Yankee Chili


Marty Wollner - discflicker.com - 2006


When a Texan says your chili is the best he ever had, that is the greatest compliment you can ever get. This recipe is tried and true. Everyone loves it, and many say it’s the best they ever had. In Texas they all say “Damn good chili for a Yankee!!!”  It has some kick but it won’t burn your stomach because it’s nearly fat-free and not too salty.


All you need is a large deep frying pan and a large (at least 16 quart) pot. Use quality cookware for best results. This should serve about 30 people and cost about $60.00. Everyone WILL love it and ask for seconds! You can substitute any kind of meat, foul, or fish, use fresh ingredients, and it makes a great lasagna sauce.


·    4 lbs pork tenderloin sliced ¼ inch

·    5 lb hamburger (fatty; no more than 75% lean)

·    3 lb ground pork or turkey (lean; no less than 92% lean)

·    3 onions

·    3 green and/or yellow peppers

·    4 16-oz cans black beans

·    1 16-oz can red beans

·    1 16-oz can dark kidney beans

·    1 16-oz can light kidney beans

·    1 16-oz can pinto beans

·    1 16-oz can black-eyed peas

·    3 16-oz cans cut Italian green beans

·    4 16-oz cans diced tomatoes with green chilies (Ro-Tel)

·    2 16-oz cans diced tomatoes

·    3 16-oz cans diced potatoes

·    4 4-oz cans (or fresh) mushrooms

·    14 tbsp chili powder

·    4 tbsp garlic powder

·    2 tbsp kick; crushed red chili or red hot sauce or other flame inducers

·    1 gal water

·    2 22-oz jars chucky mild salsa (Pace)

·    2 12-oz cans peach nectar (Del-Valle)


Start by browning the hamburger in the frying pan at high heat, stirring occasionally. The hamburger must be browned until very dark and almost crisp (at least 20 minutes).


While the hamburger is frying, -


1.   Chop up the onions and trimmed green peppers into ½ inch cubes

2.   Trim the fat from the pork tenderloin and slice into ¼-inch cubes

3.   Drain the mushrooms, potatoes and Italian green beans

4.   Drain and wash ALL syrup from the rest of the beans


When done, move the hamburger into the pot, but leave all of the grease in the frying pan.


Start to heat the pot at medium-high temp. Add the onions, mushrooms and green peppers, and stir every minute or so. (This mixture is like a Philly steak sandwich.)


Add the pork tenderloin to the hot grease in the frying pan, fry at high heat and brown for a long time, like the hamburger, even crispier (at least 25 minutes).


Meanwhile, when the onions in the mixture have turned soft and clear, add ¾-gal water, then stir the lean ground pork or turkey directly into the pot.


When the ground pork in the mixture is brown, add the following to the pot, stirring it up with each addition-


1.   All tomatoes

2.   All beans and black-eyed peas – BE SURE TO DRAIN AND WASH ALL SYRUP FIRST!

3.   Potatoes – drain first

4.   Salsas – use the remaining ¼-gal water to get every drop from the jars


When the pork tenderloin is crisp, drain and dispose ALL grease, then stir the pork into the pot.


Turn the heat down to medium and stir in the chili powder, garlic powder and kick. Cover the pot and simmer for at least 2 more hours, stirring occasionally. (Cooking it this long breaks down the beans and liquefies the tomatoes.)


Cool the pot down and refrigerate overnight. This is important; the mixture will become less spicy, the tomatoes will react with the meats to develop awesome flavors, and the crispy pork tenderloin will soften.


Next day, heat at medium temp until simmering for 2 hours or so, stirring occasionally.


Taste the mixture… it should still be a bit too spicy-hot for most non-Texans. Adding the peach nectar will reduce the hot-spiciness. Adding more crushed tomatoes with green chilies and/or salsa or other spices like pepper or hot sauce will make it hotter. Optimize to your preference; I usually add 2 12-oz cans of peach nectar to the above list of ingredients. You should also add more water if needed – don’t serve it too thick.


Serve along with bowls of fresh-diced onions and Mexican shredded cheese, and some toasted bread or rolls. You can also freeze and store it, and re-heat it several times.


Please see this link, and read it aloud while enjoying.