Digital Mavica images - Bluffy Lake, 2000

MVC-004XA.JPG 2000 8 28 3:36:14 PM
Ready to go? The car just got serviced, and I had to get into a heated argument at work to get the time off. I begged my dad for months to go with me. The doctor said OK, so we are out of here. This is Max and Helen, my mom and dad.

MVC-008XA.JPG 2000 8 29 9:46:42 AM
We drove from Detroit to St. Ignace, won a few bucks, then made it to Sault St. Marie and lost it all back plus $40.00. This shot taken the next morning, after a Canadian customs hassle delay, at Montreal River Bay, Ontario. Look familiar? See the photos from my Alaska trip...

MVC-010XA.JPG 2000 8 29 11:19:10 AM

MVC-011VA.MPG 2000 8 29 11:21:00 AM
Scenic Magpie High Falls, near Wawa.

MVC-001XB.JPG 2000 8 29 1:04:30 PM
White River, coldest spot in Canada!

MVC-003XB.JPG 2000 8 29 3:16:18 PM

MVC-004XB.JPG 2000 8 29 3:16:58 PM

MVC-005XB.JPG 2000 8 29 3:17:34 PM
These are of Aguasabon Falls and Gorge.

MVC-006XB.JPG 2000 8 29 6:56:26 PM

MVC-007XB.JPG 2000 8 29 6:57:44 PM
Terry Fox Lookout and the Sleeping Giant (Thunder Bay).

MVC-001XC.JPG 2000 8 30 9:07:20 AM
We made it to Dryden, after we couldn't find the brand new casino in Thunder Bay. Turns out it opens up today. These are Buffalo just past Dryden the next morning. We're gettin' close!

MVC-003XC.JPG 2000 8 30 10:39:08 AM
Wobegon River rapids just North Vermillion Bay.

MVC-004XC.JPG 2000 8 30 2:43:38 PM
We make it to Ear Falls in great time! Only 46 hours elapsed, and we spent 2 full nights in motels. We take our time and go shopping, then wait for Keith at the portage pickup.

MVC-005XC.JPG 2000 8 30 3:05:52 PM
Debbie picks us up, and we are on our way! Debbie is minus glasses since last year - lasix! They put us in 'ol cabin number 2. This is my fourth time in this cabin, and my sixth visit to Bluffy Lake.

MVC-006XC.JPG 2000 8 30 8:49:36 PM
We start fishin, and get 2 pike within the first 5 casts. We catch a nice walleye, but it started to rain. We come back and fillet in up and fry it up - GREAT!!!
I got restless around 8:00, so I went out for another walleye, but came back with this 27 inch Northern, caught on 8 pound test with no steel leeder! I'm starting to get the hang of this...
This fish was released after the photo, but I had to give it C.P.R. for about 20 minutes. It will be OK.
The fishing is great up here!!! Every day, lots of fish caught and eaten. Many, many more released. No fish killed without being eaten. Great fishing, even for Bluffy lake. Never more than 30 minutes between catches and often every cast or drift, a nice plump Walleye or an angry Pike would hit.
We even had time to came into town one day for showers and an upload.

MVC-002DX.JPG 2000 9 2 8:13:28 PM
Bigo smells grilled fish, and follows us all around the camp to get some.

MVC-003DV.MPG 2000 9 3 9:21:48 AM
Remember the dock pets from last year? See the 16-Jul-1999 photos from my Alaska trip...
This is a hilarious video clip of Keith using a toy mouse I borrowed from Nails and Angus, attached to a fishin pole. The 40 inch Pike dock pet grabbed this thing faster than I could shoot it, and we never saw the toy mouse again. Debbie and Keith are laughing their tails off! TELL ME THEY DON'T HAVE FUN AT BLUFFY LAKE!!!

MVC-005XD.JPG 2000 9 3 9:27:58 AM
This is Fred the Raven, a new local pet. Debbie is teaching Fred to take food right from her hand.

MVC-006DX.JPG 2000 9 3 9:28:16 AM
My dad thanks Debbie for the reading material they loaned us, and mentions that the Playboy magazine kind of cheered him up.

MVC-007DX.JPG 2000 9 3 9:28:38 AM
Bigo takes a nice cool drink from Bluffy lake, after I slipped him a nice little piece of Pike cooked up the previous night.

MVC-008DX.JPG 2000 9 3 9:29:08 AM
One of Debbie's cats seems to think there is something under the dock. Don't fall in, kitty, or the Pike might think your are nice fat mouse to eat!

MVC-009DX.JPG 2000 9 3 9:29:28 AM
Keith seems very happy, and the sun is bright!

MVC-002XE.JPG 2000 9 4 11:27:48 AM
We take the same route on the way back and stop by Terrence Bay, Ont. again, just like we did on the way out, to get some of the world's best smoked fish and home-made jam from the Christa's, the German lady. My dad strikes up a full conversation with her in german.
This is taken back in White River in front of the Winnie the Poo memorial. The Poo originated from the Canadian Brown Bears found in the area.

MVC-003XE.JPG 2000 9 4 1:50:12 PM
The old man takes over for a hour or two so I can get a bit of rest in the built-in bed in the back (a life-saver). The car performed great throughout the entire journey.

MVC-004XE.JPG 2000 9 4 2:28:36 PM
This was a common sight on this entire journey. We had to stop about every hour or so for bladder relief.

MVC-005XE.JPG 2000 9 4 2:29:28 PM
My dad's first touch of Lake Superior. It was a superior day, the whole drive back, with great views of the greatest of the great lakes.

MVC-008XE.JPG 2000 9 4 4:36:36 PM
Back in Sue. St. Marie, this is one of the channels in the Soo Locks. A quick stop at the Casinos in Sue Ste. Marie, Canada, Sue St. Marie, Michigan, and St. Ignace topped of the great trip.