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This archive contains a set of Internet demo programs that run under SpikerSystems e-Gamer architecture.


The program connects to servers in our development lab at SpikerSystems, LLC.


All Programs are available concurrently, worldwide!!!


CallLucy is used as a visual aid for hearing impaired people.



Before using this demo:


Always visit or and get the latest versions of or


You can read up on our technology in the “Information” sections.



To use this demo:


Always be sure you are using the latest, AUTHORIZED download of or


1.    Download or into a folder.


2.    Open a window to the folder, and extract the contents of or into it.


3.    Open a window to the newly created CallLucy or Caller CallLucy_Lucy folder.


4.    Be sure your screen resolution is set for at least 1200 x 800 pixels.


5.Start the Internet demo by clicking:



6.    This runs a launch program named Internet_ClientLaunch_1.exe, which gets host connections and authorization information from one of our web servers.


7.    The screen will pause then turn pink, then pause, counting down until the CallLucy host server is contacted.


8.    The CallLucy host server will connect, and the screen will display a countdown until the CallLucy host server enables the connection.


9.    The CallLucy_Caller screen will turn bright blue and the communications can begin. The CallLuicy_Lucy screen will simple remain white.




How to Use CallLucy:



CallLucy is a visual aid to help my aunt Lucy overcomes her hearing problems.


We don't want to yell at her, and she doesn't want to be yelled at. A simple visual aid is the best tool for this purpose.



CallLucy running under the SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture


There are 4 components to it, but the bottom line is, I made it simple and easy.


The CallLucy Host  Servers (1) are always running on the Internet (2).


When Lucy's computer starts up, it automatically runs CallLucy_Lucy (3), her visual aid program.


When CallLucy_Lucy starts up, it connects to my servers. All Lucy has to do is start up her computer, or just leave it on all the time (see below).


Next are the CallLucy_Callers (4); up to 12 people can all send text messages to Lucy at a time.



CallLucy_Lucy(3) --------(Internet - 2)---------CallLucy Host Servers(1)--------(Internet - 2)---------Call_Lucy_Caller(s) (4)





That's all! Lucy's visual aid screen is very simple...






Typically, there is only one caller at a time, like Sammy, who wants to know if Lucy needs any Bananas.


Sammy runs CallLucy_Caller, and this is what comes up...





The simple procedure is as follows:


1) Sammy calls Lucy, (or vice-versa) on the telephone.


2) Sammy runs CallLucy_Lucy from any nearby computer connected to the Internet.


3) Sammy can optionally enter his name... (See below for more on this) ...





4) When Sammy says “Bananas” and Lucy says "What?", Sammy types it into the text entry field...



5) Sammy presses the ENTER key or clicks on SEND ...




6) Lucy's CallLucy_Lucy screen will echo anything Sammy types…






7) Once again, Lucy doesn't have to do anything at all.. nothing to type or click at all.



8) Lucy can make the font size as big as she wants with a few simple clicks, otherwise, she is hands free.









1) Its very easy to download and install either CallLucy_Caller or CallLucy_Lucy, so Lucy can use this from any computer she is near as well!


2) This can be used as a visual aid to let her know to answer the phone... Sammy and family can initiate the process from their ends, and Lucy would see messages flashing by, telling her to check the phone. It can be used in emergencies when the phones are out. If Lucy leaves her computer running all the time, this serves to replace very expensive "TTY" hardware from the phone company.


3) This can also be run in a mode where Lucy needs to "Answer" the incoming connection request, and reply back and fourth, just like most instant messengers.


4) Lucy can simply use this as a visual aid, but I made this extremely flexible and useful, with lots of options if needed...





5) These are very small client programs that require no installation or removal and don't change any system parameters or anything in the registry.


6) Because CallLucy is web-based, any changes are done right here on my servers, making all upgrades and network changes transparent to Lucy and her callers.


7) The CallLucy_Caller program can be used with a voice to text tool like Dragon or Windows V to T.


8) Since I wrote every like of code, I can customize it to do anything in future releases.



Please send suggestions and comments to or


Marty Wollner


Feb 2010