This web site describes Crapless-Donít games from e-Gamers, a division of SpikerSystems, L.L.C..


Please check out the document ďPass Line OddsĒ, in our INFORMATION section for a description of the mathematics involved.


Craps is a great game with a great history.





In the old days, it was thought that throwing dice was controlled by the God Fortuna, and often times, dice were used to decide fate.






These days, the game of traditional craps is played on a table with a typical layout:




The table layout typical for Crapless-Craps is similar to Craps:




You will notice 2 obvious differences:


  1. The 2, 3, 11 and 12 all have points in the layout along with the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10.

    Reason: Unlike traditional craps, in Crapless-Craps, the 2, 3, 11, and 12 are simply treated as point numbers, just like the 4, 5, 6, 8, 9 and 10. Players never loose on the come-out roll; the only way to loose is come-out on a point, then throw a seven before hitting it.


  1. There are no Donít-Pass or Donít Come Bets.

    Reason: For a bet to exist on any sane layout, there must be some kind of house edge. But if you think about it, there arenít any come-out roll numbers the house can use to gain an edge if all of them are either a 7 or a point number. If the house were to use, lets say the 12 as a come-out roll looser to even up its edge, that would leave the Donít players on a subsequent come-out roll, whist the game would already be playing an established 12 point.

    And thatís why you never see Donít bets on Crapless-Craps tables.



BUT WAIT! SpikerSystems e-Gamers division has Donít- Pass and Donít-Come bets in Crapless-Craps!!!



How did we do it?


Our patent-pending mapping technology provides for 1 to 37 range and 1 to 38 range randomizations to feed 2-dice games. In plain English, this means that the numbers that feed a Roulette spin can also feed a craps game, or in this case, a Crapless-Craps game.



And because games fed by roulette spin ranges need to account for the occasional zero or double-zero spin, we took advantage of the situation to create our Crapless-Craps games that feature Donít Pass and Donít Come bets.




†††† †††




Hereís how it works:







Thatís all there is to it!

This results in a house edge of 2% using European wheel numbers, and 4% using American wheel numbers[1], fitting it neatly between traditional craps 1.4% and the Crapless-Craps Pass/Come-line 5.3% house edge.


And just like all of our line bets, Crapless-Donít bets feed our patent-pending TruePlace betting pool with balances that can be used for any of our TruePlace wagers available in the game!

Note: Some of our demo programs include a class of ďTruePlace Free-Odds LayĒ wagers, which can swing the house edge over to the player. These are demonstrated as a possible ďLimited Availability Player Compensation RewardĒ, as described in our patents and also in incorporated patents from Signature Gaming, L.L.C.



You can find Crapless-Donít bets in the following SpikerSystems e-Gamers division games:










Note: Changes are currently being made to make the donít bets available in this game in versions V1.05E and later.








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[1] Please see the pass-line odds document for the math involved in these determinations