Perpetual Life: The Eye of the Octopus

What Reality Really Could Be

Third Edition


With Politically Corrected Language and Humor

And Quick Science-ONLY topics links

My new book, explaining what Reality Really Could Be




I suggest you read the HTML-Perpetual version if your reading it on a computer screen, the footnotes are really easy to switch back and fourth, but you might want to kick up the ZOOM on your browser to 150% to see it better.  I really don't want you to print it for legal reasons, but if you do, use the MSWord-Perpetual version and then burn it when you’re finished.


The Third Edition decouples Science from Philosophy. You can now follow a set of “Quick Science-ONLY topics” links to skip around non-science discussions.


“And, if you call within the next 30 minutes (because we can't do this all day)” you STIIL get Z_Octopus_1.zip for FREE, which includes a SAFE computer program I wrote that can simulate the Universe allowing you to review anything that has ever happened in history, and also to predict the future, all the way from the last big bang until the end of the universe. The source code is also included, so you can alter the universe to run just the way you like!




Just click on THIS NEW LINK to get OCTOPUS_2.zip … a brand new and vastly improved SAFE computer program to simulate any Universe. Features include:


      -Adjustable parameters for :


·       The Count of particles in your Universe

·       The Tick Rate you can make the Universe execute at

·       The number of Dimensions you want your Universe to create

·       The number of Concurrent Sets you want to use to implement perfect reproducibility

·       The Duration your Universe will run for

·       The Detail Level you want your output to be generated in

·       The Output Format you want produced – visual or comma delimited, Excel-Ready





BUT WAIT! I’m not done yet.


If you click on THIS BRAND NEW LINK right now, you will get “Big Bang Formation of Matter” a BRAND NEW, COMPLETELY SCIENTIFC paper that explores new, exciting and dramatic  evidence I have recently uncovered that will shock the scientific world, forever. This amazing paper proves that our Universe is digital, and explains EXACTLY how gravity works!!! It also explains exactly how Quantum forces work, and exactly how a network of interacting particles for which NO SPECIFIC PROGRAMMING is done, EXACTLY FOLLOWS ALL OF THE LAWS OF PHYSICS WE OBSERVE in our Universe. This book, along with Octopus_2 (which was used to produce the data lists describing the formation of Universes) will change the way mankind thinks, bringing us to a new milestone in the development of mankind.




"Just pay extra shipping and handling"?

NO!!! Really it’s all COMPLETELY FREE**!!!)


** No registration, No pay sites, No advertisements, No donations, No strings attached.


If I charged 1 penny for any of this work, it would make it all worthless.






SAFE computer program : I know these are safe, I wrote every line of code in them myself.