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Version 2.00E, SPECIAL  (see below)


Released 23-Jan-2011




You can read up on our technology in the “Information” section. is an archive (a .zip file that contains several files) containing an Internet demo player program that runs under SpikerSystems e-Gamer architecture.


The program connects to servers in our development lab at SpikerSystems, LLC.


All Games are played concurrently, worldwide!!!


Start a mini-tournament in your office or around the world, and see who can win the most money!



Before using this demo:


Always visit or and get the latest APPROVED version of



To use this demo:


Always be sure you are using the latest, AUTHORIZED download of


1.    Download into a folder.

Click Save


2.    Open a window to the folder:

Click Open Folder


3.    Right Click, select Extract All


4.    Extract the contents of into a new folder:

Click Next >

Click Finish



5.    Open a window to the newly created MinimalPlayerDemo_1 folder.


6.    Be sure your screen resolution is set for at least 1200 x 800 pixels.


7.Start the Internet demo by clicking:



8.    This runs a launch program named Internet_ClientLaunch_1.exe, which gets host connections and authorization information from one of our web servers.


9.    The screen will pause then turn pink, then pause, counting down until the first game host is contacted.


10.                       The first game host will connect, and the screen will then countdown until the game host enables the connection.


11.                       The game definitions will then be loaded in about 1 minute or less.


12.                       The screen will turn bright blue and the game can then be played.


13.                       You start with a free balance of $10,000 in play money. If you want to play with real money, if you loose, please donate it to your favorite charity. If you win, its still play money.


14.                       The screen turns pink whenever the dealer places the game into “All Bets Down” state, during which no action is accepted.


15.                       The dice roll about every 21 seconds.


16.                     You can change to different games via the Host Connections window, activated by the “Change Game” button. Your play money balance is transferred from game to game. If you run out of play money, quit and re-start the demo.


17.                     Please enter your name via the “Change your name” button on the layout… we often monitor our player demos, and we can initiate a live chat session with you!





As of release 1.05C, we are now offering our games with super-fast and stable BEAMessageQ connectivity over the public Internet! See the SpecialClientInstall instructions for more information.



We are now offering over 20 games, all suited for live casino play:


Craps and Crapless-Craps are classic 2-dice games that use only the 7 roll as the table-out number (6 outs total).


Ricochet is a 3-dice game that uses the 1-1-1, 6-6-6, 6-2-1, 6-3-1, 6-4-1, and 6-5-1 combinations as table-outs (26 outs total).


TDC stands for Three Dice Craps, which are new three-dice games invented by SpikerSystems:


          TDC_7_14 outs is a TDC game using only the 7 and 14 rolls as table-outs (30 outs total).


          TDC_7_14_Trips_outs also uses the 7 and 14 rolls, plus all of the triple rolls as table-outs,

          for a total of 36 outs. This game runs in close synch with 2-dice Crapless-Craps.


Roulette is the classic 38-position wheel spin game.


RouleDice is another SpikerSystems invented game that combines Roulette with Craps; The featured "Spin Pass/Come Line" bet uses the Roulette Zeros as come-out roll "Craps", the roulette spin number as the point, and the same table out seven as in Craps.


Building upon RouleDice, SpikerSystems now offers two brand new games suited for players not familiar with the complexities of Craps and Roulette! We proudly announce TruePlace_EasyGames and TruePlace_RB_EasyGames!!! At last, players can play FAMILIAR GAMES, currently including TruePlace_CoinFlip and TruePlace_Rock_Paper_Scissors, in their favorite casinos using live dice and roulette wheels in a real live game!! We believe we are the first game developers to provide this capability. Professional gamblers all know that the “True Odds Bet” in the game of Craps offers the one and only wager in any casino with a 0% house edge. SpikerSystem’s PATENT PENDING mapping technology extends true odds wagers from the extremely complex and intimidating game of Craps, into Roulette (via RouleDice), and now finally, into games so simple, a five-year-old child could use and enjoy them. At last, the masses of non-technical players, the “average Joes” of the world, can enjoy simple games that payout at TRUE ODDS! TruePlace_RB_EasyGames have only 6 or 7 wagers to pick from, and 5 of these are “Coin-Flip” … Heads and Tails, and “Rock-Paper-Scissors” … Rock, Paper, and Scissors wagers to choose from. The only remaining 1 or 2 wagers presented are for simple prerequisite bets, required before being able to make TruePlace bets… bets that pay true odds the player can pick and choose from. We are the first to offer the best of both worlds for players who want to pick and choose which true odds bets they want, having fun while trimming the house edge down to nearly zero. Try TruePlace_EasyGames and TruePlace_RB_EasyGames right now, played worldwide!



Building more, our mapping technology allows us to create a new set of games never before attempted… we proudly announce CrapLess-Craps DON’T BETS! That’s right… something you never saw before. Four new games are all played like crapless-craps, but use the Roulette 0 and 00 as the “Craps”, the only way to loose on the come-out roll of our Crapless-Craps Don’t – Pass and Don’t-Come Line bets!! These bets cut the already super-thin odds in craps to nearly true odds.



Our development facilities allow us to quickly create e-Gamers platform versions of existing games. At G2E in Vegas, we met with the creators of Rock ‘n Roll Dice (see Within 1 week we developed 4 new games based upon Rock ‘n Roll Dice: RocknRollDice, RB_RocknRollDice, NoDontCraps and RB_NoDontCraps. We now support both Northern-Nevada style Pass/Come lines in our games. We also support “LiveBetBooking”, allowing us to accept changes to committed bets continuously between game cycles.





Because of our patented mapping technology:

·       All 3-dice games are seeded by the same 3-dice roll.

·       All roulette games are seeded by the same roulette wheel spin, including RouleDice and TruePlace_RB_EasyGames.

·       Two-dice games are seeded by either 3-dice rolls or roulette wheel spins, including TruePlace_EasyGames.


In the very near future, all of these games can be seeded from a single 3-dice roll using distinguishable dice by using our new “3-D D to 1:38” algorithm that generates 38-Wheel-Spin ranges from distinguishable 3-dice rolls!




This version has the new BetMaker up and running RIGHT NOW!!






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Marty Wollner






Don't play too much, my mother is watching!!!