Martin S. Wollner

I don't want to have to do anything
But I want something to do right now.
So please don't tell me what to do
just say what your doin', and how.

I just want to sit here
and have the world come to me.
I would like to sleep forever,
but eventually, I'd get hungry.

I don't want to face up
to the looks of my own face.
I just want to run away
and think about my case.

I'm not even really sure
if I want to joint the human race.
I guess the coice is already made,
now what do I do in this place?

I have not yet decided
if God even exists.
I must think I'm smart enough
to understand how we persist.

Life was imposed upon me;
should I thank for the ability to dwell?
If I were God, I wouldn't demand it,
but maybe then, God is boared, as well.

I hate having to do things
but I want something to do.
Am I really that stupid, or,
is life the opportunity to see it through?

See what?