An Important Message To The World


TheTruth Machine: A Solid Reason for Accountability


From Marty Wollner





“TheTruth” machine will be used by our justice systems.

It sits on the judge’s desktop.






TheTruth machine is very simple to operate:




When:  yyyy-mon-dd  hh:mm:ss


Where: longitude:




Start       Pause       Stop




The judge selects a time and a place and presses Start.




TheTruth machine shows what really happened then and there; The Truth, right there on the viewing screens for all to see…




and pass judgment upon …






I want to tell the world about this invention. It’s what I live for. Please continue reading…





It’s so simple; I think anyone can understand this, right?







Do YOU understand it?


(of course you do)







IF you do believe this invention IS POSSIBLE,




Don’t you think you should change your ways? Try to be a better person?










If you KNEW the creation of TheTruth machine IS possible in your lifetime, would you still break the law? Would you still do bad things (if you had the inclinations)?


Please, take a minute to think about it...










What if I told you that TheTruth machine actually exists? That it’s already in place and running… would you lighten up then?









My question, once again: If you knew for sure that you were being watched and would be held accountable for your wrongdoings, would you still do them?







I know, I know, this sounds like Sunday school… an angry sprit might be watching you all the time and he will judge you for your sins when you die…





But since the dead don’t talk, you have to accept it upon faith because that’s what they’ve always told you...









Well, once committed, you can’t hide from your sins any more… so TheTruth machine is kind of like that, except:



  1. The judgments will come in your lifetime… like very soon… not after your already dead.


  1. You will be punished in your lifetime; it won’t be something mystically applied in a possibly mystical state of death; it will be a real punishment of the contemporary day applied to you immediately upon sentencing.


  1. You are accountable for your sins no matter what anyone believes happens when we die.

    No amount of money or after-the-fact redemption can buy you a reprieve; your sins are plain to see and straightforward to convict and sentence. The process isn’t hindered nor prejudiced by false witnesses or incorrect investigations… nobody can argue with the truth.



4.     The operation of TheTruth machine is based upon actual modern science and technology… its creation is a DEFINATE MATHEMATICAL POSSIBILITY[1], not a matter of blind faith.






Bottom line:


The realistic possibility of TheTruth machine’s creation should give us all a solid reason for accountability and a desire to follow the golden rule.










I am dead serious about all of this.



This is, at last, a non-religious reason for accountability, something the world needs more than anything else.




We have the possible technology[2], right now.





My important message to the world is simple:



From now on, always assume that you are being watched, and that you will be held accountable for your wrongdoings.


Don’t be a jerk… just follow the golden rule… think about how the other guy feels… never harm children or animals, don’t turn a blind eye to the unfortunate ones that you can help, don’t kill anyone, do I need to spell it all out for you?






You have now been told. YOU MUST MAKE A DECISION, RIGHT NOW:




Do the right thing, starting right now! Please, always follow the golden rule. If we aren’t judged by TheTruth machine in the near future, then perhaps by God himself.






If I’m wrong about any of this, still, “It wouldn’t hurt[3]”.



My parents, Helen and Max Wollner










Still want to know more?


Following is a quick explanation of the real science TheTruth machine is based upon. We start with 7 statements of basic scientific facts and make logical conclusions from them.


Skip over the parts you don’t understand. Please excuse the repetition.


7 Statements of basic scientific facts about the Universe:


1.    Any chunk of matter in our Universe can be de-composed into a finite number of ATOMS.


2.    Each atom falls into a particular class, known as elements. In the entire Universe, ALL atoms of each particular element -

- Have identical mass[4]
- Have identical size
- Have identical behaviors
- Follow the classic laws of Newtonian physics
- Have identical composition… each decomposes into (identical) small sets of  “fundamental particles“.


3.    ALL of the fundamental particles in the entire Universe-

- Are exactly identical to each other
- Can NOT be subdivided any further

- Appear to have no MASS
- Appear to have no SIZE
- Appear to move about in instantaneous jumps from location to location, and some appear in multiple locations at the same time.


4.    It appears that the entire Universe started at a distinct time (the Big Bang, 13.7 billion years ago) and all of its contents originated from a single location.


5.    Since the material contents of the entire Universe appears to have been all contained within a FINITE area at one time,


because all of this material is sub-composed of finite numbers fundamental particles,

There must be a finite number of fundamental particles in the entire Universe.



6.    Since they can’t be subdivided any further, they exist as WHOLE UNITS, and thus, all inter-mingling of the fundamental particles MUST BE DONE in grouping combinations of WHOLE NUMBERS.

This explains why INTEGER ARITHMATIC is the basis for many of the new quantum theories, however, the transition between the physical Universe described by Newton and this new quantum-world of integer-based physics seems to have baffled everyone.

For example, the fundamental particles have no mass, and yet atoms are composed of them…
It’s not really clear where the mass comes from. The famous equation e = mc**2 seems to answer it, yet the exact mechanism eludes everyone and the math involved defies reasoning[5].


7.    As the contents of the entire Universe continue expanding apart, still, every particle in it is affected by every other particle (at least by the Newtonian force of gravity).

This implies an “invisible connectivity” between all particles in the entire Universe. This also eludes an explanation.


My simple answers to this puzzle:


·       The fundamental particles are not “real, solid particles”, they’re INFORMATION… NUMBERS!!!

A fundamental particle has no mass, no size, and neither does a number. But a number REPRESENTING a “particle” can function to point out its location in space.

The location of each “particle” is “pointed to” by a NUMBER, one of all possible locations that it can exist in.


·       From our perspective, the distance between every adjacent location (the Universe_IntervalSize) = (1 / 5192995794013) Meters[6].


·       There are a finite number of “particles”, so all of their “location pointers” can fit into a finite size LIST of numbers.

At any given instant, the list represents the exact state of the entire Universe.


·       Any set of numbers in a list can be considered as pointers into virtual space. The only way this is possible is by confining them to finite capacity so they can all fit into the list[7].






·       The motion of a “Virtual Particle” (or VP for short) is accomplished simply by changing the integer value of its location pointer.

Think about it for a second… the represented VP must jump from the location previously pointed to, into the new one, instantaneously[8].

The movement of a VP from location to location occurs in a set of
sequential steps, one after another, as the numeric value of its location pointer changes.

The motion of a VP can thus be thought of more as “digital data processing” (calculations made to determine its next location), rather than by physical forces, spins, torques and accelerations.


·       In our real Universe, there are MULTIPLE particles, and they INTERACT with one another, in fact, it is these interactions that cause these motions to occur.

As stated above, in a virtual Universe, multiple VPs can all be contained in a single “list of numbers”. For technical reasons, I believe that
our virtual Universe operates by -

A) Determining the next location of the first VP in the list by considering the effect every other VP has upon it, according to a simple set of rules.

B) Repeating this for each and every subsequent VP in the list.

C) When the entire list has been processed, the Universe is in a new state, and it can then proceed onto the next “processing loop”, starting at the top of the list again.

These “technical reasons” are described below (and in more in-depth documents). They include the ability to realistically create and run the theory-of-everything program for a huge-size Universe, and thus, realistic limitations on the use of computer resources force these design decisions.

By designing the theory-of-everything to function as described above (A,B,C), NOTHING NEEDS TO BE SAVED IN MEMORY other than the current state of the Universe (fully specified by the values in the list). It also accommodates the concurrent effects that multiple VPs have upon an individual VP with exacting precision.



·       The top of each processing loop can be considered the only instant in which matter moves… everything appears to jump into position all in the same instant.

Since, within our Universe, we can only perceive time according to motion, this appears to us as a consolidation of the individual movements of all VPs into a single, discrete, “Universe-wide re-positioning activity”.

I call each of these a “Universe state transition” and it defines a “tick of Universe time”.



·       From our perspective, the UniverseTickRate = 1557267732091973686357 per Second[9].



·       The Speed Of Light = ONE Universe_IntervalSize per ONE UniverseTick. It doesn’t travel at an arbitrary rate through continous space, it JUMPS from one location to the next adjacent location every time the VP list completes a Universe state transition[10].

In other words, THE SPEED OF LIGHT represents the sequential changes of Universe itself from step-to-step.


·       Slower moving objects stand still, and then jump to the next adjacent location.

THAT explains the behavior of light and matter and why the speed of light appears consistent everywhere… it IS consistent at 1 interveal per tick, everywhere.




·       Everything moves in discrete steps that are predictable and 100% reproducible. The movement of every particle has been pre-determined since the dawn of time according to a very simple set of rules.








·       The Speed Of Light = ONE Universe_IntervalSize per ONE UniverseTick. It doesn’t travel at an arbitrary rate through continous space, it JUMPS from one location to the next adjacent location every time the VP list completes a Universe state transition.

Light travel is actually attenuated at frequencies (f), in which case it jumps f-number of adjacent locations every f-tics. Regardless of f, it appears to travel at the same overall rate of 1 interval per tick, everywhere. It also jumps away from its source, outward in all directions concurrently and thus the same photon is appearing in multiple locations concurrently.

In other words, THE SPEED OF LIGHT represents the sequential changes of Universe itself from step-to-step.


·       Slower moving objects stand still, and then jump to the next adjacent location.

THAT explains the behavior of light and matter and why the speed of light appears consistent everywhere… it IS consistent at 1 interveal per tick, everywhere.




·       Everything moves in discrete steps that are predictable and 100% reproducible. The movement of every particle has been pre-determined since the dawn of time according to a very simple set of rules.


And so, if I’m right, then Einstein was correct that “God doesn’t throw dice”, but he was wrong about the speed of light… the theory of relativity and time-dilation are only required to get the math to work out, assuming that time flows continuously from moment to moment through infinitely resolute spaceI say that:


·       Time can not be continuous and yet operate in the digital manner of the sub-atomic world, and that also means finite limitations on spaces to act as locations.


·       The only the way the Universe can possibly operate is digitally… infinity is impossible… it does not apply to our real Universe.


·       And, since the Universe operates in a digital manner, it is 100% deterministic, and THAT is the basis of TheTruth machine.



Side note about God (if there is a God):


Without digitalization, in a Universe with infinite resolution and infinite possibility, nothing can be determined with 100% certainty, and this introduces chaos in God’s plans … God must truly work miracles to be in control of such a Universe.


On the other hand, its no miracle to control something that CAN BE controlled, and I say THIS is how God operates… not by miracles that can’t be understood, rather, by the simple application of digital technology.


God only needs to create the simple rules by which his creation runs, sit back and watch it run. If he doesn’t like something, he can change the rules and/or he can change the runtime states of the list, and try the run again.


This “trial-and-error” approach gives God the power to be able to create the Universe exactly the way he wants it, watch everyone in it, listen to all of our prayers and answer all of them, all at the same time.


And, God doesn’t need to be immortal or have any special talent or intelligence to do it, either. There is no magic in any of this. Magic and infinity are both unachievable lies about reality.

This is all good and well, but leaves us with a paradox: If God is just an average guy, even if he could, how can he have the time to listen to billions of prayers, let alone responding to them? I have the answer to this, below, followed by an explanation of where the Universe (and optionally, God) came from in the first place.



The simple set of rules is the “theory of everything” (my rendition, or something like it); a simple computer algorithm that resets the states of the VPs in the list according to the states of all the others.


Here are the ACTUAL 4 rules that run our entire Universe:


1.    The first rule is simple: a single location can contain at most ONE VP. I call this one the “nuclear force rule”.


2.    The second rule is also simple: if a VP isn’t “bonded” with another VP, it and the nearest other “un-bonded” VP become “bonded”. I call this one the “fusion force rule”.


3.    The next rule applies to situations where “bonded” VPs, acting as “atomic components” (lets call them “ATOMS”), bump into each other. I call this one the “atomic force rule”.


4.    The last rule is Newton’s gravitational laws, allowing components in motion to continue motion and be attracted to other components. I call this the “Newtonian force rule”.




Each time through the top of the loop, starting at VP #1, it gets tested to see if rule number 1 applies. If so, rule number 1 gets applied, and that’s all, the algorithm then goes on to process VP #2. If rule number 1 does not apply, VP #1 is then tested to see if rule number 2 applies, etc., and at last, if the next-to-last rules don’t apply, then old Newton’s law takes effect.


This is a PRIORITIZATION of rules, and I say that it’s because of this reason, and this reason alone, that the various “forces” we perceive each have what we understand to be “relative strengths”.



Descriptions of these rules are detailed in all of my existing books, and a computer program demonstrating the first two rules are all freely available from my web sites.


The exact and complete Theory-Of-Everything is being coded up right now so it can be presented with fancy graphics, available soon on


These books that describe:


How the Big-Bang occurred:

In the first tick of the Universe, starting with the Universe in a state where all of the VPs were co-occupying the same location (“location-0”, in the center of the Universe), the nuclear force rule (which prohibits this configuration) took effect… Ka-BOOM!!! All of the co-occupying VPs are re-located into different positions, imparting momentum to them along the way. The nuclear force rule precisely explains the Paulii exclusion principle; in fact, it IS the Paulii exclusion principle.


How all of the matter in the Universe was formed:

In the second tick of time, none of the VPs were co-occupying any locations, so the first rule (nuclear force) was no longer applicable, and the next rule (fusion force) was considered… since NONE of the VPs were bonded to any others, they all got bonded right then and there into elementally small atoms.


Where MASS comes from:

The list of VPs accommodates this and other attributes that fully describe the state of these VPs.


Mass is programmatically ASSIGNED to atoms as part of the bonding processing performed by the second rule.


The VP list’s other attributes include the location (obviously, this is what has been discussed thus far), the “last previous location” of the VP, a “heat level”, a “motion speed level”, and a “motion countdown counter”.

Where all the Kinetic Energy in the Universe originally came from:


At the end of tick 1, the relocated VPs were moved away from the center of the Universe (where they were all at when the Universe started up), however, they had no mass assigned to them.


In the very next tick they all had some mass assigned to them.


Now, in tick 3, there are still no co-occupied locations (rule 1 is skipped), and there are no more unbound VPs (rule 2 is skipped). What we are left with are a bunch of atoms (arrangements of bound VPs) that now have mass, and they are now moving by virtue of the fact that their current location has been changed from their last location.


Moving masses contain kinetic energy, and it all suddenly appeared at the start of tick #3.


How HEAT works:

Heat is an ATTRIBUTE of a VP in the list, as are location, mass, etc. Heat is caused by a collision or by radiant absorption (both described below).


Heat manifests itself by increasing the size of the 3-d area surrounding an atomic component by one layer per each heat-unit, making it “bigger” and more likely to collide, and explaining the Universal gas laws (PV = nRT), precisely.


What “digital radiation” is, exactly:


“Photons”, traveling outward in all directions away from its source, and traveling at c (one interval per tick), but attenuated at f appear concurrently every f ticks, f intervals away from the last appearance.


IMPORTANT: digital radiation does NOT consist of any VPs… the list of VPs is fixed in number always, and Einstein’s theories that imply an exchange between matter and energy are all bullshit… no such exchanges take place.

Exchanges of energy between various forms:



Digital radiation is an alternative form of energy… it originally came from the Heat energy that resulted from the force of Gravity upon clumps of matter, but the matter got there because of the Kinetic energy that was apparent in tick #3, and all of that energy came from the nuclear force rule being applied in tick #1.


The entire Universe plays out a long symphony of exchanges of energy throughout its entire life cycle, from start to finish, as described below[12].


I believe that since the Universe is a computer algorithm that must be able to run on reasonable hardware, a conservation of computer resources is required to take place.


I believe that the laws of conservation of energy and matter that we perceive to be operating in our Universe result DIRECTLY from these techniques to save computer resources in the Theory-Of-Everything algorithm.


I believe that this is achieved by maintaining a steady balance of all of the energies used as it transitions from form-to-form.


To me, a guy who wants to realistically program this, this means that the entire system must operate PERFECTLY throughout the lifespan of the Universe, and THIS means that EVERY “BIT” OF ENERGY MUST BE FULLY ACCOUNTED FOR IN EVERY EXCHNGE, ALL THE TIME!!!

Where digital radiation comes from:

It comes from cooling matter down.


The increased area surrounding a heated atom cools down one heat unit, creating a photon that travels away from the atom in all directions at f = the number of 3-d cubes that get reduced from the previous heat level, explaining Schrodinger’s laws of quantum heat exchange, precisely.



How radiant heat absorption, reflection and transparency work:

A photon happens by the location of an atomic structure that is susceptible to its f, causing the atom to HEAT up one unit. The photon is “terminated”, and this means that all of its concurrently branched-out positions are also terminated in the same instant[13]. This is how radiant heat absorption works.


Cooling is just the opposite, creating radiation of frequency f for the shedding of an outer layer consisting of f locations, as stated above.


In addition to heating one exact heat level for a given f, an atom can also accept a partial amount of energy from a photon and emit the remainder as a newly created photon emanating from the point of absorption, all in a single tick. This is how light reflection works, for example, how colors result from white light as it hits a flower.


In addition to heating one heat level for a given f, or heating one heat level while emanating the remainder of the f for a higher energy f, an atom can also accept NO amount of energy from it and re-emit a newly created photon of the same exact f emanating from the point of absorption, all in a single tick. This is how transparency works, for example, images composed of multiple frequencies passing through a glass window.




How collisions work (in exacting detail):


When the “areas of heat expansion” of two (or more) atoms overlap, this is a collision. Note that because nothing moves faster that one interval in any tick, there cannot be any over-penetrations of these expansion zones… the processing is under the complete control of the algorithm[14].


For all of the atoms that collide at a given instant, the algorithm tries to exchange their heat and momentum. The mass of each atom is used as a factor so that more massive atoms carry more kinetic energy at a given collision speed, and more heat energy at a given heat level.


The typical result is where all of the colliding atoms are assigned new heat levels, speeds and directions, as expected. This is calculated by taking the average of the heat and momentum and imparting it upon every VP involved in the collision.


The atypical result occurs when the sum of all of these energies exceeds a pre-determined threshold (programmatically tested for as part of the atomic force rule processing)… this results in a NUCLEAR COLLAPSE… all of the VPs involved in the collision are relocated INTO the same position, and in the very next tick of time, the nuclear force rule takes effect… Ka-BOOM (on a much smaller scale than during the big-bang, but the mechanism and the program code that implements it are the same).


How GRAVITY works:


If none of the other rules of motion are eligible, the Newtonian Force rule is in effect.


This rule sums up the effect that all of the other atomic masses have upon each VP, and adds these effects to the motion the VP is already moving at. Duh, we all knew that, but here, he calculations are exactly precise… Newton’s laws talk about the “center of mass” of a given object, but in “Marty’s applications of Newton’s laws”, I’m dead-nuts accurate because I’m accounting for each and every atom in the entire Universe, I’m not taking any averages of the centers of “masses” as Newton called them, and plus, the center of mass for an individual atom IS the atom’s location, exactly[15].


The cool thing about Gravity… it causes freely drifting atoms to clump together, and when that happens, collisions start to occur.

How the Universe was formed:

Actually, in the history of the Universe, Gravity was the third force to ever take effect... there was no heat before there were any collisions, and it took the force of Gravity to direct some of the atoms that were expanding away from the center of the universe at tick #3 into a clump of gas.


As the clump gets more and more concentrated (because of the closer and closer proximity of other atoms, presenting more and more density and thus greater and greater effects of gravity), more and more collisions occur, and the atomic force rule exchanges (or converts) some of this momentum into heat. THAT is where all of the heat in the Universe originally came from.


When this heated matter cooled down[16], digital radiation was THEN introduced into the Universe. This is how the stars first started heating up.

How stars shine:


When a star-clump gets really big, it turns on an “internal furnace”, in which the atomic energy rule is being invoked in a continuous fluctuation, similar to the way heat creates a stream of radiation.


This is caused by the immense temperatures in the center of stars that come about from the force of gravity causing hot collisions to occur at exponential rates. The threshold of the atomic-force rule gets tripped continuously, triggering atomic collapse that’s instantly followed by the nuclear force rule, just like when the big bang went off, however, the number of co-occupying VPs is relatively tiny, and the energy released from these nuclear events is mostly all re-absorbed by the star itself.


The star heats up from the inside out, and when the surface is hot enough, it pours the radiation produced by the heat-radiation flux outward into space.


This is how the stars first shined, when the (optional) God said (if he was there to say it) “let there be light!”



How stars work to make heavier elements:


This is an important stage in the life cycle of the Universe.


As the flux of atomic collapse progresses, the nuclear force rule has an opportunity to create heavier elements than those created in the big bang. This is because the creation of all of the big-bang elements all happened in one tick (tick #2) of the Universe during which there was only a homogeneous stew of unbound VPs adrift.


However, in stars, when these nuclear events occur, there are opportunities for the bonding of heavier components together, thus creating heavier elements from the de-composed fragments of lighter ones.


Stars are thus factories that create heavier elements from lighter ones over their multi-million year life spans.



How super-novas work:


This is also an important stage in the life cycle of the Universe.


When a star-clump gets really, really huge, and its center gets really, really hot, a spontaneous explosion results because most of the energy is concentrated deep in the center, and a series of “nuclear collapse events” all happen within a few ticks of each other in a positive-feedback scenario.


During the brief instants that occur in the massive eruption, the nuclear bonding rule once again has an opportunity to bond even heavier atomic components together, forming the heaviest elements in the Universe as a result.


For example, it is said that all of the GOLD in the Universe was created during these super-nova eruptions… all of it was created over a handful of Universe ticks in a few super-novas that have gone off since the Universe was created.


Super-novas are thus also factories, along with smaller stars, that create heavier elements from lighter ones over their multi-million year life spans.


Basically, the Theory-Of-Everything algorithm provides the ability to make the energy released in tick #1 take on many different “forms”, including, kinetic energy, heat energy, radiant energy, etc.


In order to make the program actually run on reasonable hardware, however, there must be finite limitations to the amounts of all of these forms of energy, so that they can safely be used in any and all of the actual calculations[17].


(I AM trying to make a point, please bear with me.)


I believe that the program itself is “set in stone”… it MUST be written the way it is in order to make the Universe operate the way it does, to account for all of the states of matter and energy, and dictate what happens when these states transition from one to the next.


I’m suggesting that the same set of simple rules can be applied to many different Universes consisting of varying numbers of VPs in the list…in other words, the algorithm works equally well on smaller or larger Universes, playing out the same universe life cycle in all cases.

A “life-cycle” here is defined as the ability of the Universe to evolve to the point where super-novas do occur, supplying it with the same complete list of elements that our Universe has.


(My point is coming up soon… it deals with resolution an computing requirements… WordSize.)


In this scenario, the only thing that needs to be specified IS the count of VPs in the list… the maximum distances that these VPs can be located apart from one another, the maximum heat levels that result, and the threshold limitation of this that causes nuclear collapses to occur, ALL else result as a consequence of making this ONE specification… I’m calling this the “resolution the Universe”, or, in other words, how  “BIG” is the Universe our algorithm is manipulating?



This question is based upon FINITE LIMITATIONS, as REQUIRED in all forms of digital processing… in other words, what is the WORD SIZE required to be able to perform all of the calculations needed to run a theory-of-everything program on an “actual-size” Universe?

(So now were getting to the point…)


In looking for reasonable limitations of the number of VPs, distances between them, heat levels, etc., I’m assuming that I can determine a WordSize capable of processing my simple algorithm, knowing that this processing is all restricted to basic numerical operations, like all simple addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.


Rather than try figuring this out by trusting recent scientific guesses at the count of fundamental particles in our Universe, I have a different approach; because I place a finite resolution on the space-time continuum, digitize all motion and time into a sequential set of steps, and because I maximize the speed of motion across these steps at ONE interval PER step, the speed of light is no longer an arbitrary rate, it represents the sequential transitioning of the Universe itself (I already said this, but its really important to try looking at everything this way).


And so, by looking at things this way, we can think of the smallest interval distance that anything can move in one sequential “tick” as representing the RESOLUTION our Universe not only operates at, this is also the rate of change it presents itself to us at.



My thinking is, this resolution represents an arbitrary setting of the granularity the algorithm gets run at. Arbitrary, like what the speed of light itself is considered to be, but in that way of thinking there are (at least) two arbitrary settings: the speed of light and the smallest observable interval of motion.


If your not asleep yet, and if you are following this discussion, THERE IS A MAJOR DIFFERENCE in the two approaches… two arbitrary settings working in infinite time/space vs. a single setting dictating the resolution of the entire operation from start to finish with 100% accuracy and reproducibility. And as an added bonus, this one setting can be gleaned from close examination of our physical Universe, revealing itself to us in ways that are obvious to modern scientists.


(At last, the point:)


I came up with the above Universe_IntervalSize of (1 / 5192995794013) Meters and Universe_TickRate of 1557267732091973686357 per Second by dividing Plank’s constant (should be the Universe_IntervalSize) into the speed of light[18].



I’m basing the computing capacity these require upon the assumption that the largest number the algorithm will have to deal with will be no larger than the maximum sum of all possible maximum distances between every particle defined in the U. [19]


Taking this into account, I came up with a WordSize in which these calculations can safely be performed without being exceeded.


I’m calling this the Universe_WordSize and I’ve determined it to be 17317.



And thus, 2 ** 17317 specifies the largest number the computer is required to manipulate.


It must be greater than the largest number required for the Theory-Of-Everything program to perform any calculations upon involving the furthest possible locations, distances between locations, heat levels, etc.


(Dead horse, yes, I know…)

In an indirect way, this also places limits upon the maximum location possible, and that defines where the Universe “ends”… not necessarily a wall is constructed right there, but any locations beyond these aren’t used by the algorithm.


The outer edge of the range of locations is at:


(Universe_IntervalSize * Universe_WordSize) from the location of the last big bang.




One Universe_IntervalSize = (1 / 5192995794013) Meters


Universe_WordSize = 2 ** 17317


So, the radius of the Universe is about


3.8513414594053747005649375515155 ** 17304 Meters




The Universe_TickRate of 1557267732091973686357 per Second


The Universe is 13.7 Billion years old


So, the Universe has really been ticked off. That’s a joke, wake up!











Can a reasonable computer deal with numbers that big? Can it add two numbers each being 2 ** 17315 together?



NO PROBLEM AT ALL, in fact the basic manipulation required can be done on an old Atari-64 connected to a very huge “external data storage unit”. The size of this external unit would have to be HUGE, but theoretically, it could work!



Considerations for a realistic implementation of TheTruth machine include:


1.    The size of the external data storage unit


2.    The external data unit’s read/write speeds


3.    The computational loads required to complete each tick in the sequence of the Universe, and the elapsed processing time required to do so


4.    The elapsed processing time required to get the program “up-to-date” from its starting point 13.7 billion years ago, in order to be able to show what happens on Earth in the present day


My books discuss these hurdles and delve into ways of overcoming them. In short, I’m encouraged by the following concept:


If I had to create a computer simulation of a large Universe on realistic hardware and resources, could it be done?

Could it be done in such a way that it would allow the sequence frames to be “fast-forwarded”, allowing me to jump around in time and look at what gets “created”?


Of course I’d design it like that… what good is it if you have to wait for 13.6 billion years of elapsed processing to view any decent output?


Today, we have computers capable of approximating our Universe, and these programs provide snapshots of the Universe’s progress by similar methods of “fast-forwarding”… on today’s reasonable hardware we have already roughly done what should be required by a theory-of-everything program that was designed to be viewed by its designer.


Yes, that’s the smell of a can of worms being opened, because when you discuss creation, it’s hard to not consider the possibility of a creator, religion, faith, and non-faith.


I’ve already explained why infinity is impossible; God is a “no-brainer”.


Proof of the Theory-Of-Everything algorithm is self-evidenced by proving that it actually works “as advertised” to simulate physics phenomena, even in small example Universes constructed with smaller WordSize values.


Ok, but does that provide proof of the existence of God? No, it does NOT because I believe that God is optional, and the ORIGINAL Universe came from numbers, as described below.


Although I try to keep my views “100% scientific”, this is a good case to hope for the existence of a “program designer”, and HOPEFULLY, enough clues were left by this designer for anyone to be able to figure out the simple theory-of-everything design[20]!


In doing so, the concept of TheTruth machine should become obvious to any sentient culture arising from it[21].



As the father of his children who can’t realistically watch everything and baby-sit everyone all the time, this becomes an “implicit directive of self-governing law and order”… the best gift a father can bestow upon his children[22]… the gift of peace.







This is the reason I feel it very important to tell the world about these things… in any case, God or no God, right or wrong about any of it, its time to wake up humanity and take us to our next level, where:


·        We are accountable for our sins no matter what anyone believes happens when we die.


·        Everyone is equal in the eyes of TheTruth.



BECAUSE of the knowledge of the simple theory-of-everything and the obviousness of the potential creation of TheTruth machine, our civilization can now, at last, live in peace.



It’s all baked into the basic plan as a set of “intuitively obvious rules of engagement”; we become aware of possibility of TheTruth machine and fearful enough of it to start living decent lives of mutual self-respect, and its all accomplished by a simple program no longer that 10 pages of code in length.



This is how God can realistically operate without miracles and still be a kind and fair father to us all, or, if you don’t believe in God, FINE, the simple formula can just exist on its own and no enhanced programming is required, it just is[23].


In either case, TheTruth machine works!




Getting back to the issues at hand, the question was:


Can we actually create TheTruth machine?


BOTTOM LINE: Everything that needs to be done is realistically possible with realistic technology[24]… TheTruth machine CAN BE BUILT and used in our courts, as advertised.




So, you better be good. You better be nice. You’d better not kill, and I’ve warned you now, twice, TheTruth machine is coming to a court room in your town.



Very soon!



It’s never too late to stop being an asshole. One more thing about the premise TheTruth machine is built upon… you might have to live your life INFINIATE times[25]… my advice to you; don’t make any more bad choices. Do the right thing, now and forever. Follow the golden rule, always.


One last side note about God (if there is one):


This technology explains where the Universe came from to begin with… as a self-induced wave from the numbers… it just is[26].


If you’re an Atheist, then that’s all the Universe will EVER be and you’re locked into your life for infinity. If you had faith in God, you could look to him to have used the simple technology to create our Universe, and to pull your soul out of it.


Your choice, no pressure, just a SOLID reason for an Atheist to want to turn to the concepts of God and good citizenship.



I’m talking about God. Not religion, God.


Know the difference… its easy to spot... religious jerks distort and misrepresent scientific facts and always want money … they are as far from God as 2 ** 17317.




Still want to know more?


Please check out the 5 books I’ve written on this subject:


From the Side of God” (science-only, written for religious people), and “Big Bang Formation of Matter” (science-only) describe the scientific basis of TheTruth machine (my simple digital theory of everything).


Moments in Time” discusses the technology and feasibility of TheTruth machine… IT IS POSSIBLE… TRUST ME!!!


All books and software downloads are available entirely for free[27] at



Thanks for reading. Stay out of trouble, you now know how and why; there are no excuses any more… BE NICE.







[1] I’ve done a lot of research on this; SEE THE QUICK EXPLANATION, BELOW.

[2] This is real science, not fiction.

[3] A quote by my mom, Helen Wollner 1921 – 2002, may she rest in peace.

[4] Isotopes vary, yes, but still every atom of a given elemental type behaves the same; all are capable of the same permutations.

[5] The math states that it takes an infinite amount of energy get even the tiniest amount of matter to move at c, the speed of light.

[6] The derivation for this is described below.

[7] I have been using the concept of INTEGERS to specify all locations. Integers always can fit into a finite size list of numbers. Other methods are possible, for example, using fractions, but in any case, the size of these numbers cannot be infinite.

[8] Because these are INTEGER numbers there is no continuous space between locations.

[9] The derivation for this is described below.

[10] Light travel is actually attenuated at frequencies (f), described below.

[11] For the most part, it’s really this simple, but there are more decisions made within each of the rules.

[12] Feynman also felt this way, and his famous set of diagrams details all of these same exchanges. The only problem is that he didn’t place any conditions in his diagrams as to when a certain force was applied vs. another. To overcome this, he said that all of them occur at the same time, but this “time” he refers to is an “instantaneous moment”, which, of course, is impossible.

[13] By the time a photon of light travels a modest distance, it already has millions of locations it concurrently appears at because of the way it branches out in all directions every time it appears. There is a good chance that a photon might encounter MULTIPLE atoms. I say that ONLY ONE OF THESE LOCATIONS IS SELECTED FOR “IMPACT” BY THE ALGORITHM. I say that all of the other branches that concurrently hit other atoms are treated as not existing at all once one concurrent branch is absorbed. I say that the Universe operates thus way in order to CONSERVE resources by fully accounting for every bit of energy, as discussed above.

[14] And here again, every bit of momentum and heat are accounted for in the calculations and the laws of conservation of energy discussed above remain intact for the entire Universe.

[15] Once again, we fully account for every bit of energy in all of our calculations…

[16] Which took place immediately because of the way heat and radiation begins to “fluctuate”.

[17] Obviously, the conservation of matter-and-energy programming I keep harping upon helps this out in a big way.

[18] Since a sequence of moves establishes our time frame as I claim (not an arbitrary rate of speed), I would have expected an EVEN RATIO; there should have been no remainder in the division of Plank’s constant into the speed of light. But its not an even fit, so I went back and found the nearest PRIME NUMBER to act as the exponent of binary expansion (the required computational word-size) that appropriately fit this observed ratio.


[19] For example, if the program needs to calculate the center of 2 locations, it can determine it as (Location_a + Location_b) / 2. In this example the computer needs the capacity to handle division by 2 into a number as large as (furthest location + furthest location).

[20] Another reason for the design to be very simple and easy-to-discover… it’s MEANT to be discovered.

[21] In all of my work, I claim that this theory-of-everything program is so simple and so obvious, I can’t even take credit for “discovering” it… it’s the only way the Universe CAN possibly operate.

[22] For those among you who ask why God has never performed any miracles to prove his existence (at least none that everyone can agree upon), THIS IS BETTER, and, it works in all of the billions of worlds that come and go without requiring God to perform a few miracles in each and every one of them to show “his presence”.

[23] More on this topic is included, below.

[24] Existing technology and/or technology soon available, for example, using molecular alignments for data storage in the external storage unit.

[25] This technology explains where the Universe came from to begin with… as a self-induced function-wave from the numbers… it just is. I believe this occurs because of a “potential for computation” that exists within the spacing apart of the prime numbers. These spacing combinations act as “physical computing structures”; the same way a set of stones can be interpreted as constructing an abacus, and movement of these stones implies that virtual computations are occurring. This gives the Universe a ROCK-SOLID foundation that can never be shaken… the numbers made the first Universe, and (hopefully) God sprang from within it to create the Universe we live in.

[26] Did you read the last footnote?

[27] Access is totally free, there are no advertisements, no registrations, and the books are free to read. I can’t do this and charge any money for it; that would undermine all of my efforts. That also explains why I only ask readers to follow the golden rule… that’s all we’ve ever needed in any case. Fuck religion.