programmer for the Ford Cell Information System (F.C.I.S), a data collection layer used for coordinating the gathering of networked shop floor data. The FCIS acts as a single point of data collection. The data is then formatted and distributed to other plant floor systems, including SPC, Birth History Tracking, etc. The FCIS is written in C, Pro-C, Oracle forms, under VMS. It uses BaseStar, serial ports, and FTP file input as its data collection pathways. The FCIS is currently deployed in 11 plants.

The following skills are show in the order in which I learned them:

RT-11, RSX-11M+, VMS, DOS, NT, UNIX BASIC, F-77, PASCAL, MACRO-11, RPG-II, DECnet, INGRESS, FMS, CMS/MMS, PL-1, PLC-nets, terminal servers, SQL+, C, PRO-C, Easel, BaseStar, DMQ, VB, MS C++, Install Shield, beginner html

9/1988 - 3/1994 Anatec Birmingham, Michigan
Consultant - Manufacturing systems, Ford
Started working in manufacturing systems through Anatec till 1994, and continued until present through CIBER. Please see previous work description.

6/1987 - 9/1988 Anatec Birmingham, Michigan
consultant - as/rs systems, B.T. Systems, Inc.
Consultant at B.T. Systems (formally
Volvo Automated System), Sterling Hts.
Designed and was lead programmer for
an Automated Guided Vehicle (AGV)
facility system, Implemented on time
at three large customer warehouse
sites. Performed relational analysis
and detailed spec. Written in F-77,
Macro-11, FMS, and RMS, underRSX11M+.

11/1982 - 5/1987 Anatec Birmingham, Michigan
consultant - manufac. systems, gm/boc/eds
Consultant at GM/BOC/EDS in Lansing.
Created and supported several factory
automation systems under RT-11, RSX-11,
VMS, including ECV (Engine Component
Verification), and ASRS (Stackers).

Designed, and was lead programmer for
an extensive plantwide data collection
system with VAX-Clusters, PLC and IBM
network gateways, Ingress data base.

8/1981 - 11/1982 Digital Equipment Co. Novi, Michigan
Software Specialist - manufac. systems, gm/boc/eds
Had classes in RT-11, RSX-11M, Project
Management, and DECnet. Worked 1 year
as consultant in Lansing on RT-11
process control and material inventory
system (ASRS), and other DEC projects.

8/1980 - 8/1981 Michigan State Univ. East Lansing, Michigan
programmer - scientific data aquisition
Wrote a realtime data acquisition and
analysis system for physiological data
collection under RT-11. Also wrote
several data analysis programs under
RSX-11M using FORTRAN and MACRO-11.

1/1972 - 1/1980 several hospitals michigan area
respiratory therapist
respiratory therapist

EDUCATION 1976 michigan state university US-michigan-east lansing
Bachelor's Degree
Oakland Comm. Coll. Math/Science A.A., GPA 3.8

Michigan State Univ. Physiology B.S., GPA 3.3 Computer Science minor

SKILLS Skill Name Skill Level Last Used Experience
RT-11, RSX-11M+ Expert +4 years ago 5 years
vms Expert Currently used 15 years
dos Intermediate Currently used 10 years
nt Expert Currently used 4 years
UNIX Intermediate Currently used 4 years
BASIC Intermediate +4 years ago 5 years
F-77 Expert +4 years ago 8 years
MACRO-11 Intermediate +4 years ago 6 years
FMS, CMS/MMS, DecSet Expert 3 years ago 10 years
PL-1 Intermediate +4 years ago 6 years
C Expert Currently used 10 years
SQL+, PRO-C Expert Currently used 12 years
Easel Intermediate +4 years ago 3 years
DECnet, PLCs, term. servers, modems, DecMessageQ Intermediate Currently used 12 years
VB Intermediate Currently used 6 years
MS dev studio, C++ Intermediate Currently used 5 years
Install Shield, PackageForTheWeb Intermediate Currently used 2 years
SoftCM code archive system Beginner Currently used 3 years
html Beginner Currently used 2 years
TCP-Sockets, TAP and SMTP protocols Intermediate Currently used 8 years