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Leave your pets at home where they are most comfortable!


Z Critter Sitter is a sincere animal lover who will provide the attention, love, and care for your pets and home while you are away.  Your pets could not be in better hands.  Rest assured that you can enjoy your time away while your animals are under my care. 


I will feed, change water bowl daily, walk or exercise your pet on each visit.  I will scoop litter boxes or dispose of doggie poo.  I will clean cages for animals if requested during my visits.  I will maintain a daily log of eating patterns, behavior, and anything out of the ordinary.  Daily updates via e-mail are also available.     


In addition, I can administer medications, subcutaneous fluids, or insulin if needed for your pet.  Your plants will also be watered as directed and your mail and newspapers will be taken inside. FREE nail clipping may be provided if needed. Transportation services for vet visits can be provided (fees vary depending on location).


Kennels are impersonal and who knows what kind of care your pets would receive! Under my care, your pets will feel a connection and not treated like an assembly line. You can have total peace of mind if you choose me as your pet sitter.  I am honest, reliable, and will be responsible for your pets as if they were my own children.





BONDED                                        INSURED                              MANY  REFERENCES            


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Zizi Warren

Pet Care Consulltant

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I have always had a special touch and connection with animals since I was a little girl. When I would see or hear about an animal suffering, it would put me in tears. Growing up, I was always told that I was “too sensitive” when it comes to animals, but I have come to realize that most people are de-sensitized to nature and the beautiful creatures of this earth.


I went to college right out of high school to be an RN. I almost finished, but ended up withdrawing from the course because I just was not ready for such a commitment.   I wanted to keep my medical background but was not sure what I wanted to do. I really should have been a veterinarian, but I did not want to go back to school for such a long time.




In my journey and trying to find myself, I have always remained in touch with animals. I have rescued animals that needed help including orphaned wildlife. Through the years, I found myself involved in rescuing cats in need. There were so many of them out there that were abandoned, starving, or lost, and I did what I could to help them by taking a few in and fostering a few more and finding them homes.


I always grew up having a dog but never had a cat as a child. Once I got into rescuing cats, I have come to really enjoy their unique personalities. At the same time, I really miss having a dog, but now, my cats would object to bring home a pooch. However, through pet sitting, I still get to enjoy the company of dogs without taking them home, so I am doing exactly what I love to do! Spending time with animals is my passion.


I ended up keeping my foot in the medical field by becoming a medical transcriptionist. I work out of my home. At the same time, I wanted to incorporate animals into my world because I knew that it was my calling to care for animals. In one way or another, it was something I had to do, so I made my dreams come true by getting into the pet-sitting business. It was important for me to work from home so I could be there for my fur babies (my kids) and give out all the attention they deserved, so I made it happen!


Serving animals is my purpose and my passion. They are my “heart” and I am their “voice.”





DATE OF BIRTH:  4/22/1964.






FELINE CHILDREN:  10 (my limit)


OTHER CHILDREN:  5 fire-bellied toads, 2 gerbils


FAVORITE HOBBIES:  Going to the movies, spending time with my felines and other fur pals, typing, being outdoors. My job is my hobby! 






Pet Sitting Fee Schedule:


One Visit (under 5-mile radius)         $13.00                                    

One Visit (over 5-mile radius)                       $14.00                                    

Small critter visits (20 minutes)           $8.00


All regular visits will last for 40-45 minutes to include walking, playtime, feeding, fresh H2O, cleanup,  and whatever else is necessary (No charge for extra pets unless extended time is involved). If I have extra time, I usually stay for 1 hour+.


Unfortunately, I can no longer accept pet sits that are over a 10-mile radius.  In addition, I am no longer accepting vacation visits over a 5-mile radius if it consists of 2-3 visits per day.        


*Same-day requests will be charged $5 extra per visit on that day.



There will be an extra $5.00 charge per each visit on the following holidays:

New Years Eve                        New Years Day                       Easter Sunday              Memorial Day                          Independence Day                    Labor Day       

Thanksgiving Day                     Christmas Eve                          Christmas Day 




FREE duties available with Pet Sitting:


Mail/Newspaper                       Water Plants                 Lights/Curtains


Garbage/Recycle Cans out      TV/Radio on/off Nail Clipping                Pet Massages


Brushing (if maintained)



Poop Scoop:

I will bring 2-3 poo bags to each visit and will pick up behind the dog(s) and whatever else will fit in 2-3 bags (old poop in the yard), and for cats, I will scoop the litter boxes at every visit. 














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