By Marty Wollner






How do you determine the average outcome of a possibly complex betting strategy?



There must be hundreds of different of betting strategies that craps players religiously follow every day. But getting an exact determination of a strategy’s outcome is difficult, at best; determining the outcome of even the simplest pass line strategy might take a 10 page math formula.


Instead of that, SpikerSystems approaches the problem in terms of a computer simulation.


Rather than creating a simulation specifically for a particular strategy on a particular game, SpikerSystems decided to create a generic strategy-testing tool that you can you use to program ANY strategy in ANY of our games[1]! We call it TheBetMaker.



As a player, you can create a custom strategy to play against a game like Traditional Craps using TheBetMaker; just click on the “Show TheBetMaker” button to bring up TheBetMaker screen:




The above screen shot shows TheBetMaker being programmed for a complex strategy named “Tunica_Don’t_Hedge_DEMO.NailsULA”. This and other pre-programmed strategies are available at TheBetDepot; a library of Gaming Strategies from SpikerSystems. Growth plans are also underway for TheBetDepot.



A strategy is a set of instructions consisting of a list of sequential steps. Your overall list of steps is called a “NailsULA Program”.


Your NailsULA Program is divided into a set of “Stacks”, each consisting of a set of “Steps”.



There are 2 kinds of instruction steps:


  1. WAGERING Steps (Game Layout BUTTON PRESS steps)

    These are simply the BUTTONS on the gaming layout, for example, the Traditional Craps layout shown below.


  1. CONTROL steps

    Are used to control the order of execution of steps, for example, "Stop BetMaker", “Restart Stack”, etc.



TheBetmaker is simple to operate. You just click on the “New Top Wagering Step” button, and the wagering layout appears highlighted in light green. For example, here is the layout for SpikerSystems Traditional Craps in “TheBetMaker Definition Mode”:





If the first step in your strategy is, say, make a $5 Field bet, you just press the buttons you need to make a $5 field bet… the actual wagering layout thus becomes part of the programming screens you use to create your strategy, and this includes any and all of the buttons; Any and all of the features of our games are thus available to be used in your strategies[2].



In addition, both WAGERING and CONTROL steps can be associated with a set of CONDITIONS, like "Game On-Point", "On-Point_5", etc. The blue area (labeled “Pre-Step Conditions”) on TheBetmaker screen lets you specify a set of all-inclusive conditions that act as DECISION POINTS for your steps, providing the capability to truly program your custom strategies by acting according to the dice rolls as they occur.


More work is expected on this module, for example, being able to act upon your balance, the counts of rolls made, etc.



You can find these strategies on HUNDREDS of craps and other gaming web sites, like CHECK OUT THIS SITE and see what I'm talking about... strategies are like commodities.



OK, not only can ANYONE create extremely complex strategies and store them in a precise mathematical manner, they can recall them back, modify them, create new strategies from it, and make up a whole bunches of them.





These strategies can be EMPIRICALLY TESTED by using them on my simulator, and letting it rip. Statistics can be gathered about its effectiveness over time, etc.


And of course, these strategies can be created using my PlayerClient program played against the SpikerSsytems World-Wide-Roll, which can also be used for charity via


SpikerSystems can start selling stand-alone ThriceDice kits specifically for developing strategies and single-user play. Multiple user play is charged for by the number of users.


SpikerSystems can charge players/strategy developers by the roll for using a high-speed dedicated server via the web for testing if they don’t want to buy our kits.



SpikerSystems can start charging for access time and make these strategies available FOR SALE on via PayPal. Craps players (for example) who develop strategies can then put them up for auction or sale on for a fee.



I told you I can sell numbers!


[1] We currently support over 26 different games, all played concurrently from a single, LIVE player-shooter.

[2] For example, you can click on TheRamdomizer button, which randomly makes a pre-determined number of bet, or TheBlaster button, which makes a bet on every wager in the layout.