I sent this to Dr. Robert Coen on 15-Nov-2003. His replies are shown below...



To the people at http://www.notmilk.com/


The last 10 years of my life have been pure agony. My abdominal pains kept getting worse and worse, to the point where I just could not be depended upon on a full-time basis. I lost the great job at Ford that I loved because I was so sick. The doctors kept telling me it was stress related, which frankly made me very depressed. They insisted on it, and kept trying to put me on anti-spasmodics, which made me more constipated and more miserable. For the last 10 years, almost EVERY DAY, I woke up with pain across my back and nausea. I've had a constant pain always in the left upper abdomen, constipation, and extreme pain before, during and after I went to the bathroom, where I spent countless hours in misery.


It drove me mad, and I was suffering even after I quit Ford 14 months ago. It didn't get any better then or any worse when both my parents and my brother died over the last 2 years. The illness also made me very tired, gave me chills and sweats, and also made all my joints sore. It also created ongoing intestinal abscesses, which gave me fever, chills, and contributed to my fatigue. These abscesses would "pop" every couple of weeks or so, causing an uncontrolled amount of pus to suddenly fill my shorts. This would often happen during urination, so I became reluctant to use a urinal. My BM's were always deformed and shredded, often pencil-thin. If I tried to "eat healthy" with a high fiber diet, I would be in absolute misery trying to pass it. When I became really constipated, it would back-up and cause horrible stomach acid problems.


This last spring I started working out a lot more, lost some weight and got into great running shape, but that didn't help the pain either. I was a basket case, sleeping at least 12 hours a day, moping around depressed as all hell... "What’s the matter with me", I kept asking myself as I sat there on the throne with my head in my hands for an average of 2 hours every morning. Over the years I have recognized that dairy makes things worse. But although my doctors did tell me to stay away from dairy, they also told me to NOT see an allergist; that if I did have a dairy allergy, nothing could be done about it anyway because it would be too hard to control my diet. They kept insisting it was stress related IBS. Over these years I have had 4 colon scopes, 3 abdominal cat scans, 3 endoscopies, 2 upper GIs, dozens of echograms, etc. They showed only a moderate size lymphoma in the lower descending colon. I latched onto this, thinking that it or something like it must be causing my plight, because I never believed it had anything to do with stress or attitude.


So, this last summer I figured I would give it one more shot with a whole new set of doctors. I told them all about the IBS diagnosis, and pleaded with them to try to look beyond it, into something physical. After another round of x-rays, echograms, and a colon scope, my new GI doctor responded with questions like "do you get upset easily?", "do you constantly scratch yourself?", and the he quoted "when the mind is in pain the body cries". He gave me a box of anti-spasmodics. I stormed out of the office and came home hating myself. I started beating myself in the abdomen, actually punching myself black-and-blue.


I started myself on a strict watermelon and apples - only diet, and after about a month, I started feeling better! Then I started adding foods and seeing what made me sick. I had already been avoiding all dairy as far as I knew it, but I have always been eating mashed potatoes and other foods with traces of milk. Sure enough, it was the mashed potatoes with milk that brought the symptoms back. Dairy turns these symptoms on like a switch. I now firmly believe I have some kind of allergy and need to completely avoid all dairy, even trace amounts, over a period of at least three weeks. Even the micro-small amount of condensed milk in a single Cream-saver (Life-saver with cream flavor) is enough to make me sick for a week.


The past months have been euphoria. NO PAIN in the morning, no indigestion, NO ABDOMINAL PAIN AT ALL, and I have so much energy I feel like dancing down the street. My joints don't ache anymore, and I just can't sleep more than 6 hours a day. Now I'm really working out and I just cannot believe how GREAT I feel. My thinking also seems a lot clearer, maybe because of the non-dairy, or maybe because I'm not tired all the time any more. No more abscesses, so I can now use a urinal or pass gas without fear. My BMs look normal again, it doesn't hurt, and it only takes a minute.


I can eat anything now, and nothing makes me sick or gives me indigestion; ribs, chicken, fries, anything with no milk, cheese, yogurt, or diary by products. I have to closely look at product labels, as they put it in almost everything. I have to give up foods I love; ice cream, chocolate, and mashed potatoes, but IT IS WORTH IT. I can get my life back together now, I can start working again, or do anything I want to. I feel like a plague has been lifted from me and I have been given a new lease on life. YIPPEE!!!


Dairy is agony. Please keep up the great work and spread the message. Thanks for your web site, which helped me see the light.


Marty Wollner



Robert replied:


Thanks for your letter, Martin.
A chiropractor friend has written a book
called "The Cure For All Pain." His name is
Dan TwoGood. Chapter One is: The Truth About
Milk. TwoGood writes that the worst food is
Parmesan cheese. Milk protein (casein) always
triggers a negative (mucus-forming) reaction.
So...your challenge is to forever avoid
these things. Best wishes,




I replied:


Thanks for the quick response and the advice. Yes, as I recall, Parmesan
cheese made me deathly sick. I'm not sure what was worse.. the pain, or
having the doctors insist that it was caused by my attitude and personality.
Thanks again for your web site, and please keep spreading the word. I
certainly will.





And Robert's final reply was:


Thank you for demonstrating once again that
you are your own best healer, and the idiot physicians,
by their own choices, remain ignorant.





The bottom line is that the doctors have been dead wrong all these years, and have tried to place me on medications that did not address the real problem, but would have kept me coming back for office visits. I have been blaming myself and questioning my own sanity and very miserable because of it. Like Robert says, "you are your own best healer". Our medical profession has decayed to the point where patients are treated by mass averages, simply trying to "pigeon-hole" everyone into a common set of diagnosis. If you fall through the holes by having an atypical problem or multiple problems, doctors won't take the time to try to figure it out. They just want you coming back to get prescriptions refilled.