Martin's Gardens - Balcony, 2001

Cousin Buzz examines and mists the new crop. I went to COSTCO and
got a nifty new hose and hooked it up to my sink. Of course, the
hose is not the same thread size as the faucet, so the nearby ACO
provided the adapter. After looking through the store for 1/2 hour,
and being assured by the "helpful hardware man" that there is no
such thing, I found it in a package labeled "Faucet to hose adapter".

COSTCO also provided a very high quality set of spray nossles,
being demostrated here in "mist" mode. Nice stuff, and I estimate
this will save me at least 120 shleps of the 5-gallon watering jug
this year, alone.

Balcony pepper garden, 01-May-2001...

Cousin Aaron (Chef Arron) makes a rare appearence, all dressed up in slick slacks.

Balcony pepper garden, 02-May-2001...

This year's picks. I'm also trying some strawberries. The "Lemon boy"
tomatoes are also a first.

Balcony pepper garden, 03-May-2001...

The tomato plants are about 3 feet tall by now. I'm using some chicken wire to hold 'em
up. The peppers are doing fine, especially the Cayenne peppers, which I got way too many
of. The good thing about them is they grow in the shade. At this time of year, the sun is
very high, and not a lot of light is shed on the back rows. Looks like some of those
strawberries are shapping up.

bg_17_jun_2001_a.jpg                  bg_17_jun_2001_b.jpg                 bg_17_jun_2001_c.jpg

Definate progress. I'm getting about 5 strawberries every week from the 5 plants.

Balcony Pepper Garden, 28-Jul-2001...

Max and Uncle Seymour stop over so we can take Max to get his blood count checked. his
hemogloubin was only 8.4, so he had to get a blood transfusion that same day. The tomato
plants are about 4 1/2 feet tall by now, and I get about 1 tomatoe/week.

bg_17_aug_2001_a.jpg                  bg_17_aug_2001_b.jpg                 bg_17_aug_2001_c.jpg

Max is back in the hospital. The yeild so far this year seems a bit weak. Here is the first batch...

bg_01_sep_2001_a.jpg                  bg_01_sep_2001_b.jpg 

bg_01_sep_2001_c.jpg                  bg_01_sep_2001_d.jpg 


Max died on 09-Sep-2001. Two days later was "9-11". The next day, Max was put to rest only
a mile from the balcony. Two days after that I left for a Canadian fishin' trip. Check out
"Fishin Shiva".     
These are the final batch and some of my co-workers 

bg_02_nov_2001_a.jpg                  bg_02_nov_2001_b.jpg                 bg_02_nov_2001_c.jpg