Vegas - Labor day weekend, 2002

Also see Vegas, Mar 2002
All times are eastern standard. 

Cousin Larry (Mr. Five) and I do our usual fear and loathing. We drive
around pointlessly from casino to casino, almost too many to mention,
but these are some of our favorites:
The Stardust (LV North strip)
The Frontier  (LV North strip)
El Cortez (LV Downtown)
4 Queens (LV Downtown)
The Horseshoe (LV Downtown)
California Club (LV Downtown)
Golden Nugget (LV Downtown)
Imperial Plaza (LV Downtown)
Joker's Wild (Henderson)
El Dorado (Henderson)
Fiesta Casinos (Henderson and Northwest LV)
Wildfire (Northwest LV)
Sam's Town  (Between LV and Henderson)
Oasis (Mesquite)
Casa Blanca Mesquite)
Virgin River (Mesquite)
Texas Star (Mesquite)

We also take our usual diversion, the 2 hour drive from Henderson to
the Valley of Fire, and then another 45 minutes to Mesquite on the
Arizona boarder. On the way our, we stop at Red Rock, just 20 miles
from the Valley of Fire. 
mvc-003ax.jpg 2002 8 31 7:42:08 PM		mvc-006ax.jpg 2002 8 31 7:44:12 PM

mvc-007ax.jpg 2002 8 31 7:44:38 PM		mvc-008ax.jpg 2002 8 31 7:44:50 PM

mvc-002bx.jpg 2002 8 31 8:29:32 PM		mvc-003bx.jpg 2002 8 31 8:30:04 PM

mvc-004bx.jpg 2002 8 31 8:30:26 PM	

This is the Valley of Fire, current temperature, 106 F
but its a dry heat.	mvc-005bx.jpg 2002 8 31 8:46:44 PM

Since we play Ricochet at the Fiesta in Henderson, we think we
should check out the original one on Rancho and Lake Mead in
Northwest LV. We find three casinos we never knew about. This
Fiesta is fairly large, much bigger than Henderson.

Click HERE to play Ricochet, click HERE for my Ricochet odds calculator
, written in VB.

This one is across the street from the Fiesta. They open up a 6 - player
craps table just for us. I crack a rib leaning over to get this shot. Larry
suffers from flu-like symptoms and shit 15 times in one day, a new personal
record. Lawrence is not feeling well on this trip, we think food poisoning
he got when he met up with our old gambling buddy, Igor Beim. Of course,
Igor is married now, and has been drained of the few brain cells he ever had.

mvc-006bx.jpg 2002 9 1 3:43:08 PM

Sand statues at the Las Vegas McCarrin airport mark the
end of decadence and back to reality.
mvc-007bx.jpg 2002 9 2 1:03:52 PM		mvc-008bx.jpg 2002 9 2 1:04:50 PM

mvc-002cx.jpg 2002 9 2 1:07:14 PM

Stock market on Tues after Labor day: Dow down 300, CIBER, my company stock down 10%..

Trip totals:

Direct flight purchased the night before I left, on a whim... $460
2 nights at the Stardust, 1 night at the Horseshoe.. FREE, comp'ed for Mr. Five.
My share of the Lincoln Continental totally cool ride... $80
Buffets, steaks, prime rib, gas, cigars, fluids, etc., and ALL GAMING, $500
2 shirts... $31
Airport parking... $27

Seeing Fabulous Las Vegas, Henderson, Red Rock, Valley of Fire and Mesquite, gaming and
carousing until unreasonable hours and making total pigs of ourselves... Clueless

Missing Igor Beim on this trip... Priceless