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2006 big winter road trip - roll 1

Big 2006 winter road trip! This year I am equipped with a laptop with a Wi-Fi card so I am able to update these web pages and upload at thousands of locations including truck stops, hotels and eateries, mostly for free! I will try to update every couple of weeks, so stay tuned! First stop, Jordan Creek in Allentown, Pa., the site of last summer's Worlds, then off to Pohatcong, NJ, where Angus was lost. She is not found, OF COURSE, but I am remembered by several Walmart employees who left food out for her, just in case. The local animal control officer tells me there was a major problem with Foxes and Cayotees at the time, but I still think a trucker snatched her. In any case, she is gone, but she was a GREAT cat and will always be remembered. Here is a 1998 photo of Angus with a mouse. Next stop, Morristown, NJ, for Aunt Ruth's 83rd birthday celebration. See this link (under construction) for photos supplied by cousin Larry and family. Thanks to Rachel, Brian, Hunter, ChaCha, and Bob and Susan for a great time. I loved the Osso Bucco dinner! During the dinner, cousin Larry pulled this out and read it; they had to pick me up I was laughing so hard. It turns out, I become a taster in a similar contest later on this trip. Next stop is a small park in Liberty Corner in NJ, and then I head South toward Florida. Stops include several small courses along I-95, until Richmond, Va., where my old Itasca RV blows out a couple of tires. I trade it in for another (shown below), after 4 days of haggling the dealership. I sell a bunch of plastic at the Richmond course, then head South to Augusta. Here is beautiful Lake Olmstead in Augusta, Ga., site of this year's Worlds, later this summer. I am remembered by several locals from last year.

MVC-001X.JPG 2006 1 26 5:53:04 PM Next stops are Gainsville, Fla., where one of the locals steals two discs right in front of me, then Ocala, Fla., where I have a great time playing with the local league players, traversing the fine course in a golf cart. Next is Wickham Park in Melbourne, Fla. I hang out there for a few days and let the cats out to roam. They love it so much that Flick and Flash don't want to come back at closing time, so I have to leave the park and sneak back in at 2:00 AM where they are waiting for me every night. Next stop is Bucannan Park along the St. John's river just past Orlando for another league tounament run by a guy named Glen. I let the cats out here, but Flick doesn't come back, and I find there is a 7 Ft gator in the pond. I stay in the park and find her at 2:00 AM hiding by hole 18. Next stop is Tradewinds park near Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. Here is the local crew and a jumbo toss for a donated disc won by "Sideshow Bob". By now my chili recipie is perfected and everyone digs in for multiple bowls.

MVC-002X.JPG 2006 2 4 11:27:14 AM

MVC-003X.JPG 2006 2 4 11:27:44 AM

MVC-004X.JPG 2006 2 4 11:31:34 AM I also meet "Bawana Bob" who sells discs and we trade about $300 worth, so I am now stocked with the new "Star" plastic from Innova. His two sons do a great job tearing through everything in my RV, including the propane valve which disipates $35.00 worth of propane and leaves me without heat or a burner to make the next days chili. Next day is Easterlin park across town. I improvise the burner for the chili by using a Bar-B-Que fire pit and ruin my $45 chili pot. Keep those kids away from valves and switches, Bob! Here is the Easerline crew. The woman on the far left is Lois, and her and her hubby Bob are cool to hang out with.

MVC-005X.JPG 2006 2 5 10:26:10 AM I go back to Wickham in Melbourne and buy 35 discs from a guy's trunk for $25.00. Two of these discs are collector items (CE Valk and CE Firebird) which I sell for $50.00 and $40.00 later that week! The remaining discs are also valuable after a clean-up and also fetch hundreds of $. Then its back across the state to Clearwater, Fla., starting in Taylor park, where I get into a brawl over a stolen disc, and meet up with a guy named Tim, who had bought plastic from me on my last big winter road trip in a park in Mississippi. I don't let the cats out here because of the HUGE Gators along the lake next to the course. Next is Maximo park A.K.A. Tocabaga in St. Petersberg where I hang out for 5 days enjoying the sandy beech on the Ocean bay, palm trees and another fine course. I meet up with two of the locals who sell discs there and make many trades. I am invited to sell discs and play in the Ice Bowl tournament on Sat. Here are Brian and Bucky, cool disc sellers, also TD Jim, and player George.

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MVC-008X.JPG 2006 2 11 6:13:48 PM Everywhere I went in Florida, everyone kept telling me to check out Brooksville. Right after the Ice bowl, I make the 2 hour drive and play the Grand Canyon park, run by John Benifield. This is one of the best courses in the world, kind of like Flip City in Shelby, Mi. Here are some photos of the front canyon (yes, up-down in Fla.!) and John, who is selling the property for 2.5 million. If I had it, I would buy it!

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