2006 3 31 4:15:37 PM MVC-FD91

Digital Mavica images

I don't let the cats out in NM because of Cayotees. My laptop fails and I fail to get a photo of DR Goff on top of the Rio Rancho course. After Albuquerque, I make a bee-line to Nevada, stopping in Lauglin for 4 days of pair-a-dice and poker and I do let the cats out by the River walk. Now its off to Vegas to meet my buddy Dan and his brothers and old pal Neil for their 50th birthday bash. I wind up parking in a seedy RV park only 5 blocks from the downtown "Fremont Experience". I see a bunch of old friends including Bob + Penny, Rocky, Rhoda, Etc. I let the cats out to roam freely on Fremont street. After Vegas, I head home, taking the old I-70 route through the Rockys. Here is the Virgin River Canyon, just past the Nevada boarder on I-15.

MVC-003X.JPG 2006 3 28 7:51:20 PM I stop in several parks in Colorado along the way to try some big up-down. This is Riverbend park in Palisade, Western Colorado along the Colorado River.

MVC-004X.JPG 2006 3 29 2:21:54 PM Here is Colorado Mountain College in Glenwood Springs, elevation 10,000 feet.

MVC-005X.JPG 2006 3 30 4:05:02 PM This is Central City just outside of Golden.

MVC-006X.JPG 2006 3 31 4:15:36 PM I play the Westminister course in Denver and call Ronny Ross, who designed over 17 courses in the area. He invites me to join him the following day for some extream disc golf. We head back into the mountains to the Easter Seals camp just off I-70 in Empire, Co. We play the 27 hole mountain side course with Brett Marshall and Ron's grandson Sal, a 6-year old who throws over 200 feet! Some photos were lost, but here is one at the camp.

MVC-0012X.JPG 2006 4 02 4:15:36 PM The final photo is pro Mike Robinson at the Eastern Ave. course in Davenport, Iowa.

MVC-0015X.JPG 2006 4 04 4:15:36 PM Last DG stops are West Park and Channahon around Joliet, Ill. Flash makes one final statement of independence by staying out till 3 in the morning in the last park on the trip. I'm tired of the road. I don't even stop to see my nephew David in Chicago. I make it back alive, just in time to pay taxes.