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Marty Wollner




Here’s a bunch of information about the mathematics of dice, and what SpikerSystems e-Gamers division does…


Galileo Galilei_Dice paper.htm

Thoughts by the famous astronomer on 3-dice gaming and statistics. This was written around 1623, but not published until 1718. Reading is a bit confusing, unless you first read my Pass_Line_Bet_Odds document.



Generated from a program, this explains the mathematics of dice games, and how our patented 3-dice to 2-dice map works. The master map table in section 20 summarizes the maps we use to implement concurrent multiple live game play.



Our complete application for the Utility patent we call P1. We already have a registered Provisional patent, which P1 now replaces. This gives a complete description of our RollStation and what the implications of this invention cover. This application was filed in the US Patent Office May 13th, 2009.



Contains SpikerSystems_eGamers_RollStation_Demo.exe, a program that demonstrates how the RollStation works; a real-world implementation of our patented mapping technology. Run the SAFE PROGRAM named P1_Demo.exe, click “Start Random Test”, “Faster Speed”, and “More” buttons.



Our newest Utility patent for the method we call TruePlace betting. This was submitted to the US Patent office on 09-Jun-2010.



Lists all of the games SpikerSystems e-Gamers platform currently supports, along their associated randomization inputs. It also describes how these various games can be grouped together into sets of domains within and between casinos.


Why_chip-less_games_can_rock_the_imagination.htm (Feb., 2009)

Describes shortcomings of chip-based table games, and explains the unrealized advantages that are intrinsic with chip-less gaming.


Competitive Gaming (July, 2009)

Explains how SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture can be used to implement a Gaming Mall with competing vendors.

Layered Architecture (July, 2009)

Describes how SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture supports live game payout and configuration changes, and yet provide 100% up time and blazingly fast transaction speeds.



An overview of e-Gamers architecture written way back in 1990.



Is an incomplete PowerPoint presentation on SpikerSystems e-Gamers division.


InstantBooking.htm (Feb, 2010)

Is a description of the “Instant-Booking” feature, allowing Put Bets to be processed. The system accepts, books, and commits these bets, and increases the balance of the pool available for TruePlace Bets, all instantly. This feature allows players to make any number of TruePlace bets immediately after making the Put Bet without having to wait for a gaming cycle (i.e., a roll of the dice) to occur.


Ricochet_V2.zip (Feb, 2010)

“ 3-D D to 1:38”, an algorithm that generates 38-Wheel-Spin ranges from 3-dice rolls using DISTINGUISHABLE dice!!! An extremely extensive test program proves how “ 3-D D to 1:38” provides incredibly accurate AND fair distribution WITHOUT USING RANDOM NUMBER GENERATORS! Zero and Double-Zeros are derived with 0.000013 PERCENT ACCURACY after 100,000,000 test rolls.   TRY THIS DEMO TODAY!  Run the SAFE PROGRAM named Ricochet_V2.EXE, click “Start Random Test”, “Faster Speed”, and “More” buttons.

TheBetMaker (Dec, 2010)

Hot Brand New! TheBetMaker is a new facility for the Player Client program. It allows the player to configure sets of wagering plans used to implement various strategies to play the games. A very powerful icon-driven programming language allows the player to create vastly complex strategies that exceed anything available on the market today. Strategies can be stored and recalled, combined and modified. This is a really exciting feature that can be used for ANY GAME under our architecture!

An entire library of Gaming Strategies that can be loaded and executed on TheBetMaker are also available, and growth plans are underway.



Side-Bet Plug-In Guide (01-Feb-2011) Is a manual for programmers who want to create a side-bet plug-in module to run on the Dealer program under SpikerSystems e-Gamers architecture.



These are SAFE PROGRAMS. I know they are. I wrote every line of code in all of ‘em over the past 23 years!