Thinking About You


Marty Wollner






When somebody is thinking about you, do you know it?


Like just before when the phone rings, do you sometimes get a distracted sense, like you should be thinking about something else at a scheduled time.


People might call them premonitions. I donít think I ever had one, but I know people who have had them for sure.


Could this be a form of mind reading?


Palms itching, the wind blows, hairs on the back of your neck stand up, call it what you will, perhaps there is something that creates awareness of other people thinking about you.


And that is a form of communications.


The question is, does this arise from an actual spooky form of communication, or is it just our own minds, filling in blank spaces, complementing whatever thoughts should have been there anyway, and then us realizing the coincidence of it, making us think its spooky.


Well, itís spooky anyway! So whatís the difference?