Who Eats Whom?


By Marty Wollner







The problem:


The rich hate the poor; they feel threatened by them.


The poor hate the rich; they feel oppressed by them.


The poor are born into poverty.


The rich are born into prosperity.


A Closer Look at What’s Really Going On…


Lets talk about a dog with fleas. Who are the rich and who is the poor? The fleas can’t exist without the dog. But the dog certainly can do without the fleas. The fleas are call “parasites”.


Not the same as, say, a Shark and a Remora. That’s symbiosis, a GOOD thing.


The rich can NOT survive without the poor. But the poor certainly can survive without the rich.


My conclusion: the rich are parasites to humanity, and it has been this way for a very long time, like always.


It reminds me of the Gooney bird, they way they operate and the horrific consequences it plays upon their hosts. But the Gooneys don’t care. Pathetic, indeed.


Similar to DNA


It is very similar to human DNA. We only use a very small % of the actual amount of DNA we carry on from generation to generation. The rest is made up of parasitic DNA that has attacked and assimilated (they ride piggyback, in case your not a StarTrek fan) our DNA over our evolution.




We don’t need this extra baggage. It consumes our energy and resources to have to accommodate them, and to carry them on from generation to generation.


Dogs live happy, healthy lives without fleas. Anyone who’s been to India knows about the senseless agony those flea-bitten street dogs have to endure. Pathetic!




For the rich, its simple, just roll a few heads, the same as it ever was always and always we will always continue to fight and die. We die for our greed.


But I’m not trying to incite a revolution. Lets talk scientific!


DNA Cleanup Camp


It would require major reconstruction, and so here, we recruit new prospective families and we reconstruct their family tree’s future DNA to eventually be “parasite-free”.


We start by removing the largest parasites first by DNA splicing techniques, and start with the first family from that DNA, If it works OK, we go to the next generation. And remove the next largest chunk.


One chuck at a time is good. I know this from programming. If you change 2 or more things at the same time you walk down the path of confusion. Which is a bad thing.


Eventually, we’ll remove perhaps not a large number of parasitic segments, but the few that do get removed will greatly reduce the overall % of parasitic DNA we’ve been dragging around, and so we should see a great increase in our efficiency.




We should become amazingly stronger and faster, be more durable and live a lot longer on a fracture of the caloric intake we currently require.


I don’t know what the effects will be on our mental processes, though. I think maybe we can all become like Dave Cutler.


Results will become apparent within, say 5 or 10 generations from now.


Speed It Up?


Of course, we could make the entire process go way faster by using incompletely matured subjects, for example, using embryos as the intermediaries, maybe even a few stem cells, who knows?


Who eats whom?


And this, of course, leads to what we poor masses believe to be human engineering.


Which is what the Catholics try preventing at all costs.


Now strict Muslims wouldn’t even allow a scientific lab on holy land.


The Hindus are always there as perennial subjects.


Leaving only the Jews and atheists to be the real master-race controllers and thus dominators of it all.


But the Jews were nearly wiped out by the Nazis.


And the Nazis were big on the idea of human engineering as well.


So what’s up with that, you freaking conspiracy theorists? Who eats whom?