Digital Mavica images - Vegas trip, April, 2001

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MVC-002XA.JPG 2001 4 13 10:44:04 AM
We make it to Vegas a little late due to strong headwinds. Larry just got layed off his job, but he went anyway. He had better not loose more that the $220.00 he brought with him.

MVC-003XA.JPG 2001 4 13 10:49:32 AM
Lizzard statue in the McCarren airport. Things don't seem too busy for Vegas. We were told it would be a slow weekend because tax day is next Monday.
Larry and me go out to Henderson to The Reserve, play a little and eat a lot at the greatest buffet in the world. We finish the meal with the best macaroon cookies I've ever had, and rush back to the airport to meet Larry's childhood buddy, Ron.

MVC-005VA.MPG 2001 4 13 2:40:14 PM
Ron is a flight attendent and flys all over, all the time. He is also a big-time black-jack player. He plays for so much, the Stardust comp's him for everything.

e_mvc-007xa.jpg 2001 4 13 2:50:18 PM
Hard rock cafe.

MVC-008XA.JPG 2001 4 13 2:56:32 PM

MVC-009XA.JPG 2001 4 13 9:41:34 PM
We check in at the Stardust (Ron checks in at the VIP counter... "Yes Mr. Cambell, sir..."). Ron starts playing right after check in and wins $1000.00 playing $100.00 blackjack. We then go right out to Henderson and play at the Eldorado and The Reserve. Larry and me then do the all-you-can-eat sushi bar at the Korean place across from the Stardust. It was fantastic. We ate and drank until the chef didn't even want to make us any more.
We gamble all day till late that night, and Ron ends up eating steak fahitas at the Tres Lobos in the Stardust, up over $1200.00.
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MVC-001XB.JPG 2001 4 14 7:30:00 PM
The next day we drive around Veags and it seems really dead for a Saturday. This shot shows the Stratosphere, down Las Vegas Blvd. We drive out to the California boarder and have breakfast at Wiskey Pete's. We play for a while then take a long ride back towards town.
We make it back to Henderson and play at the Joker's Wild. Larry starts running low on funds, in fact, he's almost out of money, then his luck gets turned around. While playing 25 cent craps, he saves some of the 25 cent chips and uses 6 of them in a BlackJack bet. The dealer pays him in $25 chips, and we bolt the heck out of there with the $150.00.
From then on, Larry was "in the zone", and we won almost everywhere we played after that. We played GREAT rolls at The Reserve, Horseshoe, Stratosphere, and at the El Cortez, where they have another 25 cent craps table with 10x odds.
We eat dinner that night at the Horseshoe back in downtown Vegas. Seems they don't have some of the famous steaks there anymore, so we settle on the buffet.
Ron kept going up and down, be he wound up winning > $1,300.00, so he took off the next morning. The following shots were taken on the way back from dropping him off at the airport. Larry and me head back out to Mesquete, which is about 80 miles from Vegas on the Arizona boarder.

e_mvc-005xb.jpg 2001 4 15 11:37:08 AM
New York, New York.

e_mvc-010xb.jpg 2001 4 15 11:39:30 AM
Close-up of the Stratosphere.
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e_mvc-002xc.jpg 2001 4 15 11:41:34 AM This is a shot of the freeways near downtown Las Vegas, and the way to Mesquete.

MVC-006XC.JPG 2001 4 15 12:33:00 PM
On the way out we stop in the Valley of Fire store and get this shot of the beef jerkey guy out front. We tell him we are from Detroit and he asks how many days it would take to walk there.

MVC-007XC.JPG 2001 4 15 12:34:16 PM
I'm out of laundry so I'm wearing my last clean t-shirt.

e_mvc-008xc.jpg 2001 4 15 12:45:42 PM
We take a 10 minute ride into the Valley of Fire. This is mile 1 of the Valley of Fire drive.

MVC-012VC.MPG 2001 4 15 1:03:28 PM
Larry launches a toy helecopter I got from the Stratosphere, where we played the night before, and we won a lot on the world-famous crapless-craps table.
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MVC-003VD.MPG 2001 4 15 1:45:50 PM

e_mvc-006xd.jpg 2001 4 15 1:47:28 PM
Down I-15 towards Henderson we encounter this boat trailer accident. Nobody was injured, but this really must have been a bummer for the boat owner.

MVC-007XD.JPG 2001 4 15 2:58:56 PM
Larry and me make it to Henderson and gamble a lot. These dogs are cooling down in the shade at the Oasis hotel. We play every craps table in town.
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e_mvc-001xe.jpg 2001 4 15 7:49:06 PM
On the way back from Henderson, we decide to drive into the Valley of Fire to lake Mead. We would have run out of gas, but as it turns out, the little road that takes you to Lake Mead connects to some back roads, and we take them all the way back to Henderson.
This is an AWESOME drive and the following photos are all taken along the way.

e_mvc-003xe.jpg 2001 4 15 7:59:04 PM
We drive down, down, down, into the Valley of Fire...

e_mvc-004xe.jpg 2001 4 15 8:01:08 PM

e_mvc-005xe.jpg 2001 4 15 8:02:50 PM
Lake Mead in the background.

e_mvc-006xe.jpg 2001 4 15 8:05:26 PM
I swear you can see faces in these rocks.

e_mvc-007xe.jpg 2001 4 15 8:07:44 PM

MVC-008VE.MPG 2001 4 15 8:08:24 PM
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MVC-001XF.JPG 2001 4 15 8:10:04 PM

e_mvc-002xf.jpg 2001 4 15 8:13:54 PM

e_mvc-003xf.jpg 2001 4 15 8:27:16 PM

e_mvc-005xf.jpg 2001 4 15 8:28:20 PM

e_mvc-006xf.jpg 2001 4 15 8:39:00 PM
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MVC-001XG.JPG 2001 4 16 2:17:08 PM
We make it back from Mesquete and Henderson and play till the cows come home. Larry crashed but I stayed up all night long. I just couldn't stand to keep the $600.00 I had won, and blew it all playing $100.00 blackjack in a drunken blur.
The next morning we made it to the airport a bit late, and this is Larry calling the car rental place to nix the $24.00 late fee. Larry wound up winning about $800.00. I wound up loosing about $100.00, and Ron left up over $1300.00.
The remaining photos are all taken from the airplane. This was another great trip!!!
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e_mvc-001xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:25:40 PM
Taking off, this shows the back of the Vehician hotel.

e_mvc-002xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:25:48 PM
MGM Grand hotel.

e_mvc-003xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:25:54 PM
New York, New York, with the Rio in the far left.

e_mvc-004xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:26:04 PM

e_mvc-005xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:26:10 PM
Left: Mandalin Bay, (peak of) The Luxor, Excalabur, New York New York, Balagio, Ceasars Palace, The Mirrage...
Right: MGM Grand, Vahecian, etc... (nice picture).

e_mvc-006xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:26:22 PM
I-15 heading North with the entire strip on the right.

e_mvc-008xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:27:22 PM
I-15 (left-right), Flamingo Blvd (up-down), Rio in the foreground.

e_mvc-009xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:28:32 PM
The plane turns right, and heads East toward Detroit, but first it goes right over Henderson and the great road we were on the day before.

e_mvc-010xh.jpg 2001 4 16 3:29:00 PM
One last parting shot of the strip... check out the pool in front of Belagio.
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e_mvc-001xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:29:44 PM
Decent shot of Freemont street heading towards Henderson.

e_mvc-002xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:31:06 PM Las Vegas Bay on Lake Mead (foreground). The very top of the lake is the Hoover damn, but too hazy to see.

e_mvc-003xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:31:48 PM
More Lake Mead.
The following photos follow the Virgin River from feeding into Lake Mead from the North, upstream back into Utah. e_mvc-006XI is the Virgin River Canyon in the NW corner of Arizona, just past Mesquete.

e_mvc-004xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:34:36 PM

e_mvc-005xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:35:22 PM

e_mvc-006xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:49:52 PM

e_mvc-007xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:52:26 PM

e_mvc-008xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:54:20 PM

e_mvc-009xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:55:56 PM

e_mvc-010xi.jpg 2001 4 16 3:57:00 PM
Finally, here come the Rocky Mountains! See ya next year!

e_mvc-012xi.jpg 2001 4 16 4:12:50 PM

e_mvc-013xi.jpg 2001 4 16 4:14:24 PM