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From the Side of God


By Marty Wollner












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1         Overview:


This paper describes a new, radical approach to explain the physics of our reality.


This is described from a religious point of view… that the Universe unfolds as the precise intentions of God’s plan.


You do not need to be religious, however, to accept what I’m suggesting… it’s really all just modern technology and purely scientific!


But if you ARE religious, this paper provides the one and only credible explanation of how God’s creation possibly came to be.





2         Colors:


Pessimistic questions and comments to/from religious readers: Turquoise


Opinions by Marty that radically differ from current scientific consensus: Green


Notes for Atheists: Purple


Extreme importance: Red


Work in progress: Yellow








3         Easy Reading:


The first part of this book depicts the currently accepted scientific consensus on the physics of our Universe. This is purely factual.


The remainder discusses Marty’s radical approach to these same topics.


All of the footnotes are important.






Marty tends to repeat himself a lot…


Marty tends to repeat himself a lot…



Marty tends to repeat himself a lot.





4         Table of Contents:


1      Overview: 3

2      Colors: 4

3      Easy Reading: 5

4      Table of Contents: 6

5      Purpose and Audience of This Paper.. 13

6      Religion, Faith and Atheism... 15

7      Science vs. Religion.. 16

8      The Power of God.. 18

9      A, B, or C.. 19

10        Basic Discovery.. 21

11        Notice anything? Heck YES, its all MATH! 24

12        Infinity, Insanity, Fog, and Faith.. 25

13        The Calculus. 26

14        Confusion in the Resolution.. 28

15        A Little Heads Up from Marty.. 30

16        Blind Faith.. 31

17        Beacons of Discovery.. 33

18        Unanswered Deeper Questions. 36

19        Determinism and the Doctor.. 37

20        God and Your Religion.. 39

21        The Observations of Dr. Edwin Hubble.. 43

22        Modern Observations. 44

22.1     On the very small scale: 44

22.2     On the very large scale: 45

22.3     On the cosmic scale: 46

22.4     The new science of the big bang: 47

23        We’ve Come a Long Way, BUT…... 51

24        The Wrong-Way for Science to Progress. 54

25        Are You Still With Me?  Can everyone agree with everything I’ve said thus far? I hope so, because its all been based upon solid scientific and historical facts. 55

26        Oh-Oh, watch out… HERE COMES MARTY! 58

27        MARTY’S Radical, Yet Strong Opinions on Invented “Sciences”  59

28     Marty’s Qualifications to Have These Strong Opinions... 60

29        Wrong-Way Science, Part 2. 62

30        Wrong-Way Science, Part 3. 65

31        Infinitesimal Measurement and Finding the Right Way.. 68

32        Science’s Best Shot: The Time-Space Continuum... 69

33        Time For a Big Marty Rant! 70


35        And so NOW…... 73

36        Trust Me?. 74

37        Proof by Words. 75

38        Proof by Consensus: 76

39        God’s laboratory.. 77

40        God’s Assignment: Create the Mona Lisa.. 80

41        Have I Lost You Yet?. 81

42        Answers to Obvious Technical Questions: 82

42.1     Q: Why are you wasting everyone’s time talking about computer programs? What does that have to do with REALITY?. 82

42.2     Q: How can the entire Universe be represented inside of a computer?  85

42.3     Q: How can anyone build a computer that big?. 87

42.4     Q: How is time represented?. 90

42.5     Q: How is motion represented?. 92

42.6     Q: How is Matter represented?. 99

42.7     Q: Please Explain the Details…... 100

42.8     Q: It’s hard to believe that evolution alone was responsible for creating life on Earth. How can this realistically be explained?. 102

42.9     Q: Can we elaborate upon “Intelligent Design”?. 104

42.10       Q: Can we account for the complexities of the human brain?  111

43        Completing Intelligent Design for Atheists: God-Made vs. God-Less  112

43.1     Review: 112

43.2     Topics of Discussions: 113

43.3     Waves. 114

43.4     Self-Generating Waves: Dread on Wheels. 115

43.5     Riding a Captive Wave… Hell… Worse Than Hell! 123

43.6     A Brand New Meaning to the Term “Grace of God”. 124

43.7     Comfort 1: God-Made vs. God-Less… The Bottom Line. 126

43.8     Comfort 2: The Ducks and Geese. 127

43.9     Comfort 3: The Programming Team and Project Time Frames. 129

43.10       Comfort 4: SPOT QUIZ: Do you know why this is possible?. 130

43.11       Comfort 5: The Efficiency of Evolution on Earth.. 131

43.12       Comfort 6: Implications of God using a trial-and-error approach: Proof of the Existence of God?. 133

43.13       Comfort 7:  Scientific Reinforcement. 135

43.13.1        The Theory of the Big Bang Sparks Debate: 136

43.13.2        Recent determinations of the exact size of the U. and the exact mass of the particles it consists of prove its finite size: 140

43.13.3        Based upon these size determinations, scientists have very recently determined that the size of the U. is perfectly optimized: 141

43.13.4        In these recent size determination discussions, scientists often speak about “other Universes”: 142

43.13.5        They have determined that our Universe is 13.8 billion years old, and so, at most, it should be no larger than 27.6 billion light years in diameter, and yet, it is observed to be a lot bigger: 143

43.13.6        E = MC WHAT ???. 144     The “Accepted” Mechanisms for E=MC² are Wack: 144     E=MC² in The Big Bang? Nope. 145     E=MC² in Nuclear Reactions? Nope. 146     E=MC² in Star Shine? Nope. 147     E=MC² in Slower Nuclear Reactions? Nope. 148     E=MC² in Super-Colliders? Nope. 149

43.13.7        String theory implies an intrinsic connectivity between particles: 150

43.13.8        Dark energy is something that was recently invented to explain why the outer regions of our Universe seem to be accelerating away from the center: 151

43.13.9        The new Standing Wave Motion (SWM) theory of matter and space. 152

43.13.10      Hawking Radiation. 155

43.13.11      The recent discovery of concurrent activity of particles separated by space known as “quantum entanglement”: 156

43.13.12      Brand new, the observance of “Universal flow”:”. 157

43.14       Comfort 8: Spiritual Reinforcement - 1 Last Burning Issue. 158

43.14.1        Where is God, anyway?. 158

44        Completing God’s Assignment: Creating the Mona Lisa.. 161

44.1     But seriously… the Mona Lisa?. 161

44.2     And now, finally at last, the $10,000,000,000,000,000.00 question…    162

45        What it Means to You and Your Religion.. 165

46        Is there a Problem Here?. 166

47        You’re Soul, my Science.. 167

48        Summary.. 169

49        A nice ending.. 170

50        Why Follow the Golden Rule?. 171

51        References and Suggested Readings: 173

51.1     Big Bang Formation of Matter.. 174

51.2 175

51.3     Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus. 184

51.4     Closed Loop Programming.. 185

52        Disclaimers: 186

53        Availability: 187

54        Appendix 1: Time Frames: Beating a Horse AND a Pony to Death   188

54.1     Virtual Computing.. 188

54.2     The King.. 189

54.3     The Chess Game. 190

54.4     Definition: How Computer Simulators Work.. 191

54.5     Is there a point?. 192

54.6     Can We PLEASE Get to the Point?. 193

54.7     Time Frames. 193

54.8     Relative Terminology of the Chess Game. 194

54.9     A Long Day in My Computer Lab.. 195

54.10       A Not so Obvious Thing.. 197

54.11       Dead Yet? NOOO??? OK, Just One More…... 198

55        Appendix 2: My letter to Raymond Kurzweil: 199

56        Appendix 3: The Ducks and Geese.. 203

57        Appendix 4: Computer Word Sizes and Addressing Limitations  205

57.1     Periodic Table of the Elements. 209

58        Appendix 5: A Concise summary of “Big Bang Formation of Matter”  210

58.1     A list of “virtual particles” (VP’s for short) is the Universe. 210

58.2     Time unfolds as a sequence of discrete steps, during which the attributes of the virtual particles in the list may change. 211

58.3     Virtual Matter Results from Spatial Relationships. 212

58.4     Attributes of VPs. 213

58.5     M7P1DPOU.. 215

58.5.1      M7P1DPOU:0. 215

58.5.2      M7P1DPOU:1    TICK! 216

58.5.3      M7P1DPOU:2 … TOCK!!! 217

58.6     Energy is PROGRAMATIC.. 219

58.7     Heat is an Expansion of Geometric Shape. 220

58.8     Digital Radiation Results from Cooling.. 221

58.9     Heating works nearly the opposite of cooling, but a bit more involved: 222

58.10       Electric Charge. 223

58.11       Magnetic potential is summed into gravitational motion.. 223

58.12       Nuclear Force is not restricted to the speed of light. 223

58.13       Phases of Universe Creation.. 224

58.14       Calculating next position.. 225

58.15       Beautiful simplicity.. 226

58.16       Emergence of Complexity.. 228

59        Appendix 6: Bolt, the Wonder Dog!!! 229

59.1.1      The Universe’s Digital Framework. 229

59.1.2      Where Are We?. 229

59.1.3      Where Are We Going?. 230

59.1.4      How Is Our Planet Oriented Towards The Center Of The Universe?. 230

59.1.5      Finding The Center Of The U. 230

59.1.6      Marty? HELP!!! 231

59.1.7      Assumption: Using The Digital Grid As A Transport Conduit 232

59.1.8      Bolts! 232

59.1.9      Is The Bolt Straight? WHY NOT???. 233

59.1.10        Universal Map Locator: The Bolt Invention. 234

59.1.11        The Road Map Tools. 234

59.1.12        More Than A Tool?. 235

59.1.13        Comparing Characteristics Of Bolts. 235

59.1.14        Taking Mohamed To The Mountain! 236

59.1.15        Permutations and Correlations. 236

59.1.16        Examining Bolts For Physical Characteristics. 237

59.1.17        Conclusions We Can Draw From The Characteristics Observed. 238

59.1.18        The Future Looks Bright 239

60        Appendix 7: Digital Radiation, Light and Electro-Static Flow    240

60.1     Propagation of Waves. 240

60.2     The Behavior of Digital Waves: They Flow... 240

60.3     Terminology: 241

60.4     Example 1: Two-way propagation of a streaming “WFE” in a one-dimensional Universe. 242

60.5     The Fabric of Space. 243

60.6     Conduction of waves over the grid.. 244

60.7     Try varying wave Frequencies and Electro-static flow?. 245

60.7.1      “Jumping” Locations to Represent Varying Frequencies. 245

60.7.2      Using more dimensions to provide more “room to move”. 246

61        Appendix 8: The Geometric Shapes of the Building Blocks. 250

61.1     Overview of Geometric Shapes. 250

61.2     Thermal Energy States. 251

61.3     Assignment of Geometric Shapes to Created Elements. 252

61.3.1      “Single Cube Shape”, Energy Level 1: 254

61.3.2      “Single Cube Shape”, Energy Level 2: 255

61.3.3      “Single Cube Shape”, Energy Level 3: 256

61.3.4      “Single Cube Shape”, Energy Level 4: 257

61.4     “Single Cube Shape” Energy Level Generalizations. 258

61.5     “Single Point Shape”. 260

61.6     Other Expansion Patterns. 262

61.7     Other Digital Object Shapes. 263

61.7.1      “Double Cube Shape”, Energy Level 1: 264

61.7.2      “Double Cube Shape”, Energy Level 2: 265

61.7.3      “Double Cube Shape”, Energy Level 3: 266

61.7.4      “Double Cube Shape”, Energy Level 4: 267

61.7.5      “Double Point Shape”, Energy Level 2: 268

61.7.6      The General Equation for “Single Point Shape” Energy Levels: 269

62        Appendix 9: Prime Numbers and PrimeDentities. 270

62.1.1      Terminology definition: Prime Number. 270

62.1.2      Marty terminology definition: PrimeDentity. 270

63        Appendix 10: Steps Toward Creating The Masterpiece.. 272

63.1.1      Implicit Tendencies … Mathematical Optimizations. 272

63.1.2      Math in Nature. 273       Spheres…... 273       Spiral shapes…... 273       Fibonacci sequences…... 274       Golden Ratios…... 274

63.1.3      And snowflakes…... 275

63.1.4      God’s Job is Easy, He Has a Toolkit 276

63.1.5      Disc Golf and Octopus eyes – Convergent evolution. 277

64        Appendix 11: Benefits of discovering the formula…... 281

64.1     “OK, but how does that help Mankind?”. 281

64.2     Axis’s of Evil? A Discussion About Dimensions. 282

64.3     If you really think about it…... 284

64.4     Breaking the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principal. 285

64.5     Harvesting the knowledge… new machines of the future. 286

64.5.1      Tiny Widgets. 286

64.5.2      Tiny Tools that build Tiny Machines. 286

64.5.3      Tiny Grid-Snap Perpetual Radiant Energy Machine. 286

64.5.4      Osmosis-Reel Heat-to-Mechanical Energy Conversion Machine. 286

64.5.5      Ultra Concentrated Data Storage Units. 287

64.5.6      Universal Map Locator: Bolt 287

64.5.7      Ultra Capacity Computers. 287

64.5.8      The Truth. 288



5         Purpose and Audience of This Paper


I have some radical ideas about how the Universe operates. Although I usually try to stick to science-only explanations, this paper is also written for religious people… it does not attempt to change any of your religious beliefs; it only attempts to explain exactly how God can realistically have created the Universe, and how he can realistically operate it.


This paper is intended for people familiar with basic math and science. It discusses physics, but does not delve so deeply that readers who don’t understand quantum mechanics miss the important points. However, please note that this paper is based upon strict science[2].






I will try to explain what reality really is… how everything works. This includes:






I have a purely scientific explanation for it alla mathematically based explanation for the physics of the Universe. And although it’s not all that complex, it accounts for everything in the above list and a lot more.


In this paper, I try to explain this “From the side of God”, in other words, from the point of view that persons of religious backgrounds can consider and accept.




6         Religion, Faith and Atheism


So anyway, if you’re not religious, have no fears, I’m not religious either. But I still have FAITH.


I faithfully believe that one God created our Universe (including our world), and I believe that everything happens exactly the way he wants it to. This includes all of the peoples and all of the religions that have come and gone throughout history.


Whatever you believe in, I certainly hope you understand the difference between faith in God and faith in a religion. In either case, though, this isn’t the same as being an ATHEIST (someone who doesn’t believe in any kind of God at all).









7         Science vs. Religion


This is a scientific paper, but it really focuses on some dramatically radical ideas about the Universe. The science for these radical ideas starts with the creation of the Universe.


Scientists call this the “Big Bang” and the expansion (now also called the INFLATION) of the universe. This is where most of today’s scientists get a bit cloudy about the exact conditions that existed BEFORE the big bang, and this is also where “religion” (or at least “creationism”) gets drawn into the discussion.


For example, when the recent article by Steven Hawking headlined: “God not needed to create the Universe” appeared, I think it set some kind of a record with over 100,000 comments posted within an hour. People of various religious persuasions lambasted him, many accusing his congenital physical handicaps as being divine punishment for his late-in-life statement.




The point these 100,000 angry readers were trying to make: when you’re talking about the creation of the Universe, it’s hard to not ask questions like “Where did the Universe come from to begin with without G. O. D.?”


Hopefully, my explanations will satisfy everyone, even atheists, and I will summarize the whys and wherefores into a nice heartwarming ending of this paper.






But first off, lets clarify how this paper deals with these questions of science vs. religion.


Let’s consider how much “Power” does God need to get the Universe up and running?


8         The Power of God


Things move in predictable manners. This is something that everyone can agree with. Scientists have noticed this predictability and came up with the “Laws of Physics”. Today, even the most religious among us have to agree with these laws.





Many religious people also need to insist that since God created all time, space and matter, he must have also created these laws of physics. Oh, and BTW, he can change them any way or any time he needs to. Now that’s power!



9         A, B, or C


My purpose here is to limit the scope of all subsequent “science vs. religion” discussions in this paper and thus make it palatable for everyone:


A.     If you’re a religious person: assume that God used the methods I’m suggesting to create the Universe and to perform all of the miracles you believe in. Assume that God uses these methods to see us and to work in ways that will no longer seem “strange and mysterious”, it will be very straightforward. You will also understand how he can actually hear, interpret, and act upon the prayers of every believing soul, all at the same time.


B.     If you’re not a religious person, but still a person of faith: assume that God used the methods I’m suggesting to create the Universe, and once his creation was set into motion, it kept on going and things work out exactly as he intended.


C.     If you’re an atheist: assume that these methods are PURELY MATHEMATICAL EQUATIONS that implicitly created and run the Universe as an unavoidable set of sequential steps that occurs as these equations dictate.





Now honestly, I’m not trying to “pigeon hole” your religious beliefs into one of the above 3 choices. I am trying to show that my explanations for our existence should apply to anyone’s systems of beliefs because I’m only trying to show how it all works… you can apply the WHY of it to whatever beliefs you want to, including no beliefs at all.



OK, are we all ready? Let’s get started and try re-discovering the science of Universe the way mankind did it here on Earth over the past few thousand years…



10   Basic Discovery


Lets first discover how matter works on its “basic physical levels of interaction” (what we can see, smell, hear, and feel). Lets start with a basic knowledge of arithmetic and a chunk of clay.


YOU DON’T NEED TOO UNDERSTAND THESE FORMULAS! They’re here for illustration[3].









11   Notice anything? Heck YES, its all MATH!


We notice that these “basic physical levels of interaction” always strictly follow a set of  “LAWS” which are always mathematical equations.


We also find that these laws are eternally consistent: the “basic physical levels of interaction” always follow these precise mathematical formulas everywhere, every time, and it appears as though everything always has since the dawn of time.


Which makes us wonder about the dawn of time, again, and ask more questions, like how long has the Universe been around, where it came from in the first place, where it ends, and another boatload of questions, mostly centered on the meaning of Infinity.


Infinity... YUK!




12   Infinity, Insanity, Fog, and Faith


Infinity is so difficult to conceive, it makes grown men break down and cry like babies. It humbles the greatest mathematicians. Considering infinity opens up a trap door into a dense fog of misunderstandings. And unfortunately, these misunderstandings can be used as a hammer in any debate about reality:




Fog... yucky, sticky fog. Fog so thick you can cut it with a knife. Fog… clouding up everything that everyone understands about reality.






13   The Calculus


In this fog, mathematicians try to get around it by only considering what happens as numbers APPROACH infinity… they don’t dare flirt with it directly.






The specialized area of math called The Calculus” is based upon an assumption called “Limits at Infinity”. Simply stated: “… it is INTIUTIVELY OBVIOUS what would happen at infinity, if you ever got there …”.


For example, consider the equation


y = 1 /  x


Substituting some real values for x and y we see a trend:


If x = 1, then y = 1 / 1  = 1


If x = 2, then y = 1 / 2  = 0.5


If x = 5, then y = 1 / 5 = 0.2




Right here is where the calc guys chime in and say:


As x gets larger, y gets smaller, and THUS, “IT IS INTUITIVELY OBVIOUS” that as x APPROACHES Infinity, y approaches 0.


That’s their final proof. Final answer.


Is this smoke and mirrors? Is calculus just a lot of bullshit?


If you just stop and think about it, declaring that “its obvious”… that’s no real proof, it’s nothing more than a declaration of faith in something that, by definition, is impossible to occur[6]!


However, I would be a total MORON to say that calculus is bullshit. OF COURSE it IS a pure and correct science. Of course it is ingenious. Of course it works PERFECTLY.


Well, at least in theoryOh - Oh… Back into the fog…

14   Confusion in the Resolution


Scientific FACTS are based upon scientific EVIDENCE. But in order to collect this evidence, MEASUREMENTS need to be taken, and this takes us DIRECTLY back into the fog.


In this fog, scientific measurement becomes fuzzy, so scientists try deal with it by placing various “levels of resolution” on things, kind of like saying, “its as far away as you can clearly see” or, “its as small as your attempts to measure it accurately”.





Without openly admitting it, science is ASSUMING that measurements taken at the greatest resolution available will always approach the “infinitesimal accuracy” of these equations, precisely[7].


It must have seemed like a very reasonable compromise: to save a lot of time, scientists don’t need to measure things with infinitesimal precision (code for “measure forever”).


Hey, WHY NOT? This was based upon calculus, which was well accepted. Don’t forget that until very recently, the accepted consensus was that the Universe WAS infinite both in range and in sub-composition. THEY NEEDED CALCULUS to make things work because they thought they were working on infinite numbers of particles, distances, and time.


And yes, this is STILL the currently (2011) accepted scientific consensus.





15   A Little Heads Up from Marty


Today, even though we know, for example, that there’s a FINITE count of particles in the U., nobody bothers to retrofit this back into the classic infinity-based calculations!


I believe the “silent” assumptions are:


Well, heck, there must be “so many particles” out there; it might as well be infinity!


The calculus “limits at infinity calculation” works in reverse on (what is assumed[8] to be) “nearly infinite”[9] numbers, just fine!



Heads up, my “radical” opinions on this is where the second part of this paper is heading! I think it’s obvious that THIS IS WRONG, and this alone may explain why science is currently having problems, for example, getting all the numbers to agree between theories of the very large and the very small.




Lets get back on track and continue our discussions on scientific discovery, circa 1950. We were talking about needing to look deeper into the fog and about faith…



16   Blind Faith


If you can’t see something work and you can’t explain how it works, it easily becomes a matter of blind faith (which is usually more fog). In this fog, religion becomes an easy foothold to grab for answers. After all, who can say for sure, right?





We all know the stories about religious oppression to scientific research. But science still needed to go beyond blind faith and answer these deeper questions “scientifically”.


For centuries, scientists have asked “What are we really feeling when we grip that chunk of clay? What is clay (and our hands) really made of?” In other words, how does matter really exist and persist through time, and how does it interact with itself, with heat, radiation, electro-magnetism, etc.?






17   Beacons of Discovery


FORTUNATELY, there have been some beacons of discovery to guide us out of the fog, but we still needed to look really closely to see them. This meant looking at more than just the “basic physical levels of interaction”… we needed to look at the very tiny and the very far, and think about it all again and again and again.





HOWEVER, unlike “basic physical levels of interaction” (which we can see and test), when we started to examine the sub-atomic world, we became more and more perplexed. As we turned our attention toward the very small and started to examine matter on atomic and sub-atomic levels, we came up with a whole new world of discovery and a whole new set of questions.



We find that very small particles are composed of even smaller particles, and we find that the very smallest of these follow a whole other set of precise mathematical formulas… QUANTUM THEORIES hoping to describe the FUNDAMENTAL LAWS OF MATTER… more laws that “cannot be broken and have always applied to everything, everywhere”.




But here’s the really cool part…





Everything that happens on the atomic and sub-atomic levels is PURELY based upon INTEGER arithmetic[10]. Obviously, a whole new set of questions about the mechanisms behind the numbers emerges, and these seem to point out the way matter works on its most fundamental levels!


THESE are the answers we’re really looking for… how God operates the Universe on its most basic levels[11].





(Prime numbers)







18   Unanswered Deeper Questions


OK, so it only really took us a few hundred years to master the simpler questions and lay down the laws of the “basic physical levels of interaction”. That was child’s play.





Our present understanding has required sophisticated tools and techniques. Most of the very recent discoveries have required computers to derive and verify.


For these deeper questions, the “beacons of discovery” are helping, but right now we are having problems with these deeper questions, and we’re also having problems trying to get the new theories to co-exist with the classical theories that have been proven throughout time.



19   Determinism and the Doctor


In order to answer some of these new questions, we have looked out into space trying to find clues… it now appears to scientists that the clues to the origins of the Universe and the explanations of the new quantum theories are interconnected… that if we can understand exactly what happened at the dawn of time, it will explain how matter interacts on the most basic levels.


The dawn of time… doesn’t that lead us back into the fog again?



Edwin Hubble (1889 – 1953)





The reason that scientists feel the origins of the Universe can provide clues to the sub-atomic functions of matter are based upon:


  1. “Determinism” which is the idea that once something is set into motion it will continue until it is played out as predicted by the laws of nature.


  1. “The Inflation” which is the idea that the Universe is expanding outward from a small point, as concluded from the observations of Doctor Edwin Hubble.


  1. The theories describing how energy and matter was formed during the creation of the Universe are thought to describe it in terms of its fundamental structures.

    These same theories also describe the principles of physics involved to continue the expansion outward, creating all of the stars and planets.


  1. The theories of emergence that describe how advancing levels of complexity arise implicitly from simpler occurrences.



Science hopes to prove that all of our observations of matter on the small scale match the observations of the Universe (and its derived creation) into a single, uniform explanation. That is the aspiration of modern scientists (and the goal of this paper as well). But it looks like we need to go way back in time (and directly into the fog) to prove anything!


Side Note: Weather you believe in modern day science or not, this explains why astronomers and cosmologists get the huge amount of funding required to do their research.


As we forge ahead into the fog, the questions of eternity, infinity and creationism become unavoidable and unsolvable problems. And so, even as we make great strides in understand, we are still challenged by questions that seem to be beyond our capability to understand them.



And so, before we get any further into the science of Doctor Hubble’s observations, let’s talk about God and your religion right here and now, and try to clear the fog ONCE AND FOR ALL.


20   God and Your Religion


Review: It’s hard to discuss fundamental physics and the creation of the Universe without considering God and religion.


Now I know that pure science is supposed to only consider the facts of evidence. But when the questions of creation, eternity, and infinity come into play, many of you readers out there become glazed over by them and blindly turn to God as if it’s some kind of a reflex.


Unfortunately, I don’t think there have been any religions that didn’t take advantage of this reflex, and thicken up the fog with tales of fear. But even without induction by fear, most men turn to religion anyway, with great commitment.


Is this because a religious man (like you, for example) has some kind of a “finite limit of understanding”?  Is it because there’s a “line of limitation” in your mind that says:


“Only God is smart enough to cross” ?


Is this the point where BLIND FAITH is supposed to kick in and leave all logic and reasoning behind?





How can God be so smart? How can he possibly make the Universe and have it run exactly the way he commands it?















Since the intended audience of this paper includes religious people, please be assured that I’m not gonna try to convince you that your religion is wrong or that you need to change any of your beliefs in it.



I will, however, try to remove the “line of limitation” from your mind, entirely.



I will try to explain to you exactly how God can realistically operate. I will prove to you that God’s actions are NOT MAGIC.



And in doing so, I will de-mystify the questions of eternity and infinity, explain how the Universe was created and marches on through time, and explain precisely how matter interacts on the elusive fundamental level, in one simple, unified explanation.


No kidding.



21   The Observations of Dr. Edwin Hubble


Edwin Hubble (1889 – 1953) was an astronomer who noticed that everything in the Universe is moving away from everything else. Astronomers and many other kinds of scientist since have pretty much all come to agree upon what these observations mean.


Note to religious hard-liners:

If the exact ages and time-spans of the scientific consensus don’t jive with your gospel, PLEASE, just try to roll with it. For example, if I say the current consensus is that the Universe is 13.8 billion years old, but your bible, for example, says its closer to 5,290 years (plus 6 days), PLEASE, JUST ROLL WITH IT! OK? Tell yourself that maybe those “days” were just a bit shorter, or whatever. Let’s all try to “just get along with each other” on the exact dates. OK?



The observations mean that the Universe has NOT always been here; it started 13.8 billion years ago as a single, very small object that suddenly exploded, expanding outward, and its still expanding today.


Note that before this (still in my lifetime), scientists had thought that the Universe had been here forever and was infinitely large, and this often flew in the face of contemporary religious beliefs. I don’t know how many scientists were persecuted for these beliefs, but it turns out that this time, the church was right that they had it wrong.


The reason that a reasonable scientist would stand there and be convicted of heresy is because of his unflinching conviction to mathematics. And on the edges of these convictions, there it is… THE FOG… clouding everything up, as usual, and telling him that it only made common since that there must have been something before creation. And the older it was, the more weight it gave to the ‘ol hammer of religious oppression.


Now to be honest, these days, even the Catholic Church doesn’t persecute scientists that don’t support the big bang theory[12]… the church is easing back on its stance, leaving only the most radical zealots to actually believe that the Earth is only 5,290 years old.


After all, we have SOLID evidence based upon carbon dating techniques that match fossil records to geologic formations… EVERYTHING CHECKS OUT.


Questioning the validity of carbon dating? Roll with it, PLEASE.


22   Modern Observations


Recent (the past 50 years) observations have yielded scientific opinions that are extremely radical compared to anything previous, and we are now increasing and advancing our knowledge and understandings at an unheard of pace. It’s an awesome time to be a scientist!


Here are some of the newest and most dramatic examples of recent discoveries:


22.1On the very small scale:


  1. Matter is composed of atoms, and these are composed of smaller particles, which interact and move around within and between the atoms. We now believe that these particles are ALL COMPOSED OF BASIC BUILDING BLOCKS… A FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLE.




3.     As mentioned above, when matter mingles with other matter it does so on the atomic and sub-atomic levels, and these reactions follow the laws of QUANTUM MECHANICS, and this is all INTEGER ARITHMATIC.

I promised you don’t need to know quantum mechanics to read this paper. All you really need to know is that it accounts for all of the states and state transitions that matter goes through… it describes exactly how quantities of the very smallest particles of matter inter-mingle in exact amounts.

The significance of integer arithmetic is that when you consider that all matter is composed of finite numbers of fundamental particles, it suddenly provides an explanation and places exactness as to what really happens when matter inter-mingles on its most basic levels. Once again, THESE are the answers that we seek.


22.2On the very large scale:


  1. The Universe has a FINITE SIZE.


  1. This implies that the entire Universe is composed of a FINITE NUMBER of the fundamental particles.




22.3On the cosmic scale:


  1. The expansion of the Universe can be accurately traced all the way back to the instant of the big bang.


  1. At that time, all the matter in the Universe was “compressed” into a single area, thought to be very[14] small.


  1. During the first few moments of the big bang, all of the matter that makes up our Universe was in what is known as a “plasma” state, and had yet to be formed into the atomic components of matter.

    Plasma is defined as being a finite amount of fundamental particles in very close proximity and very hot… so hot that it prevents the formation of matter, similar to heat preventing ice from being formed from water.



  1. Once the big bang was initiated, the formation of the Universe itself occurred in the following sequence of steps over 13.8 billion years…


22.4The new science of the big bang:


  1. First, the expanding plasma cooled down as it spread out spatially into space.


  1. As it cooled down, the plasma began to combine and form sub-atomic components.


  1. As this happened, the matter that was created[15] obtained MASS[16], so it became eligible for movement by the force of gravity.

    This is being flagged as “Red… important” because Marty has a different explanation for this. The current consensus, however, is that the MASS came from a huge amount of ENERGY that supposedly accompanied the matter squeezed into the point size object. This is assumed because of Einstein’s famous equation E = MC² (more on this, below…).


  1. These sub-atomic components eventually combined into atomic components (known as ELEMENTS).


  1. Huge amounts of small elements like hydrogen and helium were thus formed, and these congealed into vast clouds.


  1. The clouds of smaller elements then started clumping together due to the force of gravity, thus forming some of the first stars in the Universe.


  1. Stars go through life cycles over very long periods of time. When first formed, when they get big enough, they suddenly start to shine[17].  The end of a star’s life-cycle results in a collapse called a super-nova, and during this time, the smaller elements combine with each other, and create (correct term) the larger elements like lead, gold, and uranium.

  2. Clouds of the smaller and larger elements then re-congealed into spheres (due to gravity), and these included more stars and planets (including our own little Earth).


  1. Clusters of these stars and planets “settled” into large aggregates known as galaxies.


10. As the Universe continues on, these galaxies are observed to all be flying apart from each other[18]


11. Life on Earth? I’M NOT GONNA OPEN UP A CAN OF WORMS, (yet)! This paper works for everyone as is; lets not rock the boat. Can we just go ahead with what we have thus far? Trust me, it’s already more than most can handle!




WOW!!! Can you believe all of this new stuff? Most of this was all determined over the past 50 years or so and a lot of it was just uncovered or theorized in the past 10 years! If you’ve been away from it for a while (code for “if you’re old”), you probably remember it all as being a LOT different. Me too!



OK, let me just cover my butt real quick, and then we can proceed…


Note to disbelievers and/or religious hard-liners:


If you have any doubts about what I’m saying in this paper thus far, PLEASE just do some research. This is all based upon 100 % accepted scientific facts and theories…


This IS the current consensus!



More important: Are you still rolling with it?







Like I said above, just think about it in terms of your own religion. Think of the sequence of steps that describe the formation of the Universe as being the “daily” work of God in the book of Genesis. Think about what a glorious time it was for the Universe… when God said, “Let there be light”, the stars lit up, and there was light.








23   We’ve Come a Long Way, BUT…


All right, is everybody HAPPY???



Well I got some BAD NEWS for y’all…


There is trouble in paradise. We got problems!





If you want to get into the exact numbers and details, we can. The problem: STILL, NOBODY CAN EXPLAIN A LOT OF THINGS.



For example:








There are a thousand other facts that just don’t seem to make sense. In terms of science, this means that they don’t follow the mathematical formulas (the laws of physics) in every situation like the guys who theorize these equations expect them to.




A great example is some of the work of Albert Einstein. Many of his early theories seemed to be spot on. But as time went on, even Albert got confused and started chasing his tail around for 25 yeas or so before he finally gave up. Just before he died, he agreed to a “compromise” with some of his contemporaries in order to explain how the photoelectric effect of light really works. See the section titled “E = MC WHAT ???”


The same thing is going on right now with Steven Hawking, and he’s resting his final reputation upon discoveries yet to be made in super-colliders and space observations. Poor Steve is hoping that these discoveries will be made before the (way overdue) end of his life. You religious guys… can you please pray for him? Whatever he may have said about God, he means well and to me, that’s righteous in anyone’s book.





Steven, just like Albert, has also agreed upon a compromise to his theories, and is now grasping for “Rips in black holes” to answer the questions (that I think are going to elude him). “Rips in black holes”? Give me a break, Steve!





24   The Wrong-Way for Science to Progress


It’s all getting more and more complex and harder and harder to keep up and understand these contemporary sciences of the Universe. If you care to, take a quick look at some of the mathematics involved with these sciences, and you will see what I mean. It’s really THICK!


Like I said above, not everything proposed make sense all the time. In fact, a lot of what is proposed only functions to POSSIBLY explain what is observed to be unexplainable.





I believe that an example of this is something called “dark energy”, which is a very recently derived theory of the cosmos. It has never been directly observed. It was proposed as an answer to the recent observations that the galaxies in the Universe seem to be accelerating away from each other faster than can be accounted for. And yes, the math is very thick. Ridiculous.

25   Are You Still With Me?

Can everyone agree with everything I’ve said thus far? I hope so, because its all been based upon solid scientific and historical facts.


YES, you agree? COOL!! As a reward for agreeing with me that everything I’ve said thus far is factual, lets take a break.






Pour yourself a nice glass of Pepsi with crushed ice and think about where we are in our current understanding of the Universe… to review:











All right, since you’re an extra good student, lets snag some extra good snacks…




and then …





26   Oh-Oh, watch out… HERE COMES MARTY!


Welcome back, I hope you enjoyed your Pepsi and sushi as much as I do.


All right, now at this point, for the first time in this paper, I’m going to stray away from some of the currently accepted scientific opinions and theories such as dark energy. I’m gonna go right ahead and DISAGREE WITH IT ENTIRELY!


MARTY SAYS (that’s the way I introduce my personal ideas when they greatly differ from the accepted theories):


Dark Energy is an invention to account for an observation. It does NOT exist.




27   MARTY’S Radical, Yet Strong Opinions on Invented “Sciences”


Marty says there are a lot of examples like this, and has strong opinions on such “invented sciences”:


  1. Einstein’s theories on the curvature in 4th dimension space:

    Invented to account for the observations of the effect of gravity upon light, in order to make his math appear to be correct.


  1. Einstein’s theories on the interchangeability between energy and matter:

    Invented because of the mathematical derivation of the equation E = Mc².


  1. “Dark matter”:

    Invented to account for the unexplained effects of gravity under certain conditions and situations, and to make all of the numbers add up correctly in “physical cosmology”.


  1. “Anti-Matter”:

    Also invented to make all of the numbers add up correctly in “physical cosmology”.


  1. “String Theory”

    Invented in order to justify anything possibly proposed[22].


  1. Of course, “the fog” (the mysteries of infinity and eternity) is still unexplained.


  1. Etc., etc., etc…


28         Marty’s Qualifications to Have These Strong Opinions



I know these seem like strong opinions. And just to give you a heads up, my opinions get totally radical from this point on.


And so, at this juncture, you need to ask me:


“Who in the heck are you? What qualifies you to discuss these topics?”



My name is Marty Wollner of Livonia, Michigan, USA. I am NOT a qualified astronomer. My physics and chemistry skills are relatively weak, and I do not fully understand all of the concepts of quantum mechanics. I often struggle with the math in even simple physics derivations.


My education is also limited, but I do have an honorable bachelor’s degree from the schools of natural science and computer engineering at Michigan State University, so I’ve had some exposure to engineering-level physics. But even if I had a higher degree specifically in physics, it wouldn’t mean a lot because that was then (I graduated in the 70s) and this is now (the year 2011); almost everything has changed in the meanwhile!


So what qualifies you to speak on these matters?




In my opinion, this FULLY qualifies me to discuss these topics, but ONLY in the context that I will present it to you, which is, (you guessed it), as sets of computer programs.


In my opinion, I wonder about that! How can you talk about physics without knowing jack shit about it?


It’s a bit hard to explain right now, but TRUST ME, we won’t have to get into the really complex math derivations hoping to explain reality!


My approach is to work from the ground-up… to explain how things operate on the fundamental levels, and then realizing that just because we can apply a plethora of math equations that try to describe these activities, the math does not make the activities; the activities make the math.


This is what I call “the horse being led by the cart”, and why I’m calling this “wrong-way science”.


I don’t trust you. You need to prove it.


I don’t blame you for not trusting me[24]. Fair enough, I will try my best to prove it, if you try to keep an open mind about it.


Fair enough.


Let’s now go ahead and complete our discussions about “science going the wrong way”, and then get into my radical ideas.




29   Wrong-Way Science, Part 2


Review: I was saying that a lot of the science today is very complex, and is often made up to solve unrelated problems (for example, dark energy).


I always have trouble trying to describe wrong-way science. Let me try to explain it this time with a humorous, but stupid example:


  1. A kennel of dogs is located next to a university laboratory.


  1. The dogs sit there and wag their tales whenever they’re happy. Every once in a while, a dog tale hits the wall, making a distinct thumping sound.


  1. A professor first detected these sounds a long time ago while he was listening to the wall for something unrelated. He concluded that these thumps might have some kind of very important meaning, especially since they were completely unexplained.

    This is NOT an attempt to minimize the importance of anyone’s discoveries.


  1. Teams of scientists converge on the lab, and these guys spend their lifetimes (plus a good part of the national budget) tying to figure out how the thumps affect us, what’s making the thumping noises to begin with, and if possible, figure out what the thumps mean.

    This is NOT an attempt to belittle anyone’s beliefs.


  1. One team might study the intensity and frequencies of each thump, and categorize every possible kind of thump and then try determining and categorizing various patterns of thumps.

    Yes, this IS a sarcastic analogy to the zoo of sub-particles and forms of radiation and energies that scientists are “discovering by invention” on a nearly daily basis.


  1. Another team might try to measure temperature differences on the surface of the wall when thumps occur, but they conclude that its impossible to predict exactly when and where the next thump will occur.

    Yes, this IS a sarcastic analogy to the Hiesenberg uncertainty principle.


  1. Another might study the sequences of thumps, stuff like counts of contiguous thumps, rest periods, anomalies, etc.

There are two points to this stupid example:


  1. You can imagine the types of scientific papers that will result after years of these studies. These scientists will derive boatloads of formulas, equations, conditions, suppositions, theories and interpretations of the meanings of these findings.

    This will all be very serious work, and these findings will be treated with due “rigor”, archived, handled, and presented like all serious science work is.


  1. Yup, you guessed it, as the name implies, THIS IS A STUPID EXAMPLE!


    Because unless the thumping has any affect on anything, the studies are a big huge waste of money, time, and attention?



Very good, oh ye faithful and religious one.


Then are you implying that religion is stupid?



No. HECK NO, all right?


Are you saying that trying to understand the inner workings of the Universe is a big waste of time because it’s not related to our lives?



Ok, I give up, what are you saying?



Well I told you it would be difficult to understand. But your line of questioning encourages me. You made the connection that for there to be any meaning there must be some affect from the thumping.



So big deal! What’s the point?



I’m just lining up you train of thought to accept the next long-ass explanation. Ready for part 3?



Yea, go ahead, “Master-of-boring-examples”



Ahh, my child, patience is a virtue.






30   Wrong-Way Science, Part 3


Lets change this to a different stupid example. Instead of live dogs, lets use a mysterious set of SPECIAL UNSEEN ROBOTS:


  1. These are permanently attached to fixed locations along the wall next to the lab.


  1. They perform unseen activities and when they do, these actions do cause thumps against the wall. But these thumps occur at precise times of day and/or in response to environmental changes inside of the lab.


  1. The observed thumps are correlated with a set of affects, and it is discovered that they seem to directly control an aspect of the environment in the lab through a transparent mechanism they are unaware of.


    It turns out, it’s the furnaces, but this had to be discovered by observation and reasoning.






When these thumps were heard, they could be correlated with the environmental changes observed, and these sciences really are meaningful!


So are you suggesting that scientists are completely looking at the wrong stuff?


Hold your shirt on. No, we are looking at the right stuff.


But my thing is, we are looking at it the wrong way.


Modern day scientists are flooding us with information based on this wrong-way in the same way that scientists in stupid example #1 would do.


They keep on doing more and more research, make up more and more theories and suppositions and keep everyone “encouraged, yet confused”. Sound familiar?





Shortly, I will reveal my totally radical ideas. But before I do, lets discuss one more topic, and this is the central theme from which all of my radical ideas originate.


GREAT BIG HINT: It’s all about the fog!!!


Duh! I never would have guessed it.





31   Infinitesimal Measurement and Finding the Right Way


Remember this from above? It’s a problem that every scientist to this day has somehow wriggled around. Most of this “wriggling” is usually done by using calculus (math that allows for infinity by only considering what happens as infinity is approached).


Marty Says: That’s the WRONG WAY.


To find the right way:


  1. Scientists used to think that the number of particles in the U. was infinite.

    Now they believe it is a finite number.


  1. Scientists used to think that the age of the U. was eternal.

    Now they believe it is “only” 13.8 billion years old.


  1. Scientists used to think that the span (the size) of the U. was infinite.

    Now they believe it is a finite number.


To me, these 3 simple changes are HUGE steps in the right direction.





32   Science’s Best Shot: The Time-Space Continuum


This is how the wriggling is done. They BLINDLY assume that a continuum of space and time exists, implying INFINTESIMAL ACCURACY of all measurements of locations and instances of time.


Then they use calculus and other forms of INFINITY-BASED MATH to seal these beliefs into a plethora of math equations, theories and formulas that have been proven to drive anyone insane, generating reams of wrong-way beliefs, and creating the endless nightmare that our current scientific consensus has become!


A great example of this is wriggling is apparent in the newly discovered[26] “Feynman diagrams” that supposedly provide and overall combined theory of particle interactions. This is a set of 7 equations that supposedly describe every interaction known to occur at the quantum levels. But the thing is, in order to actually perform these calculations you need to take THE AVERAGE of all 7 of these functions, and PERFORM THAT CALCULATION OVER AN INSTANTANEOUS SEGMENT OF TIME!!!


Which, of course, IS IMPOSSIBLE BY DEFINITION! And OF COURSE, the math for this is unbearable even for geniuses.







Etc., Etc., Etc[27]



33   Time For a Big Marty Rant!



Marty says:


This is where insanity begins, but there is no need for it. If scientists would only drop these last two archaic notions (simply by digitizing time into a sequence of steps, and by fitting all matter into a finite set of discrete locations), the concepts of infinity and eternity never have to be considered at all!

When this is done, infinity-based math becomes USELESS, and in fact, only confuses everyone more and more.


I can’t tell you how important this is. This alone explains why our current understanding of reality is an utter state of confusion. This is why it’s FULL of wrong-way science.


Marty Says:





1.     Remember the finite number of particles?


2.     Just “snap” them into a finite number of locations.


3.     And then move them around in a set of discrete moves, kind of like building a giant erector set, STEP-BY-STEP.



These 3 simple steps will change the way the world thinks about the physics of out reality.




I believe we are now ready for an “official declaration” of “the truth according to Marty”.


What I’m about to say now is based upon my own theories. Note, however, that as I write this, most scientists are turning toward explanations like this, more and more.



OK, you are ready. I will now rock your world…






Now Hear This:




It is the reason for the fog, and in my opinion, THE SCOURGE OF MANKIND because it is the cause of our misunderstandings of how the Universe operates on all levels.




1.    There is a finite size to the smallest “particles” (already accepted science).


2.    There is a finite limit of the outer Universe (already accepted science).


3.    The Universe was brought into existence 13.8 billion years ago (already accepted science).


4.    Time is divided into a sequence of discrete steps (Marty says).


5.    Matter is located in a set of discrete grid locations (Marty says).



35   And so NOW…






It’s very simple to manipulate a finite amount of particles around. It is impossible to move any % part of an infinite number of ANYTHING because by definition, it must take FOREVER to do so. Why even try at all?


I’ll tell you why, ASYMPTOPES and horseshit, that’s why! This kind of wrong-way thinking is derived from CALCULUS and mankind’s inability to understand that it is a fictitious and theoretical science.





It does not apply to the reality of our Universe. That’s why!


36   Trust Me?


The Universe IS DIGITAL.




It is, in fact, the only possible way our Universe could ever have been created. The cool thing is, you WON’T HAVE TO JUST TRUST ME ON FAITH BECAUSE I WILL ACTUALLY PROVE IT!!!




Going MY way?





The way of more repetition? Lets get on with it already.

37   Proof by Words


From a religious point of view, even God cannot command infinity, he must have used a finite amount of matter to create the Universe or it would have taken him forever to move it all, and thus it couldn’t have been created.


From a scientific point of view, lets just consider the law of gravity, which involves every particle in the Universe. If there were an infinite number of particles, how long would it take each particle to be affected by all of the others? How could anything ever move if it takes forever? It can’t and so I say there must be a limit.





OK, BLAH, BLAH, BLAH, at least it’s a start, HOW ABOUT SOME REAL PROOF?


38   Proof by Consensus:




(Raymond Kurzweil, the pioneer of virtual reality)



Raymond Kurzweil has held these same beliefs for many years now and has written numerous books on the subject. He is a well-respected scientist and a prolific inventor. Because of HIM, these beliefs are finally becoming widely accepted.



Well, OK, but you promised some REAL TANGIBLE PROOF!!


Coming right up. Right this way. Please step inside of …



39   God’s laboratory


My explanations of the Universe actually provide God with a place to chill and work from. Lets call this real place God’s laboratory. Here, God’s job is to create a computer simulation of the Universe.




So he uses a computer to do it, but what he wants is not so much the computer, he really needs to create the computer program that runs the simulation. Once the program is created, God can sit back and run it any time he wants to, and not only that, he can view what’s going on inside the simulation from any perspective[28] and at any point in time within the “run”.


The really cool thing is that God can tweak the program by adding more and more stuff to it, and anything he comes up with can be incorporated into future versions of it.



But the most important thing of all is something I call “Perfect Reproducibility”, and this is the key to everything. If you’re not a computer programmer, don’t worry about the details; the point is that the program will ALWAYS RUN PERFECTLY EVERY TIME.


And the reason that it can run perfectly every time is because it is a DIGITAL SEQUENCE. DIGITAL means exactness. Perfection. Every bit of matter represented at or near a given location is either there or not there, and nothing in between. Every movement of every one of these bits is EXACT.


I can’t stress this enough. Without it being a DIGITAL UNIVERSE there cannot be PERFECT REPRODUCEABILITY.


However, armed with this capability, GOD can take all the time he needs to create the Universe to run exactly the ways he wants it to. I call this the “trail and error” approach to creating God’s plan. And in this case, God does NOT have to be a genius beyond any chance of comprehension. He can be an actual person with actual limitations, and an actual love of the souls that he creates.





Without perfect reproducibility, the functions of the Universe and the work of God is a total mystery to me... magic, beyond the capacity of the human mind to comprehend… just like some of the more oppressive religions would love to have you believe.



I get it. Did I say, I get it?



Good, as long as you got it.




40   God’s Assignment: Create the Mona Lisa


To make this a meaningful exercise, lets give God a specific assignment:


Create the Mona-Lisa.



Specifically, make a computer program run so it behaves as a simulated self-evolving Universe; within the simulation a human being is created via evolution, and he then paints the Mona-Lisa in his virtual living space.




41   Have I Lost You Yet?


Did your eyes roll up in your head? Did you ask yourself “what kind of dufus shit am I reading here?” Everything I’m saying here is based on science! At this point, I can only IMPLORE you to PLEASE read on and trust me to tell you the truth.


This does not conflict with your religion!!! It only explains how God has the power and capability to create the Universe we live in. And F.Y.I., this creation is, in fact, much more genius than what most folks imagine is possible.


If you read on, you will be shocked and amazed at how our entire Universe, which is complex enough to create the Mona-Lisa, unfolds perfectly and with 100 % reproducibility, all from a very small and simple mathematical formula I’m calling “God’s Program”.


If for no other reason than to get another point of view, please read on. To make this more palatable I will try to answer some of the most obvious technical questions right here and now.


42   Answers to Obvious Technical Questions:


42.1Q: Why are you wasting everyone’s time talking about computer programs? What does that have to do with REALITY?


A: It has everything to do with it because I’m contending that our reality is a virtual reality… that our Universe is a computer simulation.


I understand that it seems hard to believe in virtual reality. Pre-1492, it was also hard to believe that the world was round.

We lived in the world being attracted to it, but before then, nobody bothered to understand gravity because the concept of gravity is NOT OBVIOUS! But even way back then, scientists knew enough to look for clues:


  1. When sailors told what they knew about looking at horizons.


  1. When they looked at all of the other stars and planets and they all appeared round from every angle.


  1. When traveling anywhere around the world always brought them back to points of origin, and never to the “edge of the world”.


In the same way, I think the concept of virtual reality is NOT OBVIOUS. Nowadays, we sculpt, but we don’t bother to understand what the clay is made of. Good thing today’s scientists haven’t given up looking for clues.


The clues we’re looking at now all point to “very precise numerical aspects governing matter and motion”. Examples are abundant, but the most obvious is the integer arithmetic found in quantum mechanics.


How many times do you typically repeat a point that you feel is important?


A lot. Recall the discussion about what a chunk of clay really is… what “solid” matter really is. TRY to see it in the same context as being attracted to the Earth and not thinking about gravity. Men of science must think about it.


When they examine “solid” matter up close, they immediately find that it ISN’T SOLID! It’s actually a whole lot of empty space that is marked off by a bunch of tiny sub-atomic particles darting in and out and all around.








And so right away, you got to wonder what’s up with that? HOW CAN IT BE SOLID???


Personally, I think the “nail in the coffin” for disbelievers is the new discovery that the mass of our fundamental particles is zero. Right away, that tells me that these “particles” are really only acting as location pointers… that they are INFORMATION, NOT “PHYSICAL MATTER”.


Think about this for a minute. Try to visualize what’s going on down at the sub-atomic level… a whole bunch of space, delineated by a few “infinitely small bits of matter” that doesn’t really exist.


YES, It’s TRUE! This is the currently accepted consensus of what an atom of clay consists of.


Marty’s $10,000 question:


How far of a leap is it, really, to think of matter as being RERESENTED by information?


More and more proof is being uncovered every day, and more and more, the concept of virtual reality becomes obvious AND believable.


42.2Q: How can the entire Universe be represented inside of a computer?



A: God’s program uses a list of “particles”. Each entry in this list represents a single fundamental particle in the Universe.


Lets call them Virtual Particles or VP’s for short. For example:


List of Virtual Particles


Current Location











This example is showing the first 3 VPs in the list, all of which currently share[30] location 0,0,0. It is important, so I must repeat: all locations are VIRTUAL… they only exist from the perspective that they REPRESENT locations within a virtual (IMAGINARY) Universe.


This example represents the state of the Universe at the moment of the big bang, when every particle in the U. was all sitting at location 0,0,0[31]




… the start of the race.

42.3Q: How can anyone build a computer that big?



A: First off, we do NOT need to account for every location in the Universe; we only need to account for the current locations of the VPs in the list.


Scientists recently are all agreeing upon the FINITE NUMBER OF FUNDAMENTAL PARTICLES IN THE UNIVERSE (FNOFPITU). So God’s computer does NOT require infinite capacity, it only needs to be big enough to hold a VP list of FNOFPITU entries.


As we shall also see below, God’s computer does not need “infinite speed” either.


But the important thing to note is how the “current location” is defined: as a set of 3 INTEGER numbers. This means that the entire Universe is actually a 3-d GRID[33]. It means that each location is EXACT and the relative distances between locations is always an integer and also exactly precise.


Each location is defined by its 3-d coordinates… its unique spot in the matrix of the virtual Universe. Because of its digital nature, at any moment in time (at any STEP in the sequence), every particle in the list is located in ONE and ONLY ONE location.






If any theoretical physicists are reading this, think about how much the above paragraph simplifies everything you and your peers are trying to accomplish. It’s staggering!


I think you’re staggering drunk… you just repeated this “discrete – digital – snap-in” concept at least 20 times now.


As long as all 3 components[35] of the 3-d coordinates representing the current location of any particle are smaller than the capacity of the computer to handle such a number[36], God’s program can handle it. If these locations get really far out, a bigger computer will be needed[37].





And so, as long as the range of the Universe is kept below a certain maximum size limit, a computer of reasonable capacity can handle it all.



Please stop beating that dead horse.



So, you get it, right?




42.4Q: How is time represented?



A: Inside the virtual Universe, the continuous changing of the locations in the list of VP’s represents TIME.


To make it easy, lets assume that God’s program just goes through the entire list making the calculations for each VP and then changes the entire list all at once (there are “technical” reasons for this[38]). Lets call this set of calculations a “state transition”.


Looking at it like a game of chess, the game is broken down into sequence of moves. In each of these moves, all of the pieces are moved at the same time, even if it involves more than one piece.



By making the calculations for every particle in the list and then moving them all at the same time, the entire Universe also plays out in a set of discrete moves (I call a series of them a SEQUENCE) just like a game of chess. Let’s call each new step in the sequence a TICK; implying it is a TICK of “Universe time”.

Just as a chess game starts at the first move and proceeds on, the Universe started out at tick 0 and still keeps on tickin’.


TIME is based upon MOTION, and I describe exactly how time and motion work to move particles around in God’s program in the simple example named “M7P1DOU” in my book “Big Bang Formation of Matter”.


And your next question is…

42.5Q: How is motion represented?




A: (Knew it). God’s program works by moving the particles around the virtual Universe simply by changing the represented locations of the particles from one sequential step to the next.




For example:


List of Virtual Particles at Tick 0 (the start of the Big Bang)


Current Location










Lets say the above List of Virtual Particles represents “the state of the Universe at the very first moment of the big bang”. God’s program needs to go through the list and for each particle, calculate the next position and “move it” there (by virtue of assigning the particle to the new location).



List of Virtual Particles at Tick 1 (the first moment in time)


Current Location











When it’s all done with tick 1, God’s program just needs to do it again for the next tick of time.


List of Virtual Particles at Tick 2 (the second moment in time)


Current Location















What is a bit complex is how God’s program decides WHERE to move each particle to. For example, it looks at the distances between particles and makes decisions based upon them.


We’ll obviously get into that later in some lengthy discussions below on what I’m calling the “algorithms of motion used in God’s programs”. These programming algorithms implement the entire universe and all of its complexity. Do you think they are complex? It’s amazing, but no… they are as simple as possible in many ways.



But here is the cool part, and no jive; this one is REALLY COOL:



It makes these decisions based ONLY upon the CURRENT STATE of the Universe. It only looks at the CURRENT STATE of each particle, and its CURRENT RELATIONSHIP WITH ALL THE OTHER PARTICLES to make these decisions.



As such, the program is very simple… it just keeps jumping from state to state, and doesn’t need to store any other information in it, other than the list of VPs.








Additionally, it can be started up in any state at all, and it will just continue to run from there… just like playing a game of craps where “the dice have no memory”, the equations that operate the Universe require no recall of past states.





Even the process of matter acceleration, considering only one particle at a time, and when broken down into a sequence of advancing time steps, requires no memory… we only need to know a VP’s current velocity and add to it the outside forces (that become apparent, all within the same step) to calculate its next position.



Right here is FINALLY, a great example of “RIGHT-Way Science”: The placement of the individual particles made the collective of matter accelerate according to the equations… at last, the horse PULLED the cart!







And now, the ultra-cool part… emergence; an obvious example:




If these outside forces cause the particle to move in a parabolic manner exemplifying the principles of force and acceleration within a gravitational field, SO BE IT… but if you notice… ACCELERATION WAS NOT PROGRAMMED IN!!!




In fact, none of the advanced laws of the motion of physics are programmed in. And obviously, nothing more advanced is programmed in either… it simply is what it is and all of the complexity (for example, the behavior of acceleration), arises implicitly from it… it EMERGES.





Is this incredible or what? Here it comes…


That CREEPY feeling again…


Yes, it’s true…





This means that the entire operation of the universe, from its atomic structures to its chemical bonds, from its physical properties to its physical motions, from its beginning to its end, all can be explained by one SIMPLE equation called God’s program.






This also explains why I don’t need a degree in particle physics to discuss these matters… particle physics also emerges implicitly from the simple formula along with cosmology, chemistry and everything else.



Pretty cool, eh? Told yaz!





Oh, by the way, you religious guys:


This gives God the capability to perform miracles… he could simply change stuff[41] and let the run resume, and these changes will appear to occur seamlessly within the virtual Universe.






Ho boy. First of all, I CONTROL THE FONTS. OK? Next, ALL RIGHT, I will give you credit for making an important distinction… that a “MIRACLE” of God is something that DOES NOT happen naturally. It’s something that abruptly went against a LAW OF NATURE. OK, LETS STICK WITH THIS DEFINITION.


Remember I said, “I’m not religious, either”? Remember I made a distinction between faith in God and Faith in a religion? I’m just wondering… have any miracles ever been “documented” that didn’t somehow help the religion that proclaimed them?


Your point is?


Every “miracle” that ever “happened” was recorded in manuscripts of faith that represent a particular religion, right?  And, every miracle also benefited said religion, right? And the “miracles” that were proclaimed by all other religions never took place (or did so because YOUR God wanted it), right? And these same sets of statements apply to each and every religion, right?


Now hold on, I won’t be insulted, you promised you would not blaspheme.


Well, if you truly believe in your religion then every statement in the paragraph is true, RIGHT???


OK, I suppose so, but your making my religion sound negative, or at least stupid.


Fear not, oh ye of faith and religion. I will show you that God’s creation is BRILLIANT! Lets address this later… we’ve gone way off the topic of MOTION.




42.6Q: How is Matter represented?




A: In case you didn’t glean it from the above discussions and charts, when two virtual particles are in different locations, this establishes a spatial relationship within virtual space.



List of Virtual Particles at Tick 1 (the first moment in time)


Current Location










To VISUALIZE exactly how this works, follow the simple example named “M7P1DOU”, in my book “Big Bang Formation of Matter”. It is clear and simple and plain as day.


It doesn’t take much imagination to see how it all works from here, right? Various spatial configurations represent “GEOMETRIC ARANGEMENTS” of particles, and these arrangements function as MATTER within the virtual Universe. See the appendix on this, below tilted “The shapes of the building blocks”.


42.7Q: Please Explain the Details…


How does matter form? Where does MASS come form? How is ENERGY represented? How do you account for HEAT, RADIATION, MAGNITISM and ELECTRO-STATIC FLOW? How do you account for Einstein’s equations of relativity?



A: THIS BOOK IS WRITTEN FOR RELIGIOUS PEOPLE. Most religions require TRUST and FAITH in the God and the written words of the religions. However, you will not have to trust me, I will prove my end scientifically, and if you are scientific, you will believe me.

So you keep saying.

Are you ready? It’s simple. For absolute scientific proof, just read my FREE book “Big Bang Formation of Matter” and test out the computer program I wrote called “Octopus 2”. I wrote that book specifically for people who don’t want to mix science and religion… it’s strictly scientific.




If you don’t feel like reading that entire 200-page book, I UNDERSTAND.


But since I wrote it, and since it’s free of charge anyway, I don’t mind stealing some thunder from it, and spilling the beans RIGHT HERE AND NOW!


But first, I just need to explain two more things to convince you that it is possible for us to virtually exist within a virtual Universe. As soon as you grasp the concepts of TIME FRAMES and WORD SIZE, understanding my book’s concepts are a snap, and then, I’m including a concise summary of the book right here!!!



To demonstrate how TIME FRAMES work, I wrote an excessively lengthy and painfully repetitious set of chapters titled “Time Frames; Beating a Horse AND a Pony to Death” in “Big Bang Formation of Matter”.


Since I feel it’s crucial to your understanding and believing in virtual reality, I went ahead and extracted these chapters into AN APPENDIX, BELOW. If you really want to understand and believe in virtual reality, please read it!


The other chapter I feel is crucial called “Computer Word Size” is also extracted into an appendix below, please read it!







HERE IS A CONCISE SUMMARY OF “Big Bang Formation of Matter”






42.8Q: It’s hard to believe that evolution alone was responsible for creating life on Earth. How can this realistically be explained?




A: I fully agree!!! Have you ever heard the term “Intelligent Design”[43]?


I have thoroughly addressed this issue in chapters in another one of my books titled “Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus[44] named “Implicit Tendencies”, “God’s Toolbox”, and “Convergent Evolution”.


It actually is not all that hard for God to create the Universe and to create life because most of the pieces fall into place all on their own, due to MATHEMATICAL OPTIMIZATIONS.


I call these implicit tendencies, for example, the shape of stars and planets being spheres; that is a shape that IMPLCITLY gets formed because of the mathematical optimizations taking place on all of the component pieces by gravity. There are many other examples of shapes that implicitly form due to the optimizations… spirals, parabolas, cubes; the list goes on and on.


I call these tendencies “God’s Toolbox”; a set of shape-forming optimizations that implicitly occur all by themselves that God can use to help him create the Universe.


Please see the appendix: “Steps Toward Creating The Masterpiece”.



Of course, the other “Tool” God can use is the capability of perfect reproducibility. In other words, God has all the time he needs to make our Universe run exactly the way he wants it to. None of this is magic. It’s all just pure math and logic.


42.9Q: Can we elaborate upon “Intelligent Design”?




A: It figures that religious readers would focus on this topic. But I’ll answer this question by referring to our atheist friends... it’s a very important consideration for everyone!


Note: If you’re an atheist, you must be wondering about my use of the term intelligent design and scoffing at the idea. Truthfully, I don’t blame you; I used the term intelligent design mostly for the benefit and comfort of our friendly religious readers.




All right now, I’m sure that many of you have heard modern scientists make very recent comments to the effect that our Universe MUST HAVE BEEN OPTIMIZED in order to have been created. In case you haven’t, here’s the scoop:



  1. Scientists have recently calculated how much matter and energy was involved during the first few moments of the big bang according to our re-construction of the process (as described above).


  1. They took these numbers and tried to make computer simulations of the big bang in super-computers.


  1. They discovered that the amounts and ratios of matter and energies needed to be FINELY TUNED in order for the Universe to form in the sequence of steps it is believed to have gone through (as described above).


  1. This new discovery has sparked a new debate, and has actually led several scientists into believing that God MUST exist, otherwise the U. probably wouldn’t have had the “right stuff” to be created in the first place.


  1. Earlier this year (2011), Steven Hawking responded to this by making the statement that “The Universe didn’t NEED God to be Created”, as discussed in a previous chapter. Steven surmised that if the U. didn’t have the “right stuff” it just wouldn’t have been created, but since it was created, it simply happened to have the “right stuff” as a simple possibility, and God wasn’t really necessary. Note that he didn’t say there was no God, just that we may have hit the lucky combo on our own… but try telling that to an angry mob!

    Talk about opening up a can of worms… STEVE… you ANIMAL! You are a man who speaks your mind. Volumes! BRAVO!!!



  1. Anyway, since this debate began, a whole new way of looking at the Universe itself has evolved (no pun intended). This new approach suggests that there can be many, many different FORMULAS to create the Universe. Of all of theses, they theorize that only a small percentage of them actually “Survive”[45], thus sparking off the debates.

    The implication is that the Universe itself is like a living species, subject to the same rules of survival-of-the-fittest as a fat dude walking through a cage of starved lions.



  1. Of course, many other debates were sparked off, and we quickly heard from our pals in the college of wrong-way science, who came up with the idea of “Multi-Verses”, which are supposedly multiple, concurrently existing Universes located off in “OTHER DIMENSIONS”, as proven by 200 pound stacks of infinity-based (bullshit) math formulas.

    And once again, they “Hijacked” the conversations trying to convince whoever will listen about things they will never see. Frickin’ analog losers. They now hold the common consensus, believe it or not!


  1. Ignoring the new “Multi-Verse” suppositions, and focusing on the discussions at hand, the Universe appears to be subject to the process of natural selection.



Now hold on just a darn second. Talk about “focusing on the discussions at hand”! WHAT DOES THIS HAVE TO DO WITH ATHEISTS AND INTELLIGENT DESIGN???



Hey! It’s nice to see you’re really paying close attention. I owe you some more Pepsi and chow!


To a religious person, or to any person of faith for that matter, these discussions must seem a bit disturbing.



OK, YES, SO WHAT IS THE “Frickin” (as you said) POINT?



SIMPLE: The requirement for fine-tuning supports my supposition that God used a trial-and-error approach to create the U. The “Odds are now with me” that he had to perform a bunch of “Titration” on his numbers in order to get it to work (“Survive”) at all.



And if he did use a “trial-and-error” method to create the Universe, then, yea, he could have also taken the time to design life on Earth… I believe that exactly fits the definition of “Intelligent Design”, don’t you?



Wow! Hey, what about our “friendly” atheists?



I’m GLAD you asked me that, but you might not like what you hear. (The atheists perk right up….).


In order to keep this Q and A session on track, let’s defer these issues for now, and have some meat and potatoes with gravy, as promised.




Later, we can look at an appendix containing a letter I wrote to Raymond Kurzweil, and then we’ll kick off a really deep discussion and address our Atheist friends. Athiests… you won’t want to miss this one!


Look for the chapter named “Completing Intelligent Design for Atheists: God-Made vs. God-Less”. EVERYONE MUST READ IT.


No I did NOT forget the Pepsi.




Hey yo’, faithfully religious:      


Your attentiveness earned your dinner, so while you dine, you review…



Me review? OK, Well…


·        We touched upon concepts of multiple possible formulas for the Universe…


·        We discussed Multi-Verses for some unexplained reason…


·        Marty gave “kudos” to a guy who said God isn’t needed, and then he went on a big rant criticizing the currently accepted Multi-Verse theories.


·        Marty only gave us a piece of the story…


·        Now we “have to” read some letter he wrote to some other Atheist, and then we’re supposed to explain the missing part to a bunch of more Atheist readers…


·        But then Marty warned that the faithful among us might not like what we hear…


·        And when he really got us interested, Marty said “we’ll address it later”.



Is that about it, oh grand slinger of radical words and flinger of discs?



YES.        But why do you mock me, my child?






Grrr. This always happens to me… Everyone back to Q + A!



42.10                        Q: Can we account for the complexities of the human brain?




A: Yes! Also described in “Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus”, the human brain is simply a physical computing structure!


It works exactly like an adding machine… THE PHYSICAL STRUCTURE of the human brain has registers, accumulators, stacks, etc., ALL WIRED INTO OUR NEUROLOGICAL CIRCUITS, just like a real computer.


Beyond believing that the human brain evolved[47] from lower and lower forms of animals, there is really nothing special about it!


The only thing seemingly unique about it is the fact that human brain tissues is made up of the very same VIRTUAL MATERIAL that the rest of the U. is made from. And then, only if you’re some kind of computer GEEK (like me), you can find a special significance here[48]; otherwise, the brain is simply a fancy computer, and that’s all there is to it.


As long as were on the subject, lets describe the HUMAN MIND. It is simply the state of all the neural connections in our brain tissue present at any given time. Period. And this means that when we die, our mind dies too.




I believe there is also something called the HUMAN SOUL! Good thing, I might have lost half my audience! Let’s discuss souls, life-after-death, re-incarnation and other related topics separately, later. COOL?






43   Completing Intelligent Design for Atheists: God-Made vs. God-Less



We previously stated that the new studies revealing that the Universe needs to be highly tuned in order to “survive” help prove my suppositions that God used a trial-and-error approach to creating the Universe.


We left Atheists with an incomplete answer, encouraged everyone (especially Atheists) to read this chapter, and warned everyone that some might not like hearing these answers.


All right, in a letter I wrote to Raymond Kurzweil, I expressed some of my suppositions about Universes and their definitions and creations by computer programmers and also by other means.


EVERYBODY READ THIS LETTER RIGHT NOW, and then we’ll discuss it.






43.2Topics of Discussions:


Ok, I’ll assumed you all were good little students and read the letter. Pretty scary stuff, wouldn’t you say?


It brushed upon those new-fangled Multi-Verses, and reasoned out why they’re either total bullshit or don’t matter at all. (It was easy; I was reasoning it out with the guy who wrote the bible on virtual reality). No, he didn’t respond to me. Nobody does.


So, anywayyyyyy, it also brushed upon the concept of emergence and the emergence of consciousness, and how THAT also re-enforces our beliefs in virtual reality.



But the main purpose of having everyone read it is to describe how this same technology I speak of possibly could exist and operate in a completely God-less environment, simply because the equation running our Universe can POSSIBLY exist.


Obviously, Intelligent Design is not possible without God. And so, this chapter will now act as a focal point for debates over whether our Universe was God-Made or is God-Less.


Like everything in this paper, these debates are approached from a scientific point of view.


Thanks for reminding me of this for the thousandth time.







In my book “Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus”, I refer to this as a “WAVE”:


A godless equation that executes itself, because it exists and therefore it can and does insatiate all of its possibilities.


Now, this is NOT the same as the discussions we had before involving Steven Hawking. That was cookies and milk.


This is on a whole other level, way, WAY down in a scary dungeon that I actually dread worse than anything else that can possible happen to me. It gives me chills just to think about it.


Give me 10 minutes to explain why, and you will understand that the creation of a full-blown universe can result from nothing. And, IT CAN GET WORSE FROM THERE!


43.4Self-Generating Waves: Dread on Wheels


First, let me just remind you that everything I’m suggesting here has already been mathematically proven by acclaimed researchers for many years.


Being, Marty, though, I have a COMPLETELY different spin on it.







But, hey, its still scary any way you look at it! You have been warned.



Ho boy.



Lets start out with a spinning fan. I got one around here somewhere. As it spins, I can look at it from several different viewing aspects. I can play a game in my head where my eyes become like one of those coordinate-measuring machines with digital readouts. I can see the numbers flash by as the fan spins like I’m “The Terminator” zeroing in on a target.








So I’m getting this “big flow of numbers whooshing by” as the fan spins on.







Fair enough, and I do see where you’re going with all the different viewing aspects.


That’s awful Christian of you.





Lets change gears now, and talk about “God’s program”. I stated that it works as a simple finite series equation. To describe that, let’s pull out our favorite equation,


y = 1 / x







The graph shows the equation  y = 1 / x  as a being both continuous and infinite.




Well, hehehe, it goes without saying that if any real number value can be used, the value is unlimited in size…


For Christ’s sake, don’t waste my time!






SERIOUSLY, though, the important thing is the CONTINOUOUS part. Lets only discuss the equation between the values 1 and 5 to sidestep the infinite range issue, which we know we can’t…






If the x values in this equation were limited to INTEGERS, it would look a lot different. The graph would only have a set of POINTS on it; each one located exactly where the black line crosses a vertical blue line in the graph above.


The equation becomes a FINITE series equation. Now (and only now), it can be RENDERED as a COMPUTER algorithm:


For Counter = 1 to 5, LOOP:


y = 1 / Counter


Print y


End Loop


The reason a CONTINUOUS function can’t be rendered as a computer program? An infinite number of loops would be required to achieve infinitesimal precision in the measurements.


We have been over this whole thing before. Aren’t you stretching this “Infinity” thing a bit far?


Ha-ha, I get it. Next, lets go ahead and PLUG the FAN into the equation. In other words, lets take the “big flow of numbers whooshing by” and use those as input to our equation.


WHAT??? How ya’ gonna do that without magic? How do you connect the two?



It’s already done. The fan IS MOVING AROUND. Remember the section on calculations and calculators titled “Virtual Computing”? If not, read it now.


What it means is this: Any physical motion can be INTERPRETED as a PHYSICAL COMPUTATION exactly like moving a bead down an abacus is a physical computation.


So when the fan spins, it can be interpreted as a series of computations. Are you with me?


Just barely. This sounds like some “theory of computing” BS you thought you learned back in the 80’s. Right?


No. Next, let me explain what really happens inside the memory of a running computer. An array of physical memory locations serves to hold programs and data moving through it. Simply put, its like one, single, big, gigantic number. As the computer operates, the number keeps changing, just like you would expect it to. Still with me?


Yes, and I also see that the number changes in a sequential manner, eh?


Very good. Excellent... hey wait… you’re not getting hungry, are you?


Sushi sounds good.




You are correct about it being a sequentially changing number. All right, back to God’s program. Let’s use Octopus_2 as an example. (See the end-of document references).


First off, it don’t care what kind of hardware it runs on. A spinning fan in the right aspect with the right interpretations of instructions will do just fine.


Next, even in its primitive state, Octopus_2 can generate virtual reality by changing a list of numbers that represent pointers to virtual particles located in a virtual universe. This is demonstrated by the example Universe, M7P1DOU.


Side note: The mass of these virtual particles is identical to the mass of some of the newer “fundamental particles” identified by today’s most respected scientists as REAL. Zero, of course!


Ok, so ANYWAY, the fan spins and we automatically get some motion in a simulated virtual universe. You believe me now, right?


Yes. Continue. This actually is starting to make some sense, in spite of your dry attempts at humor.


Bravo, I think. Next, in my appendix “A Concise summary of Big Bang Formation of Matter”, I describe “God’s program” as being the very simplest possible combination of sequential construction possible. For example:






We just went over how a Universe being run by a simple set of physical changes can result in something much more complex through emergence. It’s all very miraculous up to this point, right?


Yes, I agree.



And now, in the “evolution of Universes” here is where I think a TRUE MIRACLE can occur.



Now yer talking!! This must be where God, our eternal savior, steps in, RIGHT?



WRONG!!! This is where God possibly came from in the first place!




Somewhere deep down in the trillions upon trillions of permutations resulting from countless different formulas of God-Less waves, somewhere inside of a virtually created universe, upon some kind of round substrate that somehow gets a flow of programmatically generated energy feeding it, SYNTHETIC LIFE will emerge.


It will happen for the same reasons it happens right here on earth, under the ocean surface inside of volcanic vents that have no chance of getting enough energy from the sun to form life… because it can!






Basic life will be generated ALL ON ITS OWN. It will then evolve and if it gets enough time and favorable conditions, it will evolve to the point where it’ll be able to think about the universe it lives in. It will become self-aware and wise enough to figure out that it lives in a virtual world. It will know enough to experiment, and it won’t take long for a “Programming God” to emerge.



A nexus of intelligence will have thus emerged, and from then on, creations of universes can occur not just because some random waves can endlessly make them… these universe can be inspired by conscious thought… with a purpose in mind. And by using trial-and-error approaches to universe design and creation, these new “Programming Gods” can unleash creations as elegant as our very own.


It’s not what you expected, is it? It’s not all shrouded in mystery, though… God emerged from pure math, but he CAN be someone of reasonable intelligence who then goes on to perform the work of a caring individual.





Well, I don’t know. This all sounds like bull crap to me.



So, anyway, this is how a conscious God can spring fourth from nothing and create universes that follow his intended plans.



If you say so; I obviously disagree with this, but I will listen. You’re scarring me worse than my preacher.



You better listen, pal.


Let me give everyone a quick heads-up warning right now… y’all had better hope the “nexus of intelligence” has emerged. You had beter hope that our God is someone with a plan. It is our one and only saving grace from eternal hell.



Ho boy.


43.5Riding a Captive Wave… Hell… Worse Than Hell!


My idea of hell directly results from the simple, straightforward, strictly math-based situation called a WAVE, wherein an over-abundance of life is constantly being created from a single formula. In fact, the math says that life will spew fourth implicitly, creating an INFINITE number of identical waves that go on and on and on.


Infinity waves? Yuk! And each of these goes on forever? Double-Yuk!!


There are also some who believe that an infinite number of formulas exist as well.


Infinity TIMES Infinity TIMES Infinity? BARF!


Add to this, my own suppositions that each of these formulas can be run using great numbers of variations in parameters, and I just want to puke. Seriously!






Because, if you think about it, all of that life is MEANINGLESS because there’s no God, no permanence, no memory of past lives being infinitely repeated, no life after death and (worst of all) no reasons for accountability, so its like swimming in a pool a sharks, getting slaughtered, and waking up in the pool as shark bait again and again, forever and ever.



Hell. Worse than hell! For all eternity, on and on and on, it never ends, AND, (here’s the main thing) there is ABSOLUTELY NOTHING AND NOBODY TO STOP IT!!!






43.6A Brand New Meaning to the Term “Grace of God”


Nobody to stop it… this gives us a whole BRAND-NEW meaning to the term “Grace of God”… someone to get us OUT of the endless nightmare!


Oh my dear Atheist friends… A little word of advice for you… TAKE NOTE:


That’s especially scary stuff when you consider what I‘m suggesting about God’s program being simple. If it is simple, and if it operates in the simple sequential looping pattern I’m suggesting, then it can be reduced down to a single finite series equation.



However, without God to pull you out, all I can say is GOOD LUCK, AND ENJOY THE ENDLESS RIDE. Looks to me like your gonna need a bigger boat.





Not to Brag, BUT


I think it’s cool that I can instill the fear of God into an Atheist using only science, technology, logic, and reasoning.




Don’t you?



YES.                  ….          But now you got me terrified and very concerned!


Fear not, like our life here on Earth, THIS CHAPTER WILL END eventually. Let me try to comfort those with faith before it does. OK?





Me too!


43.7Comfort 1: God-Made vs. God-Less… The Bottom Line


Bottom Line: When it comes down to it, this really is the basic question, the most important one, and the one that appears to give meaning to everything we do. 


Remember the “Nexus of intelligence” from the previous chapter… It is the one and only way that allows God to be a conscious entity with a purpose. Without it, there is no purpose, it must really be a God-less wave, and we’re stuck in it forever!


Bottom line is, we had all better hope that a conscious and responsible God created our universe. But how can we know?


Doesn’t this sound like Sunday school… how can we know?


Well, hey, for one thing, if God actually demonstrated miracles for everyone to publicly see, that would be a sure give-a-way. Although this is an obvious point of strong religious argument, still, not even one single miracle has ever occurred that everyone can agree upon! YUK!!


But wait! Don’t give up yet, not because God hasn’t shown himself. I have reasons for this, but that’s another topic of discussion[50].


Meanwhile, lets try to swing the odds in our favor by trying to prove that our universe is following the intentional plan of God.


43.8Comfort 2: The Ducks and Geese


My cousin Rachael asked me why I thought there had to be a God, why it can’t all be “just random”. I told her to look at the ducks.




Next time you’re at the park, if you’re feeling low and questioning the existence of God, JUST LOOK AT THOSE DUCKS! Think about what they’re really doing. Heck, I’m not smart enough to think about digging out a spot in the mud at the perfect level to remain dry, yet be close to the creek. I wouldn’t know how to be vigilant and hiss at passers by while I sit there for weeks incubating my eggs.


I have stated before that we appear to be moving, and that was enough proof to me that finite calculations are being made to a finite number of particles in our Universe.




When I look at the ducks and see they way they raise their young, that also proves to me that God must have tirelessly re-painted this amazing creation we exist in, until he got it right.



Nice art work, G!



I just can’t believe that a Godless Universe could have resulted in the elaborate creation we experience.



Please see the appendix titled “The Ducks and Geese”.




I like this line of reasoning, but it is not very scientific.


43.9Comfort 3: The Programming Team and Project Time Frames


Remember these statements pertaining to the perceived flow of time within the virtual Universe:


  1. These state changes don’t need to be executed all at once in a timely sequence, like you might imagine is required for a running program to do. There can be long gaps between state transitions, even years apart, centuries, it doesn’t really matter.

    From (“My letter to Kurzweil”)


  1. THE SEQUENCE IS ALL THAT MATTERS inside the virtual U. It’s the only thing they can base their time frame upon. Each sequence change appears to have been executed exactly one tick apart, and it appears absolutely fluid and real from with the Inner Universe.

    From (“A Long Day in My Computer Lab”)


  1. God might be a team of programmers, and the program might have been developed over a billions and billions of eons. Once developed, it always runs perfectly. So when I say “He” it could mean anything, but THE PROGRAM always remains. Hey that’s just like the Mona-Lisa!

    From (“Can we elaborate upon “Intelligent Design”?)


These statements mean that the programming of our U. may be the result of countless programmers over eons of time. God’s program might very well be the “Greatest Masterpiece” of all time, where God is a great collaboration of players:


God’s program might have resulted from a vast Programming TEAM, who got to take AS LONG AS THEY NEEDED, eons, if needed, to get the U. to work perfectly right[51].




OK, I’m starting to understand the point. Starting to see how it is possible. But still, this is no proof and no comfort.



43.10                        Comfort 4: SPOT QUIZ: Do you know why this is possible?


Perfect Reproducibility (and that can only happen if the U. is virtual and all measurement is digital), providing trial-and-error testing and development of God’s program?







43.11                        Comfort 5: The Efficiency of Evolution on Earth



Please read the appendix: Steps Toward the Masterpiece.


The point here is the speed at which this marvelous evolution occurred. This is an area I am knowledgeable in.



Note to religious and faithful:


Once again, please roll with it, I’m on your side in this, for Pete’s sake! Play the day-length game or whatever.



If you look at the mechanisms of evolution, they work by statistics. The Giraffe, for example, needs to somehow produce a genetic mutation that makes the beast’s neck grow long. What are the odds of such a mutation occurring? What are the odds of such a mutation occurring AND not negatively impacting the remainder of its functions? What are the odds that it will be able to re-produce?


Not so bad, one might ponder… and THIS is exactly how genetics works.



This is also how an Atheist can easily be convinced of his origins.



Marty disagrees: I am scientific, and I have studied these sciences back in college and have thoroughly considered it. In my opinion, it seems to me that evolution appears to be proceeding at an astonishingly fast rate and with astonishing efficiency as well. Way more than random mutations can account for, I think.






If you count the number of generations of Giraffe that have lived and multiply that by these mutation probabilities, and then if you take a look at a Giraffe, I think its obvious.



Well, I like what you’re saying but your opinions are still no proof.








43.12                        Comfort 6: Implications of God using a trial-and-error approach: Proof of the Existence of God?


If it were somehow proven that the Universe was created using the trail-and-error approach, does this imply there must be recognition of what these tendencies are, and selection of what is desired? If so, the implications are that God MUST exist, and MUST want things to be the way they are, at least during the latest development run.


Also, no divine intervention is required during run-time; in fact, it would introduce chaos[52] into the run.


Hey watch it, you’re implying that my scripture is false. My book says that God does perform miracles. That he actively intervenes!


If God wants to intervene he can. He can do anything he wants to. And he has time to do anything he wants to as well.


However, from a programmer’s aspect, for the purposes of perfect reproducibility, divine intervention actually makes his job MORE difficult. He would have to be listening for prayers and looking for situations that require his help. Then, he would need to change the attribute settings of a few zillion virtual particles to perform his work “seamlessly”[53].


From a programming point of view, however, that would be a miracle. Well, it would be difficult, but not impossible because it would still be a digital execution, and still be 100% repeatable and reproducible.


From an atheist’s point of view, discussions on divine intervention are ironic, because in any case, religion itself is a part of the runtime activities.


But even if you’re not an Atheist, God’s use of this approach might also explain why there is so much pain in the world; maybe this is not the final run. Or maybe it is, but God doesn’t feel our pain. Or maybe he just doesn’t care.




I like to think this is the final run (“God doesn’t play dice”[54]), but some pain is required to establish a pathway to whatever end result he’s interested in.






But the point here gets back to the discussions with Hawking about the PROBABILITY of randomly nailing the right stuff.  Taken in the context of trial-and-error development, it gives me comfort that there is a God and I’m not shark bait.





You talk an awful lot but still offer NO SOLID PROOF. Reading your stupid book doesn’t cut it. You promised me scientific proof.




Note to religious and faithful:


Darn. I must have insulted you by using evolution to prove my point. I honestly thought that even for you, oh religious and faithful, this would have been a very strong argument because it’s rooted in solid science and logic.



Duh! It’s rooted in blasphemy.





43.13                        Comfort 7:  Scientific Reinforcement


This is an attempt to justify my position by using theories based upon “Marty’s simple model of the universe” to resolve some hot scientific issues.


More BS?




I don’t want to sound like an expert in modern physics, but I’m trying to keep up with the newest technologies and theories. What I can glean from these new theories serves to reinforce my beliefs even more than before:

43.13.1The Theory of the Big Bang Sparks Debate:


Marty says:


The big bang occurred simply as the starting state of the U., wherein all of the particles that logically make up the U. were simply all defined to be in the same virtual location when the Universe was started.


Some “wrong-way” scientists have suggested that large amounts of “anti-matter” and “Dark matter” were needed to hold everything in place. In that case, however, where was all of this anti-matter and dark-matter located at the instant of the big bang? Next to St. Peter?


If these were not logical definitions…. if it really was physically done with real physical particles, think of the unreasonable forces and logistics involved.


If you want to go with the current consensus founded upon infinity-based mathematics, let’s examine Hawking’s latest ideas about the creation of a Universe resulting from a black hole in another, previously-existing universe. Basically, he says:


Deep inside of massively black holes, the force of gravity is so powerful that it creates a “rip in the fabric of space and time itself”. This tear somehow becomes a portal into another dimension. From within the other dimension, the tear appears as a point-size object, and this then somehow behaves exactly as a new big bang, thus spawning a new universe.


Marty’s response to this:


Well, first off, the fact that a certain amount of gravitational force can create a tear in anything implies that there must be fixed limits, and therefore a certain amount of “digitization” going on among the infinity-based equations. But hey we already knew that because why else would there be a fixed speed of light if there are no limitations in infinite time-space?

Anyway, Steven’s model is fine for explaining where our universe came from… another universe. OK, Steve, but were did THAT U. come from? If you can’t explain that, then you really aren’t explaining much about ORGINAL creation… like I care if our U. is the first or 10 ka-zillionth in a long succession of ‘em… I want to understand CREATION.


Opps, sorry about the rant. My point here is not to debate if these theories are right or wrong, but rather, to use Steven’s suppositions to allow you to visualize this clearly…


Starting at the big bang of a new Universe, particles and energies in it would begin to expand outward. As time passes, the unfolding of the new Universe from a single, point-size object would follow an exact mathematical model… the inflation.


OK Here’s the point.



Really? Finally? The point? At Last?



If the inflation of the Universe follows a purely mathematical progression, can it be programmed into a computer?



The “World according to Marty” Says so. And  “Perfectly”, too. Right?





I never said a computer could perfectly simulate a mathematical progression like Hawking’s model.




Take our old example y = 1 / x



Let’s calculate the positive area underneath the curve from say, 1 to 5. Seems simple, right? If we ran that using a computer it would NOT come up with the correct answer. IT IS IMPOSSIBLE FOR ANY COMPUTER, regardless of speed or capacity.


Because of the resolution thing, right?



Of course! Ironically, even if we used our entire Universe to construct an ultra-huge computer using every particle as a bit-place holder, it would still come up short.




NO, NO. I just like to rant about infinity. By you understand its digital. Lets go back to the question again…


If the inflation of the Universe follows a purely mathematical progression, can it be programmed into a computer?


We’re getting old. Let Marty answer this one.

Marty says:


We can get really close, but looking beyond the resolution of the computer, a better question is:


If we made a really great digital approximation, would it behave exactly like the real thing?


And again, I’M NOT TALKING RESOLUTION! I’m just asking, as far as functionality… as far as the ability to create matter (or digital matter, or whatever you want to call it)… the ability to go through all of the phases that scientists had stated were “REQUIRED TO QUALIFY for THE RIGHT STUFF”… the ability to then go on and create synthetic life… COULD A DIGITAL RENDITION ACTUALLY WORK??


OK, Sure. Yes.


Did you just get that creepy feeling running down your spine? Yes is correct. Thank you.





HOW FAR OF A STRETCH IS IT TO GO FROM IMPOSSIBLE INFINITY-BASED MATH (moving around a plethora of tiny little balls according to an equation) TO A POSSIBLE AND SIMPLE DIGITAL UNIVERSE (recalculating a list of grid pointers according to an equation)?






Max Tegmark, says “The Universe IS math”. This is what he means.




Not very far out, but not compelling proof either.




43.13.2Recent determinations of the exact size of the U. and the exact mass of the particles it consists of prove its finite size:


Marty says this is more proof of a digital U. consisting of a finite number of logically defined particles.



43.13.3Based upon these size determinations, scientists have very recently determined that the size of the U. is perfectly optimized:


(That any other size would have resulted in no galaxies being formed, given the observed mass and its acceleration).

Marty says this is more proof of the trial-and-error method God used to create the U.


43.13.4In these recent size determination discussions, scientists often speak about “other Universes”:


(Sometimes using theoretical comparisons, but also sometimes vaguely suggesting the possibility that they can exist concurrently within and/or along side of our U).

Marty says these other Universes DO NOT exists somewhere off neither in the deep regions of space of our Universe, nor in some kind of parallel dimensions to our own, as these discussions indicate.


But they CAN exist in my simple model of inner and outer Universes.



43.13.5They have determined that our Universe is 13.8 billion years old, and so, at most, it should be no larger than 27.6 billion light years in diameter, and yet, it is observed to be a lot bigger:


(Implying that the laws of relativity were somehow “bent” as the Universe was being created.)

Marty says this is explained and expected in my simple model of the U. by the rules of cohabitation of particles being moved by what I call “Nuclear Forces”.


43.13.6 E = MC WHAT ???


(Taken from “Big Bang Formation of Matter”)                  The “Accepted” Mechanisms for E=MC² are Wack:


Just an aside here, nobody is really saying exactly where mass suddenly comes from when fundamental particles (like quarks) join up. Of course I’m aware of E=MC² but it doesn’t make any sense in the context it’s presented in.


In reverse (converting matter INTO energy), is the energy stored within an atom, and released in a stationary position? Or is the energy somehow released by virtue of its relative speed, as the equation implies?


That’s how they describe nuclear reactions … they say the energy results from the sudden acceleration of matter, causing a partial gradient in speeds which the equation then neatly fills as energy being released.


They say partial, because theoretically it would take an infinite amount of energy to actually accelerate even the tiniest bit of matter to the speed of light, so they start talking about partial speeds and what happens as we approach the speed of light.


But then I got to ask, where does light come from if it takes an infinite amount of energy to make it?? And just exactly where is generated light turned back into matter? And how?


I am not disputing this theory, as far as being useful for calculating approximations of how much energy you can get from one pound of matter. I am, however, suggesting that the mechanisms they ponder upon are both ridiculous and inconsistent.



I say the real mechanism working here is the co-occupation of particles, resulting in the use of the NUCLEAR power rule of motion… the first priority in the algorithms that move matter around in the Universe.


In other words, there is no magic conversion between matter and energy as the equation suggests. They are separate and for the most part, unrelated entities.                  E=MC² in The Big Bang? Nope.


Scientists now believe that matter came into existence from a point size object, and thus they also need to insist that it had to be accompanied by a “near-infinite” amount of energy at the same time in order to create mass according to E=MC².


My thing: They accept the concept that matter came from nothing, so why can’t they consider that as matter was created from nothing, its motion and its mass created energy as well? In other words, ENERGY was not added to the point-size object from whence the Universe sprang, it was an implicit side effect of the digital computational process of creating matter.


This digital computation process is described as occurring entirely during tick 2, and TRUST ME, it’s a LOT simpler than “squeezing a near-infinite amount of energy into an infinitely small area”.



I am stating it all simply!! There is no separate category for energy contained within our U. at all.


In my description of fusion and creation of atoms, I say, they simply become real by virtue of the algorithm assigning them mass. When the algorithm moves the mass around, there’s your energy, and that’s all there is to it.



Isn’t that a lot simpler?


But, you ask, how do nuclear reactors work if they don’t work by E=MC² ??                  E=MC² in Nuclear Reactions? Nope.


I believe they work by compressing the fuel components into such a small space at such a high temperature, that some of the plasma components (some of the VPs) become “forced”[55] into shared co-occupation of locations. In the very next tick of time, the algorithms that run God’s program consider this as top priority, and unleash the NUCLEAR power rule… KA-BOOM!!! In nuclear bombs this occurs very quickly. I nuclear reactors, thus occurs much more slowly.                  E=MC² in Star Shine? Nope.


I also believe that this same mechanism is also responsible for making Stars “Shine”. When a star obtains a certain mass by virtue of collecting and concentrating enough matter via gravitational attraction, it “lights up”. I’m suggesting that this occurs because the amount of pressure at the center of a star becomes so great, it “melts” matter into plasma, and some of this gets “forced” into shared co-occupation of locations, and subsequently unleashed per the NUCLEAR power rule.                  E=MC² in Slower Nuclear Reactions? Nope.


I believe that slower nuclear reactions also occur in a similar manner, however, the co-occupation occurs as a random chance of MUCH lesser probability than, say, glob of plasma; it occurs at a mathematical rate of decay, which IS an appropriate term for this behavior.


Let me turn the tables and ask how do THOSE slow reactions occur without any acceleration going on, as E=MC² requires for making energy???


Again, I believe that there is absolutely no conversion between matter and energy via E=MC² whatsoever. Sorry Albert. Once again, the equation is excellent for making theoretical calculations.                  E=MC² in Super-Colliders? Nope.


One last consideration is what happens is a super-collider? I believe that there is enough momentum to “force” co-occupation, however, without being able to contain the glob of plasma under massive amounts of pressure, the occurrences of co-occupation are minimal because they’re fleeting from moment to moment (from tick to tick).




43.13.7String theory implies an intrinsic connectivity between particles:


Marty says this behavior can be explained as sets of computer functions that determine the next positions that particles assume (in other words, its God’s program at work).

String theory is yet another example of science inventing stuff to explain what they observe watching matter move.


43.13.8Dark energy is something that was recently invented to explain why the outer regions of our Universe seem to be accelerating away from the center:


Marty says this is also explained by my contentions that particles in our Universe are being driven by a computer program, not by “forces and energies” which are invented to explain what we see. Yet again, this is another example of scientists inventing something to explain what they observe.

This specific example is explained in great detail in “Big Bang Formation of Matter”. The law of gravity directly explains this behavior, but only when it is constrained to finite limitations of resolution (as it must be in a finite Universe).

When a galaxy drifts away from the center of the U., when a certain pre-defined distance is reached, the gravitational effects of the rest of the Universe are suddenly “no longer considered”. The result is the galaxy “breaking away” (ACCELERATING) from the rest of the U., exactly as it is observed.


43.13.9The new Standing Wave Motion (SWM) theory of matter and space


Examining the new theories of Standing Particle-Wave relations, we notice that the UNIFYING theory only works when the wave is a standing wave... one in which the amplitude = the frequency, also known as a square wave. Well, duh, in a digital grid, EVERYTHING IS SQUARE!



This is a new theory that supposedly provides continuity between Classical physics, Relativity, and Quantum mechanics. This bold new theory describes the Universe as being composed only of space and a set of standing circular shaped waves being propagated through it. In other words, there is no matter whatsoever, only waves within space. The theory describes the appearance of particles as illusions that these perceived particles are really the peaks of these circular shaped waves.

The math used to prove it really does work they join equations from these 3 separate theories by using a nifty trick:

1.      From Quantum mechanics, they start with equations that predict the general behavior of waves.


2.      They then restrict the types of waves these equations could be apply to, to only a unique type of wave waves in which the amplitude equals the frequency. These are also known as square waves because of their shape.


3.      Working the math around, where Frequency = Amplitude, they directly plug the terms of this equation into the left side of Einsteins second law of relativity.

Once they establish these equations, they state that what we perceive to be particles are really these waves in space. Once they establish THAT, they THEN have a hook to work with. The hook lets them make statements like all matter is affected by all other matter, even from one side of the Universe to the other these waves are what gives the appearance that there is matter in the first place, and what connects them everywhere, and the transmission of radio waves and light through space occurs over these inter-connecting waves.

But from what I can tell, their argument falls apart because in the theory, the waves are infinitely long, and yet vibrate at finite speeds, so how can anything move? They also dont even try to embrace cosmic considerations like astronomy observations, so it’s like theyre simply trying to ignore it and hope that itll go away

Still, I think their work has merit. In fact, I think it proves my theories in yet another way!

I have always insisted that the behavior of the Universe appears to follow a purely mathematical formula. But if it starts out as a purely digital implementation designed to approximate these EXACT SAME formulas, it really would appear to be derived from a theoretically possible continuous Universe which somehow exactly follows them. It’s all the same so WHY does it NEED to be continuous and infinite? Because nobody can visualize it? Because nobody wants to believe it?

The proponents of SWM only came up with it to explain what we observe the effect of gravity is instantaneous across the entire universe.  HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE WITHOUT A VIRTUAL IMPLEMENTATION? I mean, if it were a virtual implementation, the computer can move digital representations of matter any way it wants to. But if it isnt, then how can it be done?

OK, the reason I think it proves what I’m suggesting is this: In my implementations of wave patterns, I simply describe them as a potential for flow, zigzagging through the digital grid itself as a conduit.


The thing is, if you just look at a digital grid, you will immediately notice that it’s composed of a set of cubes. As such, any zigzagging flow through such a conduit WILL OCCUR WITH SQURE WAVES… the amplitude equals the frequency because the grid itself is all at right angles!!!


And again, I repeat myself… although the OBSERVED BEHAVIOR leads us to believe that the behavior is purely mathematical in nature, I say these derived formulas are the result of the behavior, the same way a set of square cubes will approximate the action of a round ball after 10,000 throws.


The creators of the SWM theory are simply extending the same theories deduced for the behavior of matter by previous theorists for hundreds of years… it’s based upon modeling the observed behavior.



This is the point when reality ends and theoretical math begins

43.13.10                    Hawking Radiation

Hawkings latest concessions that a black hole may create big bang was discussed above.

Scientists have long agreed that matter and energy seems to get directed into a black hole, and once in its grips, cannot escape its gravitational force.

Steven has recently conceded and would now like to collaborate with another scientist who claims that a black hole is a tear in the fabric of space through which all matter and energy is shot into an cone-shaped concentration, through which a big-bang is created.

What a load of shit!!

Hawking matter is due to digital truncation of the positives he thinks escape the black hole. If they want to look at it like Einstein, with a curve in space around the black hole, it appears as an asymptote pulling on the fabric of space, but it IS NOT and infinitely deep pit; it has a finite depth and capacity, and what the pit cant hold, that is where the excess radiation flows from, and where Hawking radiation comes from. Even a mathematical model of this would actually present a 3-d asymptote, which would have finite capacity. Then they say, The fabric of space is TORN? What in the hell does that mean? Think about it It can really only mean one thing, something obviously beyond the morons who dreamed up the term torn fabric of space”… in a digital implementation, there ARE LIMITS for resolution, granularity, speed, duration, and location. In a digital implementation, the term fabric of space has meaning; it is the location assigned the each particle relative to the center of the Universe. Because a digital implementation must have a finite granularity, these locations must be described as INTEGER numbers, and because of this, the entire Universe must be composed of (or must exist within) a grid a matrix shaped framework in which the particles appear to move. Only in a digital implementation does the term torn fabric of space have any meaning; at the edge of these finite limits, calculation results must change this is the edge between reality and fantasy (infinity) as described above.

If there is only ONE black hole in the entire Universe, then, OK, it CAN follow Hawkings model, and it also roughly follows my Fountain model.



43.13.11                    The recent discovery of concurrent activity of particles separated by space known as “quantum entanglement”:


Please research this term and also learn what the “Double Slit Experiment” is and how it seems to be affected when being observed.

Marty explains this by the behavior of “digital radiation”, as described in “Big Bang Formation of Matter”. Please see it for diagrams demonstrating the propagation of digital radiation.

Marty contends that a “digital photon” propagates through the digital medium of space by splitting up into multiple pathways in order to spread out evenly and everywhere in 3-d space.

Marty contends that the life of a digital photon begins as a “radiation event” that initiates this propagation. Marty then explains that the double-slit experiment works SIMPLY because the observed “photonS” that behave concurrently are really only one photon who’s pathway has been split in order to propagate it through the grid. Same photon… concurrent behavior.

Marty also contends that a digital photon’s life can be terminated if it happens to cross the path of a chunk of matter. And when this happens, it also terminates all of the photon’s extending branches, all at the same instant. Again… same photon… concurrent behavior.

Marty also contends that the phenomenon of “destructive observance” is also explained by the concurrent termination of all of the photon’s extending branches, all at the same instant. In this case, one of the points of observance is located somewhere in this branching pathway, but this is not obvious to anyone because nobody considered splitting the same photon into multiple branches in order to implement propagation (except Marty)!



43.13.12                    Brand new, the observance of “Universal flow”:”


(That some regions of the Universe seen to be flowing off in a certain direction, unlike the rest of the Universe which seems to have a consistent flow of separation.)

Marty explains this phenomena by 2 simple considerations:

First, galaxies approaching the outer regions of the U. “break away” from the rest of the U. as described above (in response to “dark energy”).

Second, if OUR galaxy is located in between the center and an outer edge, then if we look off in the direction of that outer edge, we see the “breakaway galaxies” accelerating off in their own direction for that corner of the Universe… this appears as “Universal flow”, unlike the contemporary explanations, which seem really stupid to me… that ALTERNATIVE UNIVERSES ARE PULLING ON CERTAIN REGIONS OF OUR UNIVERSE. What a load of HORSE SHIT!






I could go on and on explaining every new theory of science with “Marty’s simple model of the universe”. It all makes perfect sense.


One word of advice: don’t break your arm patting yourself on the back.


OK, I won’t…“CROSS” my heart.





43.14                        Comfort 8: Spiritual Reinforcement - 1 Last Burning Issue


So much for modern science, but in addition, my theories about the Universe and about the mind and soul are also the only way to deal with one issue:


43.14.1 Where is God, anyway?


In the wind? In the trees? In the sky? Oh, he’s just a spirit and doesn’t really exist “as we know it”? Don’t gimme a crock load of crap about this, REMEMBER, THIS IS A REALISTIC EXPLANATION!


If there is no outer U., then where was God while the Big Bang took place? If all particles in the U. were in a super-concentrated heap of physical matter where could God have hidden from these unimaginable forces?


A SOLID answer is needed here. Where does he actually live right now?


If God is a part of the “real world” (the inner U.), then how could he create and manipulate it, if he’s bound by the same laws of physics we’re all are bound to. If he’s a part of the “real world”, but not bound by these same laws of physics, HOW IS IT DONE, REALLY? If his work is manifested as some kind of a spirit, then WHERE DOES HIS SPIRIT LIVE?


The religious concept of heaven, when approached from a scientific point of view, is vaguely like modern science’s concepts of “other Universes”. In my simple model of the U., the outer U. is separate but God can control our inner U. from it, and that is exactly where he really lives, works and plays.


Only in Marty’s simple model of the U., does God ACTUALLY have a place to chill!


[56]   [57]








I’m actually convinced because I am person of faith. But still, you promised me a scientific proof.



Hey, if you have faith, then how’s about a little faith that God can have done it so smart, he didn’t need any intervening? Or, how’s about he and 10 gazillion other coders worked it all out over eons of trial and error testing?  Maybe those “Predecessor Gods” actually did bother to listen to prayers, one at a time, and already made whatever changes were required to answer them in subsequent runs.


I mean, how do you know this ain’t the final run?


Because it doesn’t SEEM perfect to you? Why not?



NO MORE BULLSHIT. Give me some PROOF. This is your final warning.




Note... these need to be expanded here, but everything is fully explained in “Big Bang Formation of Matter”…


  1. Clumping shapes, proof of digital truncation.


  1. “5-second rules”, blinking, etc… absolute proof of universal connectivity.


  1. Bolt studies… Proof by examination of bolts of electricity.


  1. Proof by agreement of parameters. This is huge.


  1. New way to calc the count of VPs in the Universe:

    During tick 1, when filling up space with VPs, the speed of light is not considered. In 1-dimension, if the count of VPs in the list is high enough such that any PrimeDentities exceed the speed of light (expressed as max locations per tick), the expansion will have “defied the speed of light”. The furthest particle will be “hurled” out to its PimeDentity location. In multi-dimensional universes, it gets flung to PimeDentity / dimension count due to filling in the extra dimensions.

    So, take the expected size of the U by age, divide it into the actual observed, we get a ratio. Take that ratio as proportional to ratio of VPs to max speed count…. We should arrive at the count of VPs in the Universe.



  1. Start a nuclear reaction along side of a light event and time THAT… bet the nuke wins!!! (This proves my suppositions of how the Nuclear Force rule works).



  1. The final proof… create God’s program, create digital hydrogen, blow up the digital Universe, and see if it stings.







44   Completing God’s Assignment: Creating the Mona Lisa


If you understand what I’m proposing here you now know that really is possible to programmatically create the Universe, to get it to run as it does, and to even create “synthetic life” on Earth.


44.1But seriously… the Mona Lisa?


I say that God used these optimizing tools to create the U., and then used the capability of perfect reproducibility to hone the Universe into exactly what wanted it to look and behave like, and that is how he made the Mona Lisa.


Well, Ok, I’ll admit it… creating Mona seems to be a really hard one to figure out exactly how to do…


But let me ask you this; if this is a digital Universe created by a computer programmer, which of these 2 scenarios is more realistic…


  1. He’s so smart, he can envision what he wants the Mona Lisa to look like, and then he creates the big bang using an extremely complex formula that will exactly and precisely create Mona after simulating 13.8 billion years of sequential numeric processing, without needing any intervention, interruptions or re-directions. And, he nails it on his very first try. (Wow!)


  1. He’s a realistic person with realistic intelligence who can write some simple code, and then observe what pops out after simulating 13.8 billion years of processing.


That second scenario programmer dude wouldn’t even have to know what to expect; Mona popping out would be a nice surprise.


44.2And now, finally at last, the $10,000,000,000,000,000.00 question…





If he did have an idea of what he wanted Mona to look like, and if he just kept trying a bunch of formulas and parameters,


would it be impossible or possible?


“Possible.” [58]



UmmmHuummmm… thought so!









For you die-hard atheists out there, these tools work all on their own, and the Mona Lisa popped out as it did because that’s the way our Universe is destined to run upon the formula being implicitly implemented to do so.


She’s beautiful in either case!



45   What it Means to You and Your Religion


If you believe them, my explanations explain EVERYTHING, FULLY, COMPLETELY, and 100 % scientifically.


At this point, rather than dwell upon the science I’m proposing, let’s talk about what it means, as far as YOU and YOUR RELIGION go…


If you look at what I’m proposing about our Universe, you understand that once it’s all designed, it pretty much RUNS ALL BY ITSELF. God can sit back and run it, and the Mona Lisa will “pop out” every time.


And now, perhaps, you can understand what I was talking about when I said how genius it all really is… had you ever guessed that God could be so smart as to be able to “pre-design” the entire Universe?






Of course not, because before considering it’s a computer program, God had no way to make it 100% reproducible, at least not without some kind of magic.


46   Is there a Problem Here?


If you look a bit closer, you may see something that your religion (your concept of your religion) might not totally agree with. And so, if you’re the kind of person who cannot tolerate any compromise in your understanding of the written word, then I beg you to try to understand it by placing it all into the context of something I call “God’s Plan”.


Here is the problem: you see, it DOES NOT TAKE A GENIOUS to create an ingenious creation. It turns out that this magic formula I call God’s Program is actually VERY SIMPLE. And so, when God runs it, I seriously wonder if he can possibly understand exactly what he kicked off… I wonder if he can really see us or if he cares about us at all, and THAT is where the conflicts may arise.




If you really look at what I’m saying, God CAN see us. He DOES have the power to alter the program, or in other words, to make miracles occur. God has the power and the time to look at anything he wants. He can look at as much as he wants. And he can do anything he wants.


If you want to take it at that, go ahead and be my guest. Like I said, I’m not gonna try to change your religion, just explain how it technically works.



However, at this point, you might ask about how God handles HUMAN SOULS.


47   You’re Soul, my Science


If you’re religious, chances are your religion tells you that you have a soul… something that separates your spirit from your body. And at this point, you might be wondering how my explanation of “God’s technology” accommodates handling souls.


Of course, once again we seem to be approaching another “line in the mind”. Before we go on, though, let me ask you if you think my explanations of how God has the power to create and run the Universe make any sense at all? Do they at least give you new insights into these possibilities?


If not (or if you’re an atheist), then all I can do is just ask you to consider the science I’m proposing, read my summaries below, and have a nice day.





But if you see the possibility that this is a REALISTIC WAY THAT GOD RUNS THE UNIVERSE, then I want you to read the book “Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus”. In it, I explain these same technologies I have here, but then I go on to suggest WHY.


WHY God created the Universe, WHY people live and die, what our souls are, and what happens when we die. The main thing is, I show you the one and only way out of eternal “Godless hell”, and give us all great hopes for the collective future of mankind.


Of course, these explanations are NOT scientific, and in fact, rather delusional from anyone’s point of view. However, I ask you to read it because IT MAKES SENSE.


Similar to the way I’ve demystified how God can realistically create and operate the Universe, I explain the reasons for souls, re-incarnation, human suffering, forgiveness and destiny. I explain the how God’s use of the technology of the universe prevents an infinite accumulation of human souls.  I tackle the questions of pre-determination vs. freedom of choice, and peel it all down logically into a set of possibilities.


I have SOLID ANSWERS to all of these questions (and a whole lot more).


Its all free of charge, just like all my work on these subjects are, and so, I don’t mind stealing my own thunder and giving you a big clue… as the title suggests, don’t worry about dying, your soul will live forever, and all of humanity will be saved from the God-less waves of infinite hell.



Trust me, its all just modern technology!



48   Summary


Our Universe is running PERFECTLY just as God had planned. Every movement of every particle since the big bang has been pre-determined and precisely placed. The only way to make that happen is for the Universe to be DIGITAL… it gives God the realistic power to create and run it exactly like he wants it to.


These explanations really explain everything… they show how, during the big bang, all of the matter in the Universe could realistically have been condensed into a single point size object. They explain how, during the first few moments of the big bang, all of the elements were created and why the Universe appears bigger than expected. They explain where mass comes from… it is assigned when elements are created, and thus also explains where energy comes from and also de-mystifies the relationship between energy and matter… THEY ARE NOT INTERCHANGEABLE!


They explain why clumping of matter occurs and exactly why the Universe is shaped the way it is. They explain the mysteries of infinity; both on the small scale and on the huge scale, explain eternity and what will eventually happen to the Universe. They eliminate the need for inventions like dark matter and dark energy. They explain how the speeds of light and planks constants work, demonstrate exactly how radiation works, and precisely describe how quantum interactions between radiation and matter occur.


They also explain how the relationship between heat, volume, and mass works, by increasing the virtual size of the grouping of particles to represent an increase in temperature. When these temperatures decrease, this explains how radiation is created and why the frequencies fall into a discrete set of wavelengths; the energy released is an exact quantum… it is exact because it represents an exact change in the virtual geometric shape, and thus an exact difference in the count of digital locations occurs.


Finally, these explanations describe how a lot of what Einstein thought was WRONG… matter and energy are not inter-convertible and the observed curvature of light is due to Newtonian force that acts upon photons, not because of curved 4th dimensional space. Time is not a mystery, it is very straightforward, all because we do NOT want or need to account for infinitesimal measuring, and THAT is what bridges the gaps between Newton and Einstein.


Beyond science, it also explains some of the mysteries of creation, and it even goes as far as describing the creator… whether it be a simple and pure wave (a god-less equation), or as a REALISTIC PERSON WITH REALISTIC ABILITIES who can use a trial-and-error approach to get the U. to work exactly the way he wants because of the PERFECT REPRODUCEABILITY of numerical sequence.


49   A nice ending


I always include the following conclusions in these papers. You might think this disagrees with your particular religion (or lack thereof), but it doesn’t, and I want y’all to look at it as a simple attempt at world peace…


  1. Scientific fact may not agree with religious dogma. You can rely on science because it can be proven and is repeatable 100% of the time.


  1. If you don’t believe in religion (or if you lean more towards science), you can see how it is possible that you will live your life over and over again because of the mathematics I just described in this paper.


  1. When examining the cosmos we see that it is 13.8 billion years old, during which there is absolutely no evidence of divine intervention. So why would God start intervening right now? Because the bible says so? OK, Fine.


  1. Well all right then, in either case, why don’t we just start treating each other with a bit of respect and dignity?



Follow the Golden Rule…






50   Why Follow the Golden Rule?


This must be a digital Universe, and it must be constantly repeating over and over again with perfect reproducibility. Everything you do in your life must be repeated ump-teen zillion times, and you and everyone else have to live with the consequences of your actions for the rest of our lives, again and again and again and again!


This goes for everyone in the future as well, so the consequences of your actions can’t be ignored because you have no children or you just don’t give a hoot about the future of our planet.


Everything you do MATTERS and it all affects the future!


 You have now read this and so you have been informed: This is NOT your first time around the block.


You no longer have any excuses. RIGHT NOW! You only get one chance to decide; DO NOT blow it!!!



Don’t you think you should do the right thing ???




Don’t hurt anyone needlessly; do I have to spell it all out for you?


Think about what it must really feel like to be a horse that gets beat. Think about how that other guy feels when he’s down. THINK!


Think about it and start your life anew right now. Start living by the golden rule.  Start explaining this possibility to other people, so they can be considerate as well.



If I am right about the Universe, then think about future technologies, when scientists are able to create simulations of our own Universe. If and when these are successful, anything you do at any time in your life can be seen, heard, and felt.


Your activities CAN, AND WILL be viewed by anyone possessing this technology at any time.


So, JUST ASSUME THAT THROUGHOUT YOUR LIFE, YOU ARE BEING WATCHED... if not by the people of the future, then by God himself.


Don’t act like a jerk. Follow the Golden Rule ALWAYS.





Even if I’m wrong, still, “IT WOULDN’T HURT[59]”!!!!


Thanks for your time. I hope you enjoyed reading this.




51   References and Suggested Readings:


Note that everything is free to read; my web sites are 100 percent ad - free, no registrations, and no strings attached to anything at all.


I only ask that you do not re-sell anything or abuse my generosity in any way, or I will be forced to hunt you down and beat you up.




51.1  Big Bang Formation of Matter


By Marty Wollner


About 230 pages, all strictly scientific, this paper describes how digital Universes work and why our Universe must be digital.








By Marty Wollner


This contains a scaled down version of "God's program" called Octopus_2.exe, which can be run directly without installation on any Windows capable computer. It also contains the MS VB project files including all component source code and form modules.



Feel free to examine and run it, and even make modifications, but DO NOT re-distribute it in any form or I'll hunt you down and beat you up!



Octopus_2 is used as a working example of M7P1DPOU in the book "Big Bang Formation of Matter".


Octopus_2 features adjustable parameters for:





This is a work-in-progress, so expect nice new additional features very soon.




You can run this right now directly from within the .zip:  just Click HERE



Note: You might get a pop-up blocking the download. It IS SAFE!! I wrote every line of code in it and packaged it myself.


Then click Open instead of Save,





Then click through the Z_Octopus_2 folders,







Then double-click on the Application Named Octopus_2.exe,




Click Run… (You don’t need to “Extract all” unless you’re programming),




Click Run… I am the unknown publisher (in more ways than one!)





This program ACTUALLY WORKS!!








You can run the program along with reading this paper as a visual aid.






Here, Octopus_2 just completed execution of M7P1DPOU, the Digital Universe used in this paper as an example:






You can change parameters on-the-fly to a running program, pause and restart a universe at any tick in time, and toggle levels of reporting detail.


You can cut and paste the output into Excel or into a graphics package, and see what kind of monsters you unknowingly created in the deep, dark bowels of your Universes. Not responsible for anything that results within any universes you create. Don’t forget to set the captives free!! Batteries not included. Void in Livonia, Michigan., USA, and some strict Peanut Butter Lover-only countries. Par value nearly infinitesimal. All right reserved. Not intended for use from within another virtual reality, especially from within a “Whole Mind Upload”. See store for details. Good luck, Jim.[60] This message will self-destruct in 10, 9, 8, …


51.3  Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus


By Marty Wollner


About 230 pages, this book explains the science of digital Universes and then goes on to explain WHY. The WHY part is mostly delusional, but Marty still wants everyone in the world to do the world a favor and read this book!




Warning: This book is anti-hard core religion.



51.4  Closed Loop Programming


By Marty Wollner


This is about a 25-page paper that gives another alternative (but mostly scientific) description, and a cool way of looking at it from a programmer's point of view.







Please send comments, not donations, to Marty via the email links at the bottom of



52   Disclaimers:


·       Do not email me with any discussions about religion.


·       Do not send me any threats.


·       Read the disclaimers and warnings in the following chapters in the book “Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus”: “Disclaimers”, “A Note for Zealots” and “A Note for Extremists”.


·       Do NOT quote any scripture to me, or I will kick you’re ass and send you a bill.


Thank you in advance for your cooperation.




53    Availability:


This paper, the books, the programs, and all of the accompanying resources are to always remain freely available for anyone to read for free. I will not accept donations for it.


If you really feel that you must make cash payments for these ideas, or if you just need to make a donation really, really bad, please read this:




Right now, as we speak, there are close to a billion starving people in the world. Do the right thing, but watch out for jerks that keep the money for themselves.



54   Appendix 1: Time Frames: Beating a Horse AND a Pony to Death


This is a very lengthy chapter from the book “Big Bang Formation of Matter”. I feel it is critical to understanding and believing the possibility of virtual reality…

54.1Virtual Computing


If you need to add some numbers together, you can get the job done in any of a number of ways, the most obvious is to sit down and use a pencil and paper. Or, you can speed things up, and even automate the process by using a tool like an adding machine.


When using a tool to perform some calculations, it doesn’t matter if you’re using an abacus or a slide rule. It doesn’t matter if it’s an adding machine that uses gears, sand, or fluids with valves. You could use an old SR 10[61] pocket calculator, or you can use a computer; any kind of computer. The same set of calculations can also be made visualizing the answer, by looking at a set of charts, by asking someone to give you the answers, etc., etc., etc. 





Whatever tools you might be using, whatever way it gets done, the correct results will always be the same. The only difference might be the speed at which the job gets done, but in the end the results of the calculations are identical. Nobody can argue about this, it’s as simple as it sounds.


54.2The King


Lets take this a step further; King Bennett needs to perform 18 calculations, and he demands that the results must be correct. To be absolutely certain, his highness orders 9,000 of his closest disciples to somehow perform all of these calculations and report the results back to him in a list. Here is The King’s list of calculations to be performed:


  1. 2 + 0


  1. (The result of 1) + 3


  1. (The result of 2) + 2




Each of the 9,000 disciples use whatever methods they have available to them to complete the task and report their list of results, for example:


  1. 2 + 0 = 2


  1. (The result of 1) + 3 = 5


  1. (The result of 2) + 2 = 7




Again, the methods the disciples use to determine these calculations have no effect upon the correct results. The correct lists from all of the disciples are identical because all of the calculations were made by virtually identical methods. Anyone with incorrect results is battered to death with flying discs by the king himself.



54.3The Chess Game


We can compare The King’s sequence of calculations to another sequence; the moves players of a chess game make. Today’s chess players use “Standard Algebraic Chess Notation” to record the sequence of moves made in a game:




Here is an example of a report listing of a full game’s sequences of moves:


1. e4 c5 2. Nf3 d6 3. Bb5+ Bd7 4. Bxd7+ Qxd7 5. c4 Nc6 6. Nc3 Nf6 7. O-O g6 8. d4 cxd4 9. Nxd4 Bg7 10. Nde2 Qe6 11. Nd5 Qxe4 12. Nc7+ Kd7 13. Nxa8 Qxc4 14. Nb6+ axb6 15. Nc3 Ra8 16. a4 Ne4 17. Nxe4 Qxe4 18. Qb3 f5 19. Bg5 Qb4 20. Qf7 Be5 21. h3 Rxa4 22. Rxa4 Qxa4 23. Qxh7 Bxb2 24. Qxg6 Qe4 25. Qf7 Bd4 26. Qb3 f4 27. Qf7 Be5 28. h4 b5 29. h5 Qc4 30. Qf5+ Qe6 31. Qxe6+ Kxe6 32. g3 fxg3 33. fxg3 b4 34. Bf4 Bd4+ 35. Kh1 b3 36. g4 Kd5 37. g5 e6 38. h6 Ne7 39. Rd1 e5 40. Be3 Kc4 41. Bxd4 exd4 42. Kg2 b2 43. Kf3 Kc3 44. h7 Ng6 45. Ke4 Kc2 46. Rh1 d3 47. Kf5 b1=Q 48. Rxb1 Kxb1 49. Kxg6 d2 50. h8=Q d1=Q 51. Qh7 b5 52. Kf6+ Kb2 53. Qh2+ Ka1 54. Qf4 b4 55. Qxb4 Qf3+ 56. Kg7 d5 57. Qd4+ Kb1 58. g6 Qe4 59. Qg1+ Kb2 60. Qf2+ Kc1 61. Kf6 d4 62. g7# 1-0



This example is Kasparov versus the World, a game played by Garry Kasparov over the internet against the rest of the world, with the World's moves being chosen by popular vote under the guidance of a team of grandmasters.


54.4Definition: How Computer Simulators Work


Some of the most useful computer application programs we have are called “computer simulators”. For example, IBM made a ton of money in the 60s and 70s with its “mainframes”, which are really big, fast and expensive computers. To keep IBM’s mainframe market competitive as the cost of hardware began plummeting in the 80s and 90s, they came up with the “Virtual Machine” (VM).


It sounds like hardware, but the VM is really a set of computer programs each of which behaves exactly like a different kind of computer. A single mainframe can run multiple VMs all at the same time, simulating a collection of disparate computer systems.[62]







54.5Is there a point?


A program designed to run on the AS-400 has NO WAY OF KNOWING if it’s running on an actual AS-400, or on a Virtual Machine running on a mainframe simulating an AS-400, or running on any other kind of computer simulator, for that matter. From the point of view of the running program, the exact same sequence of state changes is executed.


And so, the exact same results occur, and the program doesn’t care.


Why should it care, after all, its just a program. The only thing that matters is that the calculations are performed correctly, and the output and results are in the correctly expected sequences.



Please see an appendix chapter titled “The Hack” in the book “Big Bang Formation of Matter” when you get a chance.



54.6Can We PLEASE Get to the Point?


Yes. To the pieces inside of the chess game (Bishops, Pawns, Etc.), it does NOT matter how the game’s players physically or logically decide on what moves are made. It does NOT matter who the players are, how many there are, or how experienced they are. It doesn’t even matter if the players themselves are actually computers!




54.7Time Frames


Additionally, to the pieces inside of the game, it does NOT matter how long it takes the players to make the moves or whether they make them at regular intervals, because the only TIME FRAME they can relate to occurs from move to move.




Because time is based upon motion, and the only motion they ever see is the sequence of moves.


And so, just like programs running on computer simulators, and just like any ordered list of calculations, the exact same sequence of state changes gets executed within its own reality. The processing is real, even if the processor itself is simulated; the moves are real, even if the game is simulated, virtual, or “real”.


54.8Relative Terminology of the Chess Game


When we play a game of chess on a computer, we’re really creating a virtual Universe within the memory of our running program. We can call this the INNER UNIVERSE, as it relates to the OUTER UNIVERSE in which we live.


For our game of chess, the players (in the Outer U.) take the time we need to decide the next move, and then make it all at once, even if it involves more than one piece. The chess pieces within the game (the Inner U.) only see the movement of pieces occurring as a sequence of events.


Similarly, if we created a program to simulate a Universe, what goes on within it is called the Inner U., and we still live in the Outer U.


This seems obvious until you consider the notion that SYNTHETIC LIFE can spring forth within the virtual inner world and evolve into intelligent beings, who can then go on to create computer simulation programs… can you see where I’m going with this? Inner and outer Universes are relative terms.


 Is this starting to get creepy? Just wait!



Is the horse dead yet? OK, yup, but here’s another analogy… let’s beat a pony to death now…



54.9A Long Day in My Computer Lab


If you watch Octopus_2 run, you get an idea of what’s going on:


“Outer Universe Time: 12:23:24 PM”

 “Inner Universe Time: 30”


“Outer Universe Time: 12:23:29 PM”

 “Inner Universe Time: 31”




The “Outer Universe” is us, reading this paper, tweaking and running our Octopus_2 “Universe Maker” program, playing SRV music, and thinkin’ about hittin’ up the sushi bar for lunch. Meanwhile, the Inner Universe we created keeps chugging along, tick-by-tick (30, 31, …).


Lunch. Hmmm…. 12:23:34 PM… this seems like a good time for a lunch break…





As time ticks away in the outer U., you eat your lunch with chopsticks, while I wait in the computer lab for you to get back ... …


… …   … …   … ...   … …     … … …


… … The next day, because you met someone at the sushi bar and one thing led to another …






“OH! Back so soon? Wipe the soy sauce off! MMKKKAAAAYYYYY… Let’s continue on…”[63]


The particles which compose the VIRTUAL MATTER within the Inner Universe’s reality are created, moved and manipulated as SEQUENCES OF NUMBERS by our program running in the Outer U.


The TIME FRAME within the perceived virtual reality results from the sequence from tick to tick…


“Outer Universe Time: 07:38:22 AM”

 “Inner Universe Time: 32”


HEY WAIT, YA DUMMY!! You left the program paused while you were eating your fish and who knows what else!!!!


Oh, bugger!!! Look at the display…




Paused at tick 32 the virtual world waits, while hours and hours have elapsed in our Outer Universe. BUMMER!! Well, OK, lets just press the “Resume the Universe Here” button, and let it continue.


(The program takes off as expected…)



54.10                        A Not so Obvious Thing



All right, Einstein!! What did we do to the virtual world????






Within the Inner-U, the only time frame that can be relate to occurs from tick to tick. Why? Because time is based upon motion, and the only motion ever seen is caused by the sequence of ticks.


To the characters living in this virtual Universe, time was NOT INTERRUPTED!!! The sequence continued, unnoticed, undetected. While the program was paused overnight, the Inner-U was unaware of any pause in time whatsoever!!!


You can take off for lunch for a whole week next time. Months, years, it doesn’t matter!!! THE SEQUENCE IS ALL THAT MATTERS inside the virtual U. It’s the only thing they can base their time frame upon. Each sequence change appears to have been executed exactly one tick apart, and it appears absolutely fluid and real from with the Inner Universe.





54.11                        Dead Yet? NOOO??? OK, Just One More…


In the outer U., while the calculations are being made to move the inner U. into the next step in the sequence (the next grain of time), time is not perceivable; they’re frozen in a state of indefinite suspension because nothing moves in their Universe; Their sense of time passing is based only upon the relative motion of particles in their Universe occurring, as their brains acting as SIMULATORS[64] are programmed to respond to their sensory input of such.



What they feel as they perceive time pass is their brain’s perception of these changes.


Creepy, right?





OK. OK!!!


55   Appendix 2: My letter to Raymond Kurzweil:


This is included here to revel my suppositions on the topics of God-less Universes. Atheists, take note!



Dear Ray


I have recently stumbled upon your work, and totally agree with everything your saying. I have made a lot of progress creating a computer program that implements di