Chip-less live table games can be made that far exceed the imagination, capability, and capacity of existing table games. This is because there are limitations imposed when real chips are used in the real world. It has to do with the position that chip stacks are placed upon the layout, what is secure for the house and for the players.


Craps tables:


A craps table typically limits the number of players to no more than 8 per dealer. In the layout, come bets and place bets are not self-service because the chips stacks for these wagers are placed according to player table position. Accordingly, they must be positioned properly. Also, they are within very close proximity of each other, and thus, not secure.


The pass line bet, on the other hand, is self-serviced because there is room directly in front of the player position to make the bet only for that player. In Northern Nevada, they donít use the pass line, at all; they use a Pass/Come line, used for both functions. This is for enhanced safety, because the pass-line bet may persist for an undetermined amount of time, unlike the Field bet, which is a one-roll bet. So, in Northern Nevada, all Persistent bets(other than the big-six and big-8 SUCKER bets) are booked by a dealer and not self-serviced and thus more secure.


Roulette tables:


They have even more of a problem on the roulette table. The number of bets confines available space even further, requiring players to play with assigned chip colors, and thus restricting then to only 1 denomination resulting in towering stacks of chips and even slower dealer payouts, requiring highly talented dealers.


There are no persistent bets on a roulette table because there is simply no room, and it would be un-secure.


SpikerSystems provides:


The obvious advantages of chip-less live gaming for Craps and Roulette include safety, security, and speed from easily trained dealers and greatly reduced manpower. For craps, self-booking of all bets becomes possible. For roulette there is no player chip color assignment, and normalized chip stacks using multiple denominations are shown.


Most important, new wagers within these games are now capable, for example, persistent roulette bets. These are like pass or come bets in craps. And of course, our proprietary TruePlace bets are a craps playerís dream-come-true. Bets like this are simply not possible on a chip game because of safety and security. Our wagers are limited only by the imagination.